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have you obtained this invaluable justification by imputed righteous. blessing?

ness : of free pardon, of divine proIII.-The scriptures speak of a mises, and everlasting faithfulness. new name,

“ Thou sbalt be called by Sinners saved by free and matchiess a new name, which the mouth of the grace can raise a higher note than Lord shall name,” Isa. lxii. 2. Christ angels can. Angels sing of Christ is called the Lord our Righteousness, as their head of conservation, and and his chosen bride (the church) is tune their notes to the praise of evercalled by the same name. This is lasting love : but they must pause the name wherewith she shall be calwhile redeemed souls proceed with led, the Lord our righteousness,” Jer. their loud sounding praises of redeemxxiij. 6: xxxiii. 16. The new name ing love, Rev. i. 5; v. 9. Those which is given in regeneration, is that happy souls whom God has chosen ! of christian, of saints, the people of for his own, who are washed from God, and the church of Christ. It their filthiness in the precious blood is said that Lo-ammi shall be ta- of Christ, adorned with his righteousken off from the converted Jews at

ness and snatched as brands from the latter day, and that they shall the burning, have cause to sing, they be called the people of God, See must sing, and so they do when the Hosea i. 10; Acts xi. 26; Rev. ii.

sun shines, and when in its bright 17. The new name is a very supe- light they can read their interest in rior name, being better than that of new covenant mercies; free · grace sons and daughters.

“ Even tbem has done the work, and to grace they will I give in my house and within give the glory. Through this grace, my walls a place and a name better

may writer and reader join with the than of sons and daughters. I will happy songsters round the throne to give them an everlasting name that praise the never ceasing wonders of

hall not be cut off,” Isa. lvi. 5. To redeeming love. be children of God, to be interested in the new covenant, to bear the

• Then will we sing more sweet, more loud,

And Christ shall be our song.' image of Jesus, and to shine in bis likeness, is better than to be the sons V.-Let us direct our attention to and daughters of an earthly potentate. the new Jerusalem ; John saw the Shew me an individual who has a holy city, new Jerusalem coming new heart; and the new name bound down from God out of heaven, preupon his brow, and I will shew you pared as a bride adorned for her hus. a soul that shall strike a golden harp band, Rev. xxi. 2. The church on in glory, and sing the song for ever earth is often called Jerusalem, which new, before the throne of God. may signify the visions of peace. In

IV.-We read of a new song, “Oh, her dwells the Prince of Peace; in sing unto the Lord a new song, for her the gospel of peace is proclaimed, he bath done marvellous things : his and within her courts are found the right hand and his boly arm bath sons of peace who are blest with the gotten him the victory,” Psa. xcviii.

peace that passeth all understand1. The song of redeeming love may ing." But the above passage appears be called a new one in allusion to to me to refer to the church trium. that which was sung by Moses and phant above, which will be seen at the children of Israel after they got the last day, descending from heaven, safe through the Red Sea, Exod. xv. with her glorious Lord, when she will 1. The church of Christ under the le met by rising saints in the air, and new testament dispensation, sing of when the souls and bodies of the covenant mercies, of salvation by redeemed will be re-united, and dwell grace; of redemption by blood : offor ever in the presence of their best


Friend; then will come the marriage tality to light, by the shedding of his supper of the Lamb, when the bride

most precious blood. This is the arrayed in righteousness divine, will only foundation for a sinner's hope, sit down in the presence of her hus- and the spring of everlasting delight hand, and enjoy the blessings of the to the way worn traveller, as be passes feast, Rev. xix. 7, 8. There faith through a world of thorns and briers; will be turned into sight, hope into and will prove in the paradise above, fruition, and sorrow into joy. There ocean of eternal blessedness, the crowned Redeemer will be seen in “ when the ransomed of the Lord the full blaze of his glory, and the shall return to Zion with songs, and whole blood-redeemed family, will everlasting joy upon their heads, hold sweet and uninterrupted com- when sorrow and sighing shall filee munion with him. If this should be away for ever.” our mercy, dear reader, we shall have Perhaps, before this happy period light without darkness, joy without shall arrive, we may have to wade sorrow, peace without trouble, and through the deep waters of affliction, communion without annoy; there and to drink the cup of sorrows, old sorrows, old cares, and all ene- temptation and pain ; well, be it re. mies will have for ever passed away, membered, our God sits at the helm and all things become new.

of all human affairs, appointing and • happy state of overflowing grace.'

regulating every event to promote Dear reader, allow me in conclusion

the saints' everlasting welfare, to make to ask you one solemn question, what

unto bimself a glorious name; hence do you know of the new birth? it rienced this truth to be sweeter to

the sweet singer of Israel, who expe: may be you are born again, if so, that is a great mercy for you; but if you than the honeycomb, exclaimed "God

his taste than honey, yea, sweeter know nothing experimentally of the

is known in her palaces for new birth, you are yet without God, and without hope in the world, and refuge; we have thought of thy lovif you live and die in that state, you the temple.” Here again we are in

ing kindness, O God, in the midst of cannot be saved, John iii. 3. 7.

troduced into the church of the living A COUNTRY MINISTER, God, a temple for the Most High to

dwell in, in which his glory, as the God of all grace, is manifested to the vilest of the vile, their souls com

forted, and eternally blest. It should My beloved Friend,

never be forgotten, that the glory of In my last communication Jehovah is great, very great in the I invited your contemplation upon salvation of a sinner; and yet, alas, the glory and privileges of the church how low and mean are our concepof Christ upon earth, as composed tions upon a subject in which angels of poor guilty sinners, whose hearts

of light desire to look into, and are the Lord bath touched, making them ever learning from the church, the willing in the day of his power, to be manifold wisdom of God; so earthly saved in him, with everlast.

and sensual are our hearts, that only ing salvation. It is truly bles. as the Holy Spirit, the glorifier of sed, while witnessing the sad ef- Chrisc, rests upon our souls, as a Spirit fects the introduction of sin has of life in Christ Jesus, have we any occasioned

upon all the powers of the spiritual conceptions of his glory, or human mind, to contemplate the rising taste any of the blessedness that is glories and deathless triumphs of the contained in his name; yes, truly Son of God, who hath abolished

• How sweet the name of Jesus sounds, death, and brought life and immor. In a believer's ear;





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It soothes his sorrows, heals his wounds, of thy nakedness do not appear; and
And drives away his fear.'

anoint thine eyes with eye salve that
My brother, if we desire to have thou mayest see.” Immediately upon
our minds affected by the greatness, this gracious invitation being applied
and glory of God's method of saving to the heart, the captive is brought
a sinner, from the bitter pains of eter- forth out of the prison-house, the
nal death, let us ever bear in mind, bars of unbelief are broken, Satan
that when our first parent violated subdued, whilst a conscience stained
the law of bis Maker, he justly in. with guilt receives the blood of atone-
curred bis righteous displeasure, and ment, by wbich peace flows into the
had he from that moment, been con- soul like a river, and righteousness as
sumed by the breath of his mouth, the waves of the sea. Never, my
and consigned to the regions of ever- brother, no never can I forget the
lasting woe, all the perfections and holy joy that filled my trembling
attributes of Jehovah would have heart,
been glorified during the countless

" When Jesus shewed his heart was mine, ages of eternity. But oh, the match

And whispered I am his.' less grace,

the unmerited mercy, mani. fested in devising means whereby his Yea, blessed be bis dear name, such banished ones should not be expelled at times have been the sweet mani. from him. It is true, when a soul is festations of the love of Christ to my spiritually convinced of sin, he can soul, that my mouth has been filled see no hope of deliverance, and often, with laughter, and my torgue with in the feelings of his mind he is say- singing ; so, that blessed scripture ing “ Can the prey be taken from hath been happily realized in my ex: the mighty, or the lawful captive be perience; "He that goeth forth and delivered ; can there be hope for weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall such an one as me; sin now the doubtless come again with rejoicing, burden and tormeat of his soul, and bringing their sheaves with them. in secret he groans out before God, Indeed, no tongue can tell the joy of

Bring my soul out of prison, that I heart that is felt, when a poor sinner, may praise thy name for ever." He who has long been brooding over his

no longer take his fill of the miseries, and his soul fainteth within imagined pleasures of iniquity; yea, him, when divine comforts and spi. a remembrance of his oft repeated ritual life is infused into his soul

, transgressions, bite as a serpent, and bringing him forth into the sweet sting as an adder, and he is ready to con. liberty of the children of God, cry. clude, “there is no help for him in ing, Abba, Father. I refer to these Goul;" but just in the moment of self seasons just to remind


brother, despair, perhaps his feet are conducted that however gloomy may be the to the house of God, the gospel table frame of his mind, however mysis spread, the poor, the lame, the terious the dispensations of provi. blind, the utterly destitute are invited dence, and however sorely he may

be to partake of the provision, eternal tried by the prince of darkness; the mercy has provided; his heart isopened Lord loveth the righteous, and will to believe the glad tidings of salva- satisfy them early with his mercy :" tion; whilst the Holy Spirit with therefore wait on him, neglect not the almighty power addresses the con- house of prayer, remember he bath vinced, the seeking sinner, and says, promised to make the place of his “ I counsel thee, to buy of me gold feet glorious, to feed his people, and tried in the fire, that thou mayest be to lift them up for ever. rich, and white raiment that thou

• Hark, the Redeemer from on high mayest be clothed, and that the shame Sweetly invites his favourites nigb,


From caves of darkness and of doubt, things and sure, an incorruptible por. He gently speaks and calls them out.

tion which fadeth not away, when My soul to pastures fair he leads,

dull mortality will be swallowed up Amongst the lilies where he feeds ;

of life ; but also, the many supports, Amongst the saints whose robes are white, liftings up, and deliverances we exWash'd in his blood is his delight.

perience, as we make our way through

this valley of cares, sorrows, and conTill the day break, and shadows flee,

Aicts. It is here, in this distant Till the sweet dawning light I see, Thine eyes to me-ward often turn,

country, we have sometimes to eat Nor let my soul in darkness mourn.' the bread of scarcity, and to drink of

the bitter waters of Mara, so that we My dear friend, I would fain tell often imagine, judging by the outward you, but time prevents me now, the dispensations of providence, our spot sweetness I felt this morning before and portion is not that of the chil. the break of day, whilst musing over dren of God, for of them it is said, the tender mercies of a covenant God, They shall not be ashamed in the and could not but inwardly exclaim, evil time, and in the days of famine "O how great is thy goodness Othey shall be satisfied ; " and again, Lord, which thou hast laid up for them The steps of a good man are ordered that fear thee; which thou hast by the Lord, and he delighreth in his wrought for them that trust in thee way.” But, my brother, the bitterest before the sons of men.” This is a ingredient in the cup of divine apmost blessed scripture, it has supplied pointment, arises out of the with. my soul with many a sweet, and drawment of the light of our Father's brought heaven down in a way of countenance; of hardness of heart, anticipation, even the glories of the and the little enjoyment of the chief Lamb in the midst of the throne. things of the ancient mountains; truly Mark, I beseech you, the blessed truth we can say, “without are fightings the Holy Spirit designs to convey to and within are fears ;" having to con. the heirs of promise in this scripture, tend, “not only with flesh and blood, and I am sure you will join with me but principalities and powers, and spi.

Enter into his gates with ritual wickednesses in high places ;” thanksgiving, and into his courts with but blessed be God, this is not our praise, be thankful unto him, and bless rest and portion; " For if we had his name ;” and can it be otherwise, only hope in this world, we should be seeing that by faith we can discover of all men the most miserable ;” our blessings laid up to fill the ransomed portion lies beyond the skies, and soul with eternal delight, while im. whenever the Holy Spirit is pleased mortality rolls along; and not only to hold up to faith's view, the glories 80, but there are streams Aowing out which are laid up for our everlasting of this ocean of everlasting blessed. felicity, we can then look over the dess, to cheer and comfort the heart mountains of our guilt, and the valley of the pilgrim on his way to his of conflicts, with which we have now Father's house above, where sin and so much to do, and taste, and enjoy death will not be known, or feared by anticipation, the glories of the any more for ever ; indeed, it is im- upper and better world; hence the possible to tell out what our covenant apostle with holy triumph of soul exGod in Jesus has wrought out, as claimed, "I have fought a good fight, well as laid up for the spiritual welfare I have finished my course, I have of his children, in this vale of tears. kept the faith ; henceforth, there is

The sweet singer of Israel, not only laid up for me a crown of righteouscelebrates the love and mercy of God, ness, which the Lord, the righteous in laying up in a covenant ordered all judge will give me in that day, and

and say,



not to me only, but unto all those possessing virtue and power sufficient who love his appearing.” Yes, bles- to cancel his guilt, to pardon bis ini. sed thought, the blessings laid up in quities, and by an application of the the covenant of grace are immense sin-subduing, and peace-procuring and eternal, and will impart to every blood of the Lamb of God, he feels blood-bought sinner, full and ever- as in a moment peace with God. I lasting bliss; " where the wicked have no room even for another line. cease from troubling, and the weary Farewell, will be for ever at rest;" hence a

Your's affectionately. brother of old said, after bearing the Chatham.

J. M. heat and burden of the day, As for me, I shall behold thy face in righte

A NEW YEAR'S TOKEN FOR MOURNING ousness, then shall I be satisfied.

PILGRIMS FOR 1846. when I awake up in thy likeness.” " And confessed that they were strangers

and pilgrims on the earth.Heb. xi. 13. Nor sorrow, nor sickness, nor pain,

DEAR FELLOW PILGRIMS in this Nor sin, nor temptation, nor fear. Shall ever molest me again,

land of sorrow, are spared Perfection of glory reigns there.

monuments of mercy in the

land of the living another year. This soul and this body shall shine, During the small compass of the past

In robes of salvation and praise And banquet on pleasure divine,

year, what changes have we witnessWhere God his full beauty displays.

ed : many of our old warriors in the

camp of free grace are no more with My dear friend, I cannot close these us, but have cast anchor in the har. hasty remarks without again inviting bour, while we are left a few more your observation to every movement days or hours to be tossed in the of our Father's hand in a way of storm; they have put off the harness providence, all of which are intended and laid down their crosses, to take to work out the purposes of his grace, their crowns, and fill their mansions in the everlasting salvation of all the in their Father's house above. Each objects of his eternal regard; hence revolving year brings fresh trials, and the period was fixed, when sovereign fresh deliverances with it. The mercy was to be manifested in arrest- world's smiles and frowns will soon ing the sinner in the midst of his be buried together in everlasting foriniquities, the Holy Spirit by his un- getfulness.

getfulness. Its smiles go away as created light and power, resting upon the foam on the water, and its frowns his conscience, causing him to cry are as the waters that pass away and out, from a conviction of his guilty are no more seen.

Time flies away and undone condition, “ Have mercy with swift wings, and carries our upon me, O God, according to thy earthly comforts and crosses too along loving kindness, according unto the with it: neither of them will accommultitude of thy tender mercies, blot pany us into the house appointed for out my transgressions.”

all living, Job ii. 17. For the last This spiritual conviction, is the seven years, I have had to endure sefirst manifested blessing of the ever- vere trials from false brethren, wbo lasting covenant, by which the after make a fair show in the flesh, and mercies bestowed become adapted to are held in repute by many professhis state and condition, and most bles- ors, who do not discern

between sedly prepare bis heart for the full those that glory in appearance only, enjoyment of the saints in glory; and those that glory in heart. The hence precious faith is implanted in humility of these lay in words, they the soul; he views the atonement as speak meanly of themselves that completed upon Calvary's summit, as cthers may exalt them; hence the

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