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perfect man and precious blood, what he is ; that every thing he says Jesus Christ the same yesterday, to- of him in his word is true, that all day and for ever. Well, we pass by the Lord says, he will perform, that human reason, as the apostle did. his works and word harmonize. He For the Jews, says he, require a sign, says the heart is wicked, and and the Greeks seek after wisdom: runs away from God and his Christ

. we pass all that by, because as the The reason men know so little of the Lord directs us, then we go on and plague of the heart is, because it has shall prosper, we must wait for his never been opened up to them; and blessing. It is by that only the word those men who have had the law is made effectual. The apostle says, brought home to their conscience, feel che ceased not to teach and warn sin as a heavy burden, and want to every man.”

It is clear there are in find relief; when a man taught of the gospel many invitations, it is of God, who has been led into these an inviting feature, and I know these things, gets up to speak of them, and things are turned to a very different the Lord brings it to a sinner's conaccount to what the apostle meant. science, this man will be made maniHe did not preach these things be- fest to such a soul, and they will be cause they could accomplish any sure to follow them, let men call them thing in the creature of themselves, or corruption preachers, as long as they that the creature had the power of per- choose, for the poor soul knows they forming or making a bad or good preach what he has experienced of use of them; but that the people of the condemnation of the law in his God, who had experience of them, conscience, and of pardon and forwould find the scriptures confirmed giveness being let in; he therefore his assertions. You find, he says to gives such a man his ear, heart and Timcthy, “I endure all things for affections. the elect's sake," and the Lord We preach Christ; the sum and knows who they are ; but I go forth, substance of the ministry; he who quite certain God has got something said, “ My word shall not return for me to do, Christ set me about it, unto me void ;" and, “ Lo, I am and he will accomplish something by with you alway;" you shall not stand

If you read the apostle, with up in my name alone, but I will furthis in view, it will open up many nish you with mouth and matter and mysterious passages which men turn wisdom, if you depend on me. Paul to creature doings, and set up man in did address sinners, described the the place of God; this the apostle state of an ungodly man, and leardid. That man

must be ing the Lord to bless the word, well devilishly set to work that makes knowing he will bless nothing but his more' of man than God makes of own truth. He therefore points out him. What does the Lord make of the beauty, harmony and precioushim? That he has a poor, helpless, ness of preaching Christ to the very blind, miserable, naked, dead, weak, end of time ; that it stands in the wicked, deceitful heart, a froward power of God. mind, a perverse will and carnal not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, affections, his wisdom is foolishness, for it is the power of God unto salhis strength is weakness, his light is vation to every one that believeth." darkness; and if he is made any bet- There is not one on the face of the ter the Lord must do it for him. If earth who believes, till God has made

come closely to observe what him, and without the work of God God makes of man, he comes and in the heart he will not be saved. changes his heart, makes him know But it is the power of God to every



Says he, “ I am


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one that believeth, and Rom. i. 17, in God's sight, that liveth and abihe

says, “ For therein the righteous- deth for ever? Here some of the » ness of God is revealed, from faith to Lord's people are much tried about

faith, as it is written, The just shall being called ; whether it is the work live by faith.” Therein : this very of the flesh, or whether they have thing maketh a believer, clotheth been listening to the joyful sound of the gospel with power, accomplisheth the gospel carried on in them by little the design of God, and sheweth the and little. Here many a poor soul sinner his condition, working saving has been wonderfully and sorely faith in his heart. “ Therein is the tried, being brought up by religious righteousness of God revealed, as it parents, of necessity they hear the is written the just shall live by gospel, and perhaps, if it had not faith."

There you find this believ- been for that, they would never have ing is set down to God's account. heard of it: some have heard it all It is a great pity, a great many per- their life, being carried even from sons do not sit down and count cost, infancy, and going to chapel, they who is to pay for it all before they have become enamoured therewith ; begin to build, lest when they begin they are tried and conclude it is all they be unable to finish: says Paul, creature worship. But do you

listen we preach Jesus Christ crucified: the to the description given by the apos

Jews stumble thereat, and the tle, " The word is nigh thee, even in DIE Greeks laugh at it, but to those who thy mouth, and in thy heart; that if

are called and saved, it is the power thou shalt confess with thy mouth

of God. It is the calling of poor the Lord Jesus, and believe in thine erdo sinners to a great and precious Sav- heart that God raised him from the * iour, and Friend. Jesus Christ is the

dead, thou shalt be saved.” Now, and substance of it; the work

I ask you, have you known sin, feelwas finished by him, which the apos- ing it to be a grief and burden to the* tle so blessedly alludes to : this is to

your soul? If you have, your earthly ity bring you to this inquiry: do you father or mother did not make you 1: know any thing of the power of God ac- feel this ; if you know what it is, and

companying the gospel to your heart, have been on that account obliged to have you heard your condition des

cry out, oh, wretched man, the Lord cribed as a poor fallen, ruined creature? knows what I feel within; every par

Here I must be very close; the Lord ticular set forth to night, every desutkeep me from being closer than the cription the preacher has given of

truth. I think the first Sabbath I the corruption of the heart, falls very was with you, speaking of preachers, far short of mine; the heart knoweth I said, a man may hear a man preach its own bitterness, so I may just obcorruption, may gloat over the cor

serve, such things have passed ruptions of his own heart, and live through my heart at times that I never and die in corruption. Say you, I could open them to any friend on fear I am nothing else but a mass of earth, many things it would be imcorruption. Well, but let us come proper and imprudent, to open to a to the next particular: have you felt fellow creature's ear. I have thought an abhorrence of yourself, been truly at times, what a mercy it is I can grieved at your hardness of heart, carry my condition before God, who anxious to know if your heart was will help me, and support me in the right in the sight of God? Has it worst estate. He knows what I am, been a trial to you to know whether that I am nothing but as a beast beGod the Holy Ghost has regenerated fore him : thus when the Lord opens you; whether you have a new heart up to us our sinnership, we do not

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for ever.

want to be told there is salvation in to come.

Oh, says the poor soul, I these things, no, when the poor crea- wish I had never been born! Who ture finds his case described, and his can stand in the judgment? Here is condition disclosed, he is brought to the called soul“ to them which are calsuch a hatred of himself and these led.” Can you measure by this stanabominations of his flesh, that he is dard of calling grace, to night. The obliged to cry out to God. God soul is called to know something of his makes him a penitent sinner, con- condition. The Lord calls a man fessing his abominable sin; loathing not in a fleshly way, or as one man and hating sin, he is a crying sinner, calls another; he never calls him from day to day. This man finds he into self, but away therefrom, and is in no need of free-will preaching, will to the end of time. Where for he knows all that is natural Adam placed the man, there Moses will die away and come to nought. finds him. A man knows nothing He knows he can do nothing, and truly of his Adam - fall sin and that while he lives, his own heart transgression, what a lost, ruined from day to day condemns him; and sinner he is, till he is truly called to without the mercy of God being ex- a knowledge of, and abhorrence of tended to his soul, he must perish himself; and while in this state you

Can you lay you hand on may try to comfort him, but he will your heart, and say, the Lord has say, it is of no use, labour not to comdone this for you? I hope I can say, fort me. Here he has hard work: the Lord has done this for me many should he come under the ministry, years ago. When the Lord makes and the minister descends a little, sin to be seen, what pain and dis- comes down to his case; he cannot tress it is to a child of God; when believe he is a pardoned sinner; being the Lord opens up our vile nature, a pardoned sinner is one

thing, and a we have no need to buckle Moses' guilty sinner another. He sees the yoke about the disciples' neck; no, thing afar off, and wishes it was nigh. the Lord knows the poor soul has The poor sinner stands condemned, not a trifling load, we feel very bad judgment is passed in the court of without and within; the outgoings of conscience : what would he give if my nature are bad, and the ingoings the Lord would speak pardon in his are as bad as the out; the poor soul soul. He could bear any thing if he has as much as he can bear: sins not had but that. These are his thoughts one, but many, obscene and filthy, and so thought I. Labour not, says rise

up in the heart; the devil sets on he, to comfort me, it is of no use ; him while the poor creature is under instead of taking the promises, as convictions ; he not being aware of some tell him, he is afraid of them. this, fears he is given up by God. Instead of believing, and sitting down The devil follows up these things on very comfortable about his salvation, purpose to sink the soul into des

the poor creature has no place to rest pair, says, Your state is unpardon- upon. A poor countryman told me able, you have sinned as never man one time, being among some moderate has; you are such a vile wretch : Calvinists, they told him, he must be then he sets on him another way, baptized and join the church, then he tells him he is such an abominable would be right; this he did, but inwretch before God, his tongue he is stead of getting better, he thought afraid will utter blasphemy before he was a great deal worse, that what God : he then turns round, and says was going on in his heart made him you a child of God, you have sinned much worse; the devil followed him, the unpardonable sin, there is no telling him, he had eaten and drunk forgiveness in this word, or in that his own damnation, it was all over

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with him. When he told his condi- of pleasure is unhappy in his pleation, the minister said, he must be- sures, the rich man in his riches, the lieve. Why, sir, said he, I don't ambitious man in his honours, the know what to believe. This is just studious man in his studies, and in the case with a child of God, he well short, let a man be enabled to gratify knows the Lord will do all his will, every passion of his mind, whilst a and that if he cannot believe, that it is stranger to the knowledge and love all over with him : what is he to do, of God, he will, notwithstanding, be or where shall he go, when all ap- a stranger to true and solid peace pears gloomy and dark, his soul is and happiness. His happiness at naked and båre, he is led into straits best, will be but like the smooth and difficulties, and his language is, polish of a calm sea, which is liable Will the Lord relieve me or no ? will to be destroyed by the next breeze he appear for me? Were you ever

of wind that comes upon it. Such here? Was you ever called before is all human bliss, whilst a depraved God a poor, guilty creature, that you imagination is the guide by which a must have the witness in your heart,

man “steers his course in pursuit of which only would satisfy your con- happiness. It is a. vanity in human science. Remember what John says, nature, that every man loves to be

If we receive the witness of man." his own teacher, but believers are Your friends tell you, The Lord will taught of God. If any voice should appear for you; that they have been whisper that you need no inward brought as low as you, and the Lord change, in order to your being saved, has appeared for them. “ But the regard it as the voice of an angel witness of God is greater.” Now from the bottomless pit ; guard the

poor soul wants this witness of against the seduction. For the Lord God. This is, the Lord Jesus Christ, declares, “ Except a man be born who is the sum and substance of the again he cannot see nor enter the gospel, and whose voice makes the kingdom of God.” God is the auheart rejoice.

thor of all spiritual life; the life of To be continued.

grace is no less the effect of his breath, than the soul of Adam. All

mankind by nature are in a belpless FOOD FOR WEARY PILGRIMS AND A

condition: the death of Christ declares that we cannot redeem ourselves, and the grace of Christ de

clares that we cannot renew ourThou gavest also thy good Spirit to selves. As we are pot to do anyinstruct them, and withheldestnot they thing for our own glory, so we are manna from their mouth, and gavest them water for their thirst." -Neh. ix. 21. not to do anything in our own

" Ever learning, and never able to come strength. As the death of Christ to the knowledge of the truth.2 Tim. alone can take away the guilt of sin, iii. 7.

so the grace of Christ' alone can take It is the grand comfort of the real away the reign of sin. If a soul christian to look beyond all which

breathes after God it is a blessed he can possess on earth ; here, all is evidence that God has breathed into transient: beyond, all is substantial

his soul. The


which we need and eternal. Happiness never can

to urge and support our progress in be found separate from an enjoyment

the divine life, lies in the same arm of God: and God never will permit which wrought our deliverance at the creature to satisfy the mind se

first. The word declares Christ, the parate from himself. Thus the man Spirit disposes the heart to receive

December, 1846.]



2 K

him ;


the word under the shining of high as his throne, and durable as the Spirit discovers Christ's superior his nature ! A person would not be excellency, the Spirit excites fervent sorry to be ejected from a cottage, desires after him; the word declares in order to his living in a palace: the promises of his grace, and the and yet how apt we are to fear death, Spirit enables the soul to believe in which to a child of God, is but the them and rely upon them. Faith in writ of ejectment, that turns him out its actings looks to Christ as a Sa- of a prison, and transmits him to his viour, it comes to him as a centre of apartments at court. rest, it receives him as a precious

“ It matters little at what hour of the day gift, it leans on him as a sure found

The righteous fall asleep ; death cannot ation, it puts him on as a heavenly covering, and it feeds on him as the To him untimely, who is fit to die ; very food and life of the soul. The The less of this cold world, the more of believer lives not in sin, that is his

heaven :

The briefer life, the earlier inmortality.” mercy; sin lives in him that is his grief; but the wicked live in sin, We are still in the desert, far from and sin reigns in them, and that is home. Some of our companions in their delight; sin has a wicked man's travel, more happy than ourselves, love, but the believer's hatred; the have stepped over Jordan, and enwicked are dead in sin, the believer tered the promised land of peace and dead to sin ; at death sin follows the rest; where their ravished eyes bewicked, but at death sin leaves the hold the King in his beauty, and believer. God is a portion of which their joyful senses feast upon the his people can never be robbed, im- boundless fulness of his transcendent poverished they may bc, but not un- glory. The city of God is a glorious done ; discouraged, but not disinhe- place, a rich place, a beautiful place, rited. When the whole plan of sal

a desirable place, and a strong place. vation shall be completed, the con

The inhabitants are all kings. The sistency and beauty of every part walls are jasper, the gates are pearls, will be confessed by all God's child- and the streets are paved with gold.

The redeemed of the Lord will There is no night, no sin, no death, admire the conduct of his grace; and and none can enter there, but only

such who have been washed in though they were at a loss to account for many things upon earth, in hea- Christ's most precious blood. How ven they will sing for ever, “ He delightful it is to contemplate the hath done all things well.”

The glad hosts of the blessed on the right salvation of God's chosen, is a sal

hand of Jesus !

On this prospect vation, in which the wisdom of God

our thoughts might dwell for ever is manifested, the grace of God re

with pleasure, but who can count all vealed, the love of God made known, that make up the new Jerusalem.

the fair colours and pleasant stones the mercy of God experienced, the holiness of God discovered, the They are all fair, and without spot

or wrinkle. Washed in the blood of power of God seen, and the faithful

the Lamb, and arrayed in fine linen, ness of God proved; unlimited wisdom drew the plan, eternal benevo, fault or infirmity. They are now

clean and white, they are free from lence furnished the materials, and completely happy, all with uplifted Almighty power executed the de- hearts and hands singing that song signs. "It comprehends all good, for ever new, Worthy is the Lamb, and excludes all evil. It is a salva- and shouting everlasting Hallelujahs! tion wide as the stretch of heaven, Blessed change, from weak to strong, deep aš the purposes of Jehovah, from natural to spiritual, from cor


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