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Will he say,

ruptible to incorruptible, and from for us, and who hath prepared as for mortal to immortal. The musing it. upon this scene is almost heaven itself. Who now shall lay any thing Tow'ring above the clouds I see:

“The gollen palace of my God to the charge of God's elect?


Beyond the cherub's bright abode even he, who is the accuser of the Higher than angels' thoughts can be. brethren, can now allege one single I cannot in those courts appear, article of condemnation against any

Without a wedding garment on; one of their number.

Conduct me, thou life-giver, there Manasseh that had sold himself to

Conduct me to thy glorious throne !

And clothe me with thy robes of light, do evil; that Paul was a blasphemer, And lead me through sin's darksome night, and Magdalene an eminent sinner

My Saviour and my God.” Will he say, that these Galatians

To be continued. were idolaters; or that the Corinthi. ans were guilty of almost every crime that could be named; and there is

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF AN ANSWER not so much as one, on whom there

TO A QURRY. might not once be found some foul imputation or other. It is all An Anxious Inquirer begs to return granted, to the praise and glory of thanks to an Old Watchman, for his redeeming love, that they were great encouraging answer to the second sinners; but they were washed, they query; and may the Lord grant, if it were sanctified, they were justified, be but his will, that your first and in the name of the Lord Jesus, and last sentence may be verified in my by the Spirit of God. And now there experience. I have derived much remaineth no condemnation for them; consolation and encouragement from and nothing shall ever separate them the whole, and feel it is my duty to from the love of God which is in acknowledge the same, because it is Christ Jesus. Blessed are the peo. written, Let him that is taught in the ple whose God is Jehovah. Even word, communicate to him that while tabernacling here in a body of teacheth in all good things. My clay, their sins are forgiven, and bonds are loosed, but not broken. their souls are as secure as those in The following words of the Lord Jebliss. Lift up your head, believer, sus to Peter, have rested much on my your warfare will soon be finished; mind, and they are become very then no temper, no sin, no sorrow, precious to me, What thou knowest shall ever trouble you; for in the not now, thou shalt know hereafter. new Jerusalem, there shall in no wise I beg your prayers for me, that I may enter any thing that defileth, any indeed be set at liberty. thing that offendeth. You shall be made pillars in the temple of your God, from which you shall no more AN OLD WATCHMAN'S INTERPRETA

You shall see God face to face; the light of his countenance shall no more be eclipsed, but will eternally shine on you. To the hea

Beloved christian brother, your ven of heavens where you are ap- peculiar request, and mode of drawproaching, there will be no darkness, ing, by your query, spiritual intereither within you or without you, pretations

out of the Spiritual Magafor there shall be no night there. zine and Zion's Casket, which is one Praise, praise without measure, with- of God's spiritual pools, filled by his out ceasing, and without end be to blessed rains, through His spiritual God, who hath prepared such felicity correspondents, see Psalm lxxxiv. 6,

go out.



&c., is a full proof of your loving might be a prophet ministering, so and honouring God, his truth, his that many of the children of Israel cause, and his people. And, more- should be turned to the Lord their over, it is evident, by your Query God, that is, to repentance toward propounded, you desire to draw out the Father in God, the Lord, and public blessings, and disperse them also, by faith, toward the Son in God, abroad in the earth, through God-di- the Messiah, Jesus Christ the righrected scriptural Magazine ministra- teous. So John Baptist was qualified tions, his filled flowing pools in our to make ready a people prepared for Baca. 2 Cor. ix. 9.

the Lord, The blessed John was Therefore with delight, in the di- sent to go before Jesus, God, our vine blessing, an Old Watchman, in blessed Saviour, in the spirit and the union with all the blessed correspon- power of Elias,“ to turn the hearts of dents of the “ Casket," in self-denial, the fathers to the children, and the the blessing of our day, and in filial disobedient to the wisdom of the reverence before God, in my watch just.” And we find that after the tower, directed by the still small voice appearance and public ministry of of the divine oracles, the Old and God the Son, our adorable Saviour, New Testaments, I am to give you a

he declared John Baptist was "a proper interpretation of your Query, burning and shining light.” John v. which is as follows: "For I say unto

35. Thus we find, that after John you, among those that are born of a Baptist had gathered thousands of woman, there is not a greater prophet households by his voice crying in than John Baptist: but he that is

the wilderness, and after he had least in the kingdom of God is great- truly baptized them with water, and er than he.” Luke vii. 28.

also the Messiah. First, We find the Lord God most

Thirdy, We find the blessed Baphighly honours John Baptist, as a

tist, as great a prophet as

ever had prophet, even as he had very greatly been from the fall

, and rise of God's blessed him ; for the said John, when elect; having by and in the divine a babe, being, as all others, begotten blessing prepared multitudes to feel naturally in iniquity, and conceived in sin, spiritually begat, sanctified,

sorrow and repentance, preached

unto them Jesus Christ the Messiah, renewed him, infusing grace, for all

the Saviour of the whole election, humbling blessings, with faith, hope, the eternal, everlasting Rock, to be love, spiritual knowledge, so that in led unto by the Holy Ghost, and in the "sanctification of the Spirit, and the Father's drawing, to fall on as a belief of the truth,” the blessed babe, foundation, a stone to be built on. John, worshipped the Father, in and Thus John Baptist rejoicing in God through the Son, by and in the Spirit his Saviour, preaching him, and faith, of sanctification and truth, as truly hope, and love in him; said before as his mother Elizabeth before his the multitudes, as he looked upon Jenatural birth.

sus as he walked, he saith, “ Behold Secondly, The babe John, who was the Lamb of God, which beareth eternally fore-ordained the Baptist, away the sin of the world.” John i. to be in time the sent messenger, 'to go before the Messiah, God incarnate,

Oh, my christian brother, ou our blessed Saviour, to prepare the Querist, and all ye Casket readers, way before him; was filled with the look to Jesus; may the Holy Ghost Holy Ghost, even from his mother's enable you, as John Baptist directed, womb. And that was in order that behold the Lamb of God, that wonJohn, by and in the Holy Ghost, derful personage; see that, as the


blessed Baptist said, God Jesus, the through him by the Father and his Christ, bearing the iniquity of all the own will, in the will and working of election by imputation, even they in the the Holy Ghost. Isaiah liii. 11, 12, world in glory, they in all the world and xlvi. 13. So John was the in John's days, and we the elect in the prophet of the highest, going before world of this day, and all the elect the face of the Lord, to prepare his that shall be in the world, unto the ways. To give knowledge of salvaworld's end. Thus John's disciples, tion unto his people by the remission all, old and young, being baptized of their sins. Luke i. 76, 77. So with water, confessing their sins, far John Baptist's received disciples and longing by grace, through faith believed in the blessed Jesus, and in hope and love, for greater promised covenant blessing, in and rock, and so lived on him, as all

were mystically fastened on him their through the blessed Messiah, their the renewed did, from Adam to Soloiniquity-bearing God, manifest in the filesh. As John pointed to him, and man, Cant. viii. 5, to Malachi iii., preached him, the renewed peoples had really seen, as Isaiah did, God

iv., and to John Baptist, as if they were assured that it was for his, and the Saviour die for the sins of the

righteousness sake, that they and all the election from Adam, Eve,

election, and redeem us from the and Abel, that they had decretively, curse, and arise from the grave in eternally, and in time, justification

which he was buried, and arise up unto life ; and by its infusion, by the into heaven to be glorified in huFather, in and through the Son, in the manity. Isaiah liji. 11, 12; and as sanctification of the Spirit, they had

we find Daniel vii. 13, 14. Such godly sorrow for their sins, with faith,

was the faith of the Old Testament hope and love, longing for forgiveness saints, and of John Baptist and his of sins.” See Acts v. 31; Rom. v.

disciples, before the Lord's death, 18. So the Holy Ghost by John burial, resurrection, and ascension Baptist's ministry, prepared multi

unto glory; and so were the visions tudes of the elect to believe in and of the Old Testament saints. But follow the adorable Saviour, Jeho. John Baptist and his disciples had vah Jesus, the Christ, the Lamb of

a more blessed view of the adorable God, assured that he had by impu

Saviour, by their eyes, the very eyes tation upon himself the iniquity of

of their body! In those views, and them all, Isaiah liïi. 6; and that rejoicing in being so prepared, the by and in his approaching death, Baptist and his disciples were asafter all his meritorious bleeding, sured that whilst the Saviour was in his meritorious sufferings, and upon the earth, and after his ascenlaw-fulfilling, he would die in his sion into glory, on the Father's right holy flesh voluntary, by pouring hand, the propitiation for our sins, out his human soul unto death, be the meritorious Saviour, Mediator, buried, and rise again the third intercessor, advocate, and all, as day, their resurrection and life, Malachi foretold, chap. iï. 2, that their justification-and that his im- he was, and would be, like reputed righteousness, as John declared, finer's fire and fuller's soap, refining should be brought migh, and put on

and purifying his churches, the mithem and all the election, and that nistry, as the peoples, purging them all should have the efficacy of his

as gold and silver, that by and in

the sanctification of his power, by precious blood applied, and be assured before, or at temporal death, and in his Holy Spirit, the Holy as John Baptist was, that they were

Ghost, they might, in and by and washed, sanctified, justified, in and through him Jesus, offer unto the

Lord the Father an offering in 28, especially on the day of Penrighteousness. Malachi iii. 2, 3. tecost. Acts ii. 2, 3, 4. Oh the Thus John's disciples were by his exceeding, excelling glory of the ministry brought to understand, that Messiah's kingdom and ministry, at the set time, after Christ Jesus' who was the substance of all the ascension into glory, He would do types in the old dispensation, from

their prophet John Baptist had Adam, to the day of Pentecost ; declared, namely, “ Baptize them then was fulfilled John's prophecy, with the Holy Ghost and with fire." and the promise of Christ, that is, See Matt. iii. 11. This was the John truly baptized with water; but height of John Baptist's prophecy, ye shall be baptized with the Holy and blessed ministry of preparing a

Ghost. Acts i. 5. people for the Lord God, Jesus, the Therefore know ye, my beloved Christ, the Messiah.

brother querist, that you have drawn Fourthly, We find John Baptist out the truth from my heart and was assured by and in the Holy soul, which for many years, in the Ghost, that his ministry of prophecy- unction and anointing of the Holy ings, and baptizing with water in

one, 1 John ii. 20, 27, I have enthe name of God the Father, who joyed, and that has, in measure for sent him so to baptize with water many years been circulated, in and John i. 33 ; Acts i. 5; was nearly through the Spiritual Magazine, or at an end ; therefore the blessed Zion's Casket. Thus we find every Baptist, by and in the Holy Ghost, minister and pastor in the kingdom said of his Lord God Jesus the of God in this day and, unto the Christ, “He must increase, but I last day, when Christ shall come in must decrease.” John iii. 30. And clouds, in the glory of his Father, soon after the blessed Baptist was

and in glorified humanity. Mat. xxv. martyred by the wicked Herod. 31, 34; will be, in the ministration Matt. xiv. 8. Then, as John was,

of the preaching of the glorious gosso must be the increase of Christ, pel of God, and ordinances of water and his ministry, and kingdom. And baptism, in the name of the Father thus the Lord Christ said, in honour Ghost, Mat. xxviii

. 19, 20; and to John Baptist, and in exceeding ministering the Lord's Supper, bread honour to the Holy Ghost and the and wine, Matt. xxvi. 26, 27, greater Father, who with himself was one

then John Baptist. Luke vii. 28. God, “I

say unto you, among those that are born of a woman, there is in the Scripture teaching of the

This is the interpretation by and not a greater prophet than John Bap- Holy Ghost, of our christian brotist: but he that is least in the king. ther's Query. And upon duly condom of God, is greater than he.” sidering the same, and weighing the Luke vii. 28.

interpretation and the interpreter in Fifthly, therefore I pray you ob- “ The balances of the sanctuary,"

my christian brother, the that is the Old and New Testament. querist, and others, my christian Rev. iii. 10, 11, notice, I pray you, brethren and sisters, that after John brother, that the Holy Ghost moved Baptist, the kingdom of God, that the multitudes with one consent, and is of the Messiah, was come upon as it were with one voice, to prove earth, as eternally decreed, and in the littleness of John Baptist and his time recorded, Gen. iii. 15; in ministry, in comparison with the which kingdom, the least of the ministry of Christ and his apostles, Lord's apostles was greater than the saying, “ John did no miracle : but prophet John Baptist. Luke vii. all things that John, spake of this

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man, (that is Christ Jesus,) were but this we may be sure of, that he true.” John x. 41.

will do that which is perfectly right Now there are in these days and just. This secret for many ages some of God's renewed elect, tempted has caused amongst learned men to go back, if it were possible, to the arguments and contentions; but they old dispensation, the law, shadows, seem just where they were, just as ceremonies and ways especially, as in much in the dark as ever : and so it John Baptist's days ; but the voice must be, until the Lord is pleased to of the Godhead under the whole reveal it to them. All he says to us heavens, and through the earth is, on this point, is, that he will have “ He that is least in the kingdom of mercy on whom he will have mercy God, is greater than John the Bap- and whom he will, he hardeneth. tist.” Luke vii. 28. By the power What can we say to God's preservand blessing of that divine voice, and ing some of the angels and to suffer by the spiritual gifts of grace, faith,

others to fall ? What can we say to hope and spiritual knowledge of his choosing Abel and leaving Cain? Jesus Christ in glory, in all his meri- What can we say to his choosing torious powers, and especially his Abraham and his family to know his Great High Priesthood, that, He will, and leaving all the other nations bears the iniquity of the holy things,” of the world in darkness? What can even of all ministers and pastors, or we say to his choosing Israel, and errors in judgement in the midst of leaving Esau ? And what can we say all their holy gifts,” Exo. xxviii. 38, to his taking one thief from the cross and coming forth to bless us, in the and leaving the other? glories of imputed, “ Wisdom, These few instances, with many righteousness, sanctification, redem- more as might be produced, are quite tion," 1 Cor. vii. 30, all

out of the reach of man to account and bigotry, shall be consumed, for. This should teach us, with 2 Thess. ii. 8, when “ The know- humility too, that it must be right ledge of the glory of the Lord will be because God would have it so. It is sevenfold exceeding our days." See now, in these our days, just the ye the glory of the last days in, Isa. same, why God giveth some to Jesus xxx. 26.

to save, and leaves others to go on May the Lord, the Lord God, ren- and fill up the measure of iniquity, is der the interpretation a general bless- quite a mystery to us; but God's ing in Zion, amen, prays,

word plainly tells us, That all that

the Father giveth to Jesus, shall AN OLD WATCHMAN.

come to him, and he that cometh to

him, shall in no wise, that is cerTHE FATHER'S CHOICE, THE BE- tainly, he shall not be cast out. LIEVER'S SECURITY.

Now, my friends, let me advise you "All that the Father giveth unto me, shall to look at these words as they stand come unto me, and him that cometh unto before us, do not look at them with me, I will in no wise cast out."

prejudiced minds, but look at them THESE are the words of Jesus as the plain word of God, and comChrist, and without great violence, pare them with other scriptures, but they cannot be misunderstood, why let the opinions of men have no rule God giveth one part of mankind to with you, only attend to God's word Jesus Christ, and leaveth the other in this as well as in all matters of part to good in their wickedness and doctrine. rebellion against him, until they drop As men differ in their opinions, I into hell, he has not told us ; this is know it by experience, you can get one of the secrets that belong to him; no comfort there.


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