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eth me.

If you wish to have your mind Christ, but not as those who were and conscience settled in God's will, given in the text we quoted. Christ you must go to God's word for it, must bring about his dying for us in and humbly pray him to give you a

the loss of the instrument that bespiritual understanding : you may be trayed him ; yet he even fulfilled the assured that it is not to be had any Scriptures in his destruction, as well where else.

as in the salvation of others. Now note the words : " All that

Those mentioned in the passage the Father giveth me." This word,

quoted, are given by covenant to the all, is used in scripture in different Son. These be they that the Father senses, and according to the connec

hath given to Christ, to keep them; tions it is placed with. In this in

these are they that Christ will in no

wise cast out. This is the will of stance it cannot mean all the people

the Father that sent me, that of all in the world, because then all would be saved, which no one believes, so

that he hath given me, I should lose it can only signify those whom the nothing, but should raise it up at Father giveth to Jesus. There is

the last day; and I give unto them another all, which the psalmist speaks eternal life, and they shall never of:

perish, neither shall any man pluck " The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that for- that the Father giveth me;" that is


them out of my hand. Again, “ All get God :" but this all has no more to do with all those who are given to

by covenant; let us enquire what Christ, than that all which is given to

the Scriptures say of the covenant;

there we cannot be wrong, but if we Christ has to do with this.

attend to man's opinion we may

be Again.

- All that the Father giv- led into error. Christ says, “The

This word, giveth, is an Lord possessed me in the beginning of unlimited, word : it doth not mean all his way, while as yet he had not that are given. He saith plainly made the earth ; when he prepared that some are given to him that he the heavens, I was there, when he may destroy them : “ Thou hast gi- appointed the foundation of the earth

, ven me the necks of mine enemies, then I was by him and I was daily that I may destroy them that hate his delight: rejoicing always before me,” Psalm xviii. These, therefore, him, and my delights were with the cannot be those who are given in the sons of men.'' passage cited at the head of this pa- Here you see plainly, Christ was per, for all of they shall come to him, with the Father before the earth was thcy shall in no wise be cast out. made. Again, “ In the beginning

Again, Some are given to Christ, was the Word, and the Word was that he by them might bring about with God, and the Word was God. some of his high designs in the The same was in the beginning with world; thus Pharoah was raised up God. All things were made by him, to shew God's power; thus Judas and without him was not any thing was given to Christ, that by him, as made, that was made.” it was determined before, to bring Here again, it is plain, that Christ Christ's death. Yea and Judas must was with God the Father, before the so manage the business, so that he world was made. must lose himself for ever. “Those, Again, The Holy Ghost was with said Christ, that thou gavest me, I God the Father and the Lord, at the have kept, and none of them is lost, making of the world. but the son of perdition, that the written, “ That the earth was withScripture may be fulfilled." Thus out form and void, and darkness was we see,' that Judas was given to upon the face of the deep, and the

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Spirit of God moved on the face of they were, and thou gavest them me. the waters.” And again, God says, Now this is indeed a singular comBy his Spirit he garnished the hea- fort to those who are coming 'in

These are the three persons, truth to Christ, to think that their Father, Son, and Spirit, that cove- coming is, because they were given nanted to make the world. • There by the Father before to him. Thus are three that bear record in heaven, may the winning soul reason with the Father, the Word, and the Holy himself as he comes; am I coming Ghost; and these three are one.' indeed to Jesus Christ; this coming The testimony of heaven, comes from of mine cannot be attributed to me, the Father with the Son, and from or my goodness, but to the grace the Son to the Spirit, who is the and gift of God to Christ; God gave speaker to all the churches. There

my person to him, and hath now the Father sits upon the throne, given me a heart to come to him. the Lamb in the midst of it , and Again these words shall come,

make the seven Spirits before it, or the thy coming to be the effect of an Holy Spirit, who is perfect God, with absolute promise. his seven-fold gifts, who shall abide with the saints for ever, and who that those first received strength to

It was by virtue of this promise, shall lead them into all truth.

come. Therefore every sincere comer Again, By these three persons in

to Jesus Christ is called a child ó one covenant God, we are redeemed. The Father appointed the Son, and Isaac was, are the children of the

the promise. Now we, brethren, af prepared a body for him, and was with him in his sufferings in it. The promise, that is, we are the children Son obeyed the Father's will

, and that God hath promised to Jesús offered himself a sacrifice to him. Christ, and given to him; yea, the

children that Jesus Christ hath proAnd the Holy Ghost was the anointing on him, and through the eternal mised shall come to him; all that Spirit he offered himself to God.

the Father giveth me shall come to So also in the work of regeneration,

Mind the strength of the words, the Father of his own will begets us


This word engageth I by the word of truth: the Holy Ghost Christ to communicate all manner

produces a spiritual birth, and Christ of grace, to those thus given to him, is formed in the heart, the hope of to cause them to come to him ; (not glory. This is the covenant of grace,

that they are left to their own natuby which we must be saved.

Ali ral will, because if that was the case that the Father giveth to me, shall all would run farther from him) but come unto me. There

you see two

of grace, wisdom, power, a new heart person's are plainly expressed, a

and the Holy Spirit all joined togiver and a receiver, which must be gether can make them come. two distinct persons, although in one

When God made that absolute Godhead; and the Holy Ghost is im- promise to Abraham, that Sarah plied, though not expressed, for it is should have a son, Abraham did not the Spirit that quickeneth, the flesh at all look at any qualifications in profiteth nothing.

himself, because the promise looked Again, “ All that the Father giveth at none, but as God had by the prome, shall come to me. That coming mise absolutely promised him a son, to Christ aright, is an effect of their notwithstanding his age, and the being by God given to Christ before. barrenness of Sarah's womb; he Mark, they shall come to me; who? staggered not at the promise of God those that were given; they come through unbelief, but was strong in then because they were given; “ thine faith, giving glory to Goch, being

December, 1846.]


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fully persuaded that what God had God's people shall hold out to the promised, he was able also to perform. end, then the conditional follows

This is an absolute promise which with this blessing, he that shall enis made without any conditions ; dure to the end, the same shall be such is this that we have before us, saved. it does not say you shall if you will, Thus do all the promises gloribut it saith, all that the Father giveth ously serve one another, and us, in me shall come to me; and another this harmonious agreement.

Now such promise he hath given, when he the promise under our consideration saith, my people shall be willing in is an absolute one. This promise the day of my power; when God by therefore is a large one, and hath in his power and Spirit makes us wille itself all those things to bestow upon ing, then we come to Christ, and not us that the conditional calleth for at till then can we come.

our hands. Shall they come? Yes, Absolute promises must be ful- they shall come; but if they want filled; conditional ones may, may those graces, power and heart, withnot be fulfilled : absolute ones must, out which they cannot come, why, because of the faithfulness of God: shall come, answereth all that, and conditional ones may not, because of all things else that are wanting. the unfaithfulness of men.

If it should be said, that the The absolute promise is a large wicked are Satan's captives; he promise, that is all the conditional takes them captive at his will, and ones included in it, because it hath he is stronger than they, how then in itself a fulness of all desired things can they come ? for us, and will, when the time of the It is true man whose soul is pospromise is come, yield to us that sessed with the devil, is tuned which will verily save us and make whithersoever the governor listeth, us capable of answering the demands but what will he do, when shall come of the conditional ones. The condi- puts forth itself; can the devil then tional ones call for repentance; the hinder his coming to Christ; no that absolute gives it: the conditional cannot be, for his power is only the calls for faith ; and the absolute power of a fallen angel, at most, but, gives it: the conditional calls for a

shall come, is the power and word of new heart, the absolute gives it. God, which must be fulfilled, and Again as they harmoniously thus the gates of hell shall not prevail agree, so again the conditional pro- against it. mise blesseth the man, who by the But how if they have not faith and absolute is endued with its fruits; as repentence, how shall they then for instance, the absolute promise come? Why he that said they shall maketh men upright, and then the come, hath said that faith and repenconditional follows, saying, blessed tence shall be given to them; Christ are the undefiled in the way, who is exalted to give repentance, they walketh in the way of the Lord. shall come weeping, seeking the

The absolute giveth faith, and Lord their God; and again, with then the conditional follows: blessed weeping and supplications will I is he that believeth.

lead them ; again, I told you before, Again, the absolute promise brings that an absolute promise is very large free forgiveness of sins, the condi- and contains within it all conditional tional says: blessed are they whose ones; if shall come, be an absolute transgressions are forgiven, and whose promise, which it certainly is, then it sins

must be fulfilled upon every one who covered. are The absolute promise says, that is concerned in it. Coming and be

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lieving is all one : he that cometh to me shall not abide in darkness, but me, saith Christ, shall never hunger, have the light of life. Man by naand he that believeth in me, shall ture is in darkness, and walketh iu never thirst.

When Christ saith darkness, and knows not whither he they shall come, it is as much as to goes, for darkness hath blinded his say, that they shall believe, and con- eyes. Neither can anything but the sequently repent, to the saving of Spirit of Jesus Christ, lead men out the soul. The present want of faith of darkness. Again, there is life in and repentance cannot make the Christ, which cannot be found anypromise of God of none effect, be- where else: he that believeth in, or cause the promise hath in it to give cometh to me, he saith, as the Scripwhat others call for and expect. I tures have said, Out of his belly will, says God, give them a new shall flow rivers of living water.” heart; I will give them my Spirit; Again, the person speaking, is he I will give them faith ; I will give alone by whom poor sinners can them repentance.

have acceptance with the Father, beIf any man be in Christ, he is a cause of the glory of his righteousnew creature, but how came he to be ness, by which he presenteth them, a new creature, since none can create amiable and spotless in his sight, but God? Why God doth indeed neither is there any way besides him make them new creatures; behold, so to come to the Father: I am the saith he, I make all things new : and way, saith Christ, the truth and the this new creation, after it is made, life ; no man cometh unto the Father, standeth in the several operations and but by me. special workings of the Spirit of Again, Christ saith, I am the door, grace, who is God.

if any man enter in by me, he shall Shall come to me, saith Christ; be saved. why? because there is in Christ a Again, The person speaking in the full sufficiency of every thing, that is passage quoted, is the only one that needful to make us happy. Hence can give everlasting peace. He saith, it is said, for it pleased the Father · My peace I give unto you;” my that in him should all fulness dwell; peace, which is the peace of God, and again, of his fulness we have all peace of conscience, and that of everreceived, and grace for grace. It is lasting duration; not as the world also said of him, that his riches are giveth, give I unto you, for the unsearchable : “ The unsearchable world's peace is but carnal and tranriches of Christ.” Hear what he satory, but mine is divine and etersaith of himself: Riches and honour nal. Thus it is called the peace of are with me, and durable riches and God, which passeth all understandrighteousness; my fruit is better ing. than gold, yea, than fine gold, and my Again, Christ hath enough of all revenue, than choice silver; I lead things truly spiritually good, to satisfy in the way of righteousness, in the the desire of every longing soul; midst of the paths of judgment, that and he stood and cried, saying, “ If I may cause them that love me, to any man thirst, let him come unto inherit substance; and I will fill their

me and drink.”

“ And to him that treasures. There is that light in is athirst, I will give of the fountain Christ, that is sufficient to lead all of the water of life freely.” those who come to him, out of that In Christ is power to protect, dedarkness in which all others who do fend and deliver, all those who come not come to him must stumble and to liim for safeguard : all

power, fall and perish. I am the light of saith he, is given to me.”

They that the world, saith he, he that followeth in trutli come to Christ, come for

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light, life, and reconciliation with they shall see and feel the glory that God; they also come for peace; they is in him ; the beauty of which is, also come that their souls


that it constraineth and prevaileth satisfied with spiritual good, that with the hearts of those who are they may be protected by him against given to him. Thus I have eneternal damnation. Christ alone is deavoured by the word of God, to able to do all this for them, to the ful- shew you, that all that the Father filling of their joy, as they also find giveth to Christ, shall come to him; when they come to him. This is and it is said, again, in the chapter evident from that plain declaration before us, by Christ himself, that no of those who are already come to man can come unto me, except the him; “ Being justified by faith, we Father which sent me draw him. I have peace with God, through our will defy all the critics in the world, Lord Jesus Christ; by whom also

with the word of God on one side, to we have access with boldness, into fix any other meaning on the words this grace

wherein we stand, and re- before us, namely, “ All that the Fajoice in hope of the glory of God.” ther giveth me, shall come to me :"

Again, It is evident that while men than as they plainly and literally keep their eyes upon Chrisť, they stand. never desire to change him for another; “ God forbid, said Paul, that I should glory, save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ.” “ Yea, I count all things but loss, for the in Jesus, in whom we have boldness

My beloved and respected brother excellency of the knowledge of and access with confidence by the Christ Jesus our Lord, for whom I

faith of him, in whom dwelleth all have suffered the loss of all things,

the fulness of the Godhead bodily, and do count them but dung that I

and in whom we may win Christ, and be found in

are complete ! him, not having mine own righteous

Grace be with you and my dear bro

thers and affectionate sisters worness which is of the law, but that which is through the faith' of Christ, shipping God in spirit and in truth, the righteousness which is of God

in the upper rooms, who by the by faith.” Oh, the heart attracting power of the Spirit rejoice in Christ glory that is in Jesus Christ, to draw

Jesus, and have no confidence in the those to him, that are given to him

flesh, Again, and again, kind friend, of the Father; And we behold the

do I thank you for the very savoury glory, as of the only begotten of the and truly unctious epistle of love Father.”

which has not only just come to The reason why others come not,

hand, but which also with one, rebut perish in their sins, is for want

ceived a little while since from my of a sight of his glory. “ If

sister in the Lord, was a means in

gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are

the Lord's hand of comforting my Iost, in whom the god of this world, poor mind under a particular temphath blinded the minds of them that tation ; blessed therefore be God, believe not.” Indeed his 'glory is even the Father of our Lord Jesus veiled, and cannot be seen, but as Christ, the Father of mercies, and discovered by the Father ; but they the God of all comfort, who comthat can in God's light see through forteth us in all our tribulation, that these things, they shall see glory in we may be able to comfort them, him : : yea, such glory as will draw which are in any trouble, by the and pull their hearts unto him. When comfort wherewith we ourselves are he saith, shall come to me, he means, comforted of God. How true then


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