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The following Tract, on the Case of Saul, and on the reality of Demoniacal Possessions, as manifested in many other wellauthenticated instances, was first printed (all but the conclusion and two appendages) in the year 1777: for it was intended as an Appendix, or sequel, to a Tract published by the same Author in the preceding year,-intitled “ The Law

of Nature and Principles of Action in 6 Man;"-for as Human Actions are too frequently prompted by the inspiration of Demons, this particular branch of the $ Principles of Action in Man," must, of


course, require our most careful attention and consideration., ur

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The Publication, however, of this Appendixwas deferred, at that time, because the Author was informed that a very learned work on the same subject was then in the press, and very nearly finished, by the Rev. Dr. Worthington, to whom the Author immediately sent a Copy of this Tract as far as it was then printed ; and he retained only a very few other copies of it for some particular friends, and intrusted the remainder of the impression to the care of the Printer; who, having been liberally paid for his labour and paper, was the more particularly bound to secure it for the Author's use, until he should find a more favourable opportunity of publishing it. But unfortunately the circumstances of the Printer happened to be very different from what the Author supposed; and he died å few years afterwards,


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insolvent, and all that he possessed was disa posed of to pay his debts, without the knowledge of the Author, until it was too late to recover any part of the impression, The importance, however, of the subject has induced the Author to reprint the work; for though he has neglected it for so many years, yet he is thoroughly convinced that the Topic is even still more important in the present awful crisis than it was before; because all the scriptural Signs of the Times demonstrate, that the pouring of the 7th and last Phial of God's Wrath upon the Air (alluding to the binda ing of Satan, “ the Prince of the power of the Air,” and his spiritual Agents) must be very nearly at hand; whereby the malicious rage of these spiritual Enemies will ụndoubtedly be excited to the utmost exertion of diabolical mischief (in Suicides, Duels, Murders, &c. &c. besides the horrible National Wars and Public Slaughters in all parts of the world !) during the short

remaining remaining time that they will be permitted to assail all unguarded persons, who neglect the only true means of resisting them, viz, urgent and sincere prayer to our Heavenly Father, in the name of our only one Mediatorfor the protection and guidance of his Holy Spirit !

Some farther warnings on this point have lately been printed, by the same author, in a very short Tract on the two last petitions of the Lord's Prayer, shewing that our Lord has really commanded us to pray for deliverance from “ the evil Being,by which the Chief or Prince of our most dangerous spiritual enemies seems to have been evidently intended.

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