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fond of me, was by my father's first and hope never to again.

As I lay wife, but behaved very kind to me, trembling I heard a small still voice and I esteemed him very much. I say, “Come unto me;" and it seemed never saw any appearance of religion as if some one spoke through me, in him. This account of his death that I cried out, How can I come ex. distressed me very much, and I fear. cept the Father draw me? I saw it ed I should not be very long after. was impossible for any ever to come to Soon after this, I was taken ill with a Christ Jesus without the drawings of pain in my head; was obligəd to go the Father. Then I awoke very to bed : was very much afraid this much astonished and distressed, but was for my end. After laying trem. these words, “ Come unto me," did bling some time, I dropped asleep. calm my troubled mind, and raised a and dreamed, I was walking up to little hope within.

little hope within. I believe the horLondon with Mr. and Mrs. T- ror I felt when I heard the voice in to bear the word, when the minister the thunder, say, Come to judgment, concluded with these words : Let was the same as the wicked will feel Christ be preached among

among them in that day, when they will call to the once more, they that believe shall rocks and mountains to fall upon and be saved, but they that believe not hide them from the wrath of Him that shall be damned.” I found I could sitteth upon the throne. The next not believe, but wished I could. day I was very ill, but having a ship

They that believe not shall be ping order to execute, was obliged to damned,” sounded so loud in my ears sit at work, which made me so very that I trembled all over, so that I bad that I was obliged to give over, could hardly stand. Oh, I would and to lay up.

Mrs T-was rery gladly have parted with all the world, kind to me, and the Lord enablel me if I had been possessed of it, to have to shew gratitude to her for it. By believed that Christ died for my sins, the goodness of God I recoverel, and for me, but I could not, and therefore I began again to read the Scrptures must be damned. As they walked in search of comfort. bome, I walked behind, and observed “They who believe not are cordemned how calm and unconcerned they ap- already;" distressed me very much. peared, and well they might, for 1 I felt the condemnation in my own saw they were secure in Christ Jesus, soul. I saw it was as easy to create and safe for ever. Oh, how I longed a world as to believe, and hat it was and desired to be like them, and utterly out of my power. This sunk wished I was; the clouds began to me so low that I concludat there was gather very thick, and it grew dark, nothing better for me tian to make it seemed to me the end of the world up my happiness in thi world, as I was come. I thought I got in as quick should be miserable in ne next; that as possible, went up stairs, laid myself it would be better to gt what I now on the sacking, and put the bed over could and enjoy. Thi scheme of Sa. me to hide myself.

Then came a

tan I lost no time in putting into ex. loud peal of thunder, and with it a ecution. I told myfriend Mrs. T--very powerful voice, saying, Come to I intended leaving hem. judgment; then a louder clap, and, peared struck with astonishment. I Come to judgment, was repeated, and said, that was myintention. A few this was done three times. This ap. words passed beween us. peared to go through me, and made ceived her mindwas hurt, and I left me so tremble that the house seemed the room, went up stairs into a front to shake. I saw all the world guilty room, and shuthe door : these words before God, and an awful sight it was. came throughmy mind, “ All these Never did I hear such thunder as this, things will I give thee, if thou wilt

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fall down and worship me." For dom of grace is in the soul it is opsome time I stood in the centre of posed to every thing that is against the room trembliug. I could not God : it works, leads, and influences

I trembled for fear the Lord every thing in the soul that is Godshould leave me to the choice I had honouring, raising up the soul after

I was led to see what an God. Well, says the soul, I am not awful one it was.

I now begged of a whit nearer now, I must have it the Lord to overrule for me, to take opened up plainer than that. The me under his care, choose for me, not Lord's children are such a comical leave me to my own choice, nor suffer set of folks, they must have it me to make up my happiness in this brought right opened and backed by world.

the word of God, until their very [To be continued.]

feelings are opened up, their very experience pointed out and declared,

so that they cannot squeeze out; A SERMON, BY

they will get out if they can. This

is the difference between those who “For thine is the kingdom.” Oh, have the kingdom in their heart and says

the poor soul, If I did but know those who are in an empty profession. this kingdom was in my heart. Why, Professors take encouragement from I tell you what, my dear friends, God reading, being zealous, their uprighthas left it on record ; it is so plain, ness, their purity, their zeal and so simple, so pointed out where this godliness. But God's children, my kingdom of God is ; the fruits and friends, cannot take encouragement effects of this kindom are manifest, here, they must have God's truth what it produces, that there is no brought home to their heart, to possibility of deception. Dear me, break down


obstacle. says one, I think it is all over with thou there, poor soul ? then the kingme, I am deceived, "I know nothing dom of God is in thy heart. at all of the kind. Where this king






The Wonders of Free Grace, as mani. however, benevolent individuals who fested in the Life of James Weller,

out of their abundance ministered Minister of the Gospel Robertsbridge.

often to his necessities, and unto some 12mo. 214. Battle: Ticehurst.

of whom he was rendered spiritually . pp.

useful. He was in early life associ. The author of this work is altoge. ated amongst those who advocated the tber unknown to us, except by what ability of man, and general redempwe learn from the perusal of the book tion; but as the Lord opened to his

He was born, it appears, view the depravity of his heart, and in the year 1806, his childhood and brought him to feel his own helplessyouth were passed in scenes of the ness, he was driven out from these, deepest penury, hardship and afflic. and became one amongst the despised tion, which indeed seems to have con- few who mourr over the plague of tinued after he became a husband their own hearts. Gradually it be. and a father. The Lord raised up, came evident to these that he was

before us.


endowed with ministerial gifts, and the first tract, the father has called to by degrees he was called forth to his aid a Wesleyan minister, who now speak to them of what the Lord bad forms a third party in the Dialogue, taught him. Some were refreshed, which is sustained with considerable some lamentably complained of his interest, sad which, as it advances, ignorance of grammar, but still con- promises to become a formidable ad. tiouing, he was favoured with seals to versary to those who maintain the his ministry, and thus clearly demon. doctrines of man's ability and a constrated he was called to the work. tingent salvation. He is now the minister of Bethel So far as the work has proceeded chapel, Robertsbridge, Sussex, a little we cordially approve of its contents, sanctuary erected on the voluntary and earnestly recommend its perusal principle, where we hope the Lord to all, who not having been enabled will be with him, and with the people yet to look to Christ as a full Saviour, amongst whom he labours,

are still striving to add something of We read the narrative with much their own to his complete righteousinterest, and with profit. We cannot but regard the author as a brother beloved, and therefore with every sen. The Perfection of the Righteous Statiment of cordiality towards him, we ted: a Funeral Sermon for Admiral recommend both him and his little

Pearson, by Rev. J. Cartwright, book to the kindest attention of our

8vo. pp. 52. London, Palmers. readers.

This is a second edition of a Ser.

mon which at its first publication, The God-Child," a tract, by Rev. nearly eight years ago, was noticed

Richard Hale, 12mo. pp. 12. Leeds, and commended by us. The author Heaton.

of it has since become a London min.

ister, and we sincerely trust that the A NEW tract by one who formerly Lord who ordereth the steps of his was a frequent correspondent of the people, will be with him in his rew Spiritual Magazine. The tract is il- station, and make his ministry a bles- ! lustrative of our Lord Jesus Christ as

sing. the “God-child" born to be the consolation and the salvation of his people Feeble Faith Encouraged: a tract, by Israel. The author being a minister in the National Church, we at first

Samuel Eyles Pierce, 12mo. pp. 4.

London, Palmer & Sons. judged that the tract had some allusion to baptism as administered there

This little messenger of love from in, and afterwards, when we discovered

one who was indeed a father in Israel, its import, the title not being a Bible is addressed to one who is under term, did not lose a crudeness which conviction of sin, and has not found causes us still to consider it not a

full peace and assurance through the happy phrase, more especially in re- blood and righteousness of our Lord ference to Him who is God over all and Saviour Jesus Christ.' The tract and blessed for evermore.”

is full of encouragement for these

feeble folk, and will, we do not doubt, Truth and Error: a Dialogue on the in its circulation, become, in the hands

points in dispute between Calviuists of the Lord, a means of strengthenand Arminians, 12mo. Nos. 2 and 3, ing and of lifting up to many, who, pp. 12 each. London, Palmers.

because the promised vision larrietb,

fear that it will never come to gladden Since the conversation recorded in their bearts.


TAE TRIED PILGRIM'S RESOLVE AND When death commission'd from his sov'reign


Shall call me hence, to go to yonder land. “ I will cry unto God most high, and he shall send and save me.PSALM vii. 2. 3.

Where all is peace and joy, eternal rest ;
And where the dwellers are completely

blest: To thee, to thee, O God most high alone, Now will I cry, and make my trouble known; Then mey I find. how blessed 'tis to die 'Tis thou alone who help'd in days now past,

With sure and certain hupe of endless joys And thou art pledg'd to help me to the last.

on high. But though I now should tell thee all my Sweet is the prospect, that there doth regrief,

main Not that alone could bring my soul relief ; A rest for pilgrims, freedom ftom all pain : The thought is sweet, thou ever art the same,

Unto that rest my longing soul aspires, And aid will give to those who love thy name.

Wherc God shall give me all my soul desires ; O thou who dost all good for me perform,

There I shall see bis face and never sin ! Support bestow midst ev'ry raging storm ;

There view my Jesus, and no veil between :Though clouds oft veil thy smiling face from There see the Holy Spirit, while his love, me,

Shall charm and beautify the hosts above ; Disperse the clouds, let me thy favor see :

The triune God shall all the saints inspire Nor see alone! but let thy love be felt With love immortal, while each golden lyre In my cold heart, it's ice, O do thou melt;

Shall sonnd forth praise for Jesus' dying love Yea Lord, reanimate, now drive away And cv'ry saint its matchless worth shall All coldness, in the onward heav'nly way.

prove. I feel, I feel thy word of truth divine

With those dear favor'd ones my tongue A ray of hope bestow, while joys sublime

shall join, Shine on my mind, thy word my sorrows

Nor ever tire in hymning praise divine, wave, Thou yet shalt send from heaven my soul

There, there for ever this sweet song shall

swell to save."

Jesus, the Sinners Friend done all things Comforts diviue to me shall yet be given

well. And I from earthly trust, completely driv'n


J. HARDING. The prospect is most sweet, 'tis blessed too My Saviour's hand, in all things here to view;

LINES ON THE CLOSE OF THE YEAR. He yet will save! How precious is the word ! How kind, how full of faithfulness my Lord. ANOTHER of my years is gone, My heart is fised, its purpose yet shall be Death and the grave are hast’ning on; To praise for all things, though they dark The solem bour is close at hand, may be;

When at thy bar my soul must stand. Although his purpose now I cannot trace,

Prepare me by thy special grace, Still wilt I praise him for his wondrous

To dwell in yonder beavenly place ; grace ; He say'd and snatch'd me as a brand from

Where angels see thy lovely face, hell,

And sing the triumphs of thy grace. His wondrons work, for this my soul shall praise.

Clothe me in righteousness divine,

In wbich thy bride shall equal shine : O may he still uphold me by his pow'r That I with all the blood-bought band, Through life, and till that all-important hour, May find a place at thy right hand.

[blocks in formation]

A worthless servant I have been,

Lord cleanse my soul from every sin ;
Baptize me in the sacred flood,

Of Jesus' rich atoning blood.
I thank thee for thy mercies Lord,

And for thy heaven inspired word ;
May its bright beams upon me shine,

And light my path to joys divine. May all my trials work for good,

The bitter sweet, the medicine food; That I may tend the heavenly way,

Whibh leads to everlasting day. Uphold me by thy mighty power,

And keep me every day and hour; Till death shall seal my last remove,

From worlds below to worlds above.

O give me grace to love thee more,

And serve thee better than before; That I may to the world proclaim.

The sacred honours of thy name. One thing great God I full well know,

Without thee I can nothing do ; 'Tis in thy strength I would be strong,

And make thy power and grace my song. O make thy face upon me shine,

That I nay taste thy love divine; By faith thy great salvation see,

Aud close my mortal life with thee:



1 John iv. 8.

Sinners ! flee to yonder mountain,

Jos is love ;
Eathe in Calv'ry's crimson fountain,

Jesus is love:
Jesus will from guilt relieve you,
To his arms he will receive you,
Pardon, peace, and joy he'll give you,

Jesus is love.

Come ! ye heavy-laden sinners !

Jesus is love ;
Grace will make you more than winners,

Jesus is love :
Over death he reign's victorious
On His throne, all bright and glorious,
Making intercession for us,

Jesus is love.

Once he died on Calv'ry's mountain,

Jesus is love :
Open'd wide an bealing fountain,

Jesus is love :
There he finish'd our redemption,
For bis church, he found a ransom,
Now he reigns in yonder mansion,

Jesus is love.

Ob, let my Lord his power display. And take the reign of sin away,

And make a captive free; To Satan I was born a slave, A better service I would have,

And Jesus' freeman be.

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