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Title Page, with ornamental Border. 24 Nicene Creed. Initial letter I-' And he 44 A Prayer to be used at the Meetings of At the top, portrait of Archbishop shall come again with glory.' Initial letter OCranmer, from a picture in Lambeth 25 Collect for Peace. Palace; at the bottom, portrait of That our hearts may be set to obey Bishop Ridley, after Vanderwerf; on thy commandments." the right hand, Bishop Seabury; and 26 Collect for Aid against Perils. Initial 45 on the left, Bishop White. letter O- By thy great mercy defend

Convention. Initial letter A- Who by thy Holy Spirit didst preside in the councils of the blessed Apostles.' Chapman.

Exterior of Lincoln Cathedral.




1 Interior of Canterbury Cathedral. Architectural border, composed princi

pally from parts of the Cathedral.

1 Sentences. Initial letter T- The Lord 27 Prayer for the Clergy. Initial letter A

is in his holy temple.'-Hab. ii. 20. Original design by Chapinan.

Pour upon them the continual dew 46 of thy blessing.'

3 Exhortation. Initial letter D-Christ ex- 27 horting his disciples.

Prayer for all Conditions of Men. Ini

tial letter 0- Make thy ways known
unto them, thy saving health unto all

3 General Confession. Initial letter A, and ornament-Prayer and Confession.

4 Initial letter A.-Absolution.

4 Initial letter A.-Absolution.


Prayer for the President of the United 46 The Thanksgiving of Women after
Childbirth. Initial letter O-This
States. Initial letter O-Arms of the
United States. Original design by woman, thy servant, who desireth
now to offer her praises and thanks-
givings unto thee.' Chapman.
For Rain. Initial letter 0-We give
thee humble thanks that it hath
pleased thee, in our great necessity,
to send us at the last a joyful rain
upon thine inheritance.'

47 For Fair Weather. Initial letter 0-'In
thy mercy hast relieved and com-
forted our souls by this seasonable and
blessed change of weather.'

47 For Plenty. Initial letter 0-Elisha's prophecy of plenty fulfilled. 2 Kings vil.

28 General Thanksgiving. Initial letter A
-For the means of grace, and for
the hope of glory.' Original design
by Chapman.

Prayer of St. Chrysostom. Initial letter
A-Where two or three are gathered
together in my name.'

29 2 Cor. xiii. 14. Initial letter T.

5 Lord's Prayer. Initial letter - Our
Father, who art in heaven.' From
Flaxman's Illustrations of the Lord's 23

6 Te Deum. Illustration-To thee Che

rubim and Seraphim continually do cry. Initial letter W and ornament -To thee all Angels cry aloud.'.

8 Benedicite. Initial letter 0-0 ye children of men, bless ye the Lord.' 10 Jubilate Deo. Initial letter 0-0 be joyful in the Lord.'

10 Benedictus. Initial letter B-Zacha rias.- St. Luke i. 67,

11 The Apostles' Creed. IllustrationFaith, from Raffaelle. Initial letter 1 and ornament-Christ healing the cripple.

5 Venite. Initial letter O-King David. Griginal design by Chapman.

6 Gloria in excelsis. Initial letter G-29 Exterior of York Minster.

'Glory be to God on high.'



30 Interior of Henry the Seventh's Chapel.
30 Initial letter O-That it may please

thee to defend and provide for, the
fatherless children and widows.'
Lord's Prayer. Initial letter O-Give 48 For Deliverance from great Sickness
us this day our daily bread.' From
Flaxman's Illustrations of the Lord's

and Mortality. Initial letter - We offer unto thy fatherly goodness our selves, our souls, and bodies, which thou hast delivered.' Chapman. For a Recovery from Sickness. Initial letter O- Gracious art thou, O Lord, and full of compassion to the children of men.' Chapman.

11 Nicene Creed. Initial letter I-The prayer of faith.

12 Collect for Peace. Initial letter 0Emblem of Peace.

13 Collect for Grace. Initial letter O and ornament Defend us with thy mighty power.'

13 Prayer for the President of the United

States. Initial letter O-The Presi 36 dent's house at Washington. Original design by Chapman. 14-Prayer for the Clergy and People. Initial letter A-Prayer in Church. 14 Prayer for all Conditions of Men. Initial letter O and ornament- We humbly beseech thee for all sorts and conditions of men.'

34 Initial letter O-Let us pray.

35 Initial letter O O Lord, arise, help us, 48

and deliver us for thine honour."
35 Initial letter W- Moses and Aaron.
Turn from us all those evils that we
most justly have deserved.'

36 A General Thanksgiving. Initial letter
A- We bless thee for our creation,
preservation, and all the blessings of
this life. Original design by Chap-


Prayer of St. Chrysostom. Initial letter
A- With one accord to make our
common supplications unto thee.'
36 2 Cor. xiii. 14. Blessing.
36 Exterior of Westminster Abbey.


47 For Peace, and Deliverance from our

Enemies. Initial letter O- We ac knowledge thy goodness that we were not delivered over as a prey unto them.

48 For Restoring Public Peace at Home. Initial letter O-- We bless thy holy name, that it hath pleased thee to appease the seditious tumults which have been lately raised up amongst



21 Lord's Prayer. Initial letter - Thy kingdom come. From Flaxman.

21 Cantate Domino. Initial letter 0

15 A General Thanksgiving. Initial letter A and ornament-Thanksgiving for abundance.

15 Prayer of St. Chrysostom Initial letter A-St. Chrysostom.

16 2 Cor. xiii. 14. Initial letter T-Bene- 39 For Rain. Initial


16 Exterior of Canterbury Cathedral.

1 Kings, xvii. 6.
39 For Fair Weather.

Sacrifice of Noah.
40 In time of Dearth and Famine. Initial 56

38 Interior of Lincoln Cathedral.

38 Prayer for Congress. Initial letter M-
Capitol at Washington. Original

'Praise the Lord upon the harp.'

22 Bonum est confiteri. Initial letter I-
King David. Original design by
23 Deus Misereatur. Initial letter G-43
Thy saving health among all na-

23 Benedic, anima mea. Initial letter
PO praise the Lord, ye angels of 44
his.' Original design by Chapman.
24 Apostles' Creed. Illustration-One faith.
Westall. Initial letter I- Maker of!
heaven and earth.'

49 For a Safe Return from Sea. Initial letter M-Thou hast been pleased to conduct in safety through the perils of the great deep these thy servants.' Chapman.

COLLECTS, EPISTLES, AND GOSPELS. 51 Title. At the top, Peterborough Cathedral and Ripon Minster. In the centre, interior of Worcester Cathedral and Malmesbury Abbey Chapel. At the bottom, Exeter and Bristol Cathedrals.

53 The First Sunday in Advent. Illustration-Christ's entry into Jerusalem. Overbeck.

53 The Collect. Initial letter A-Matt. xxi. 2.

54 The Epistle. Initial letter O-'It is high time to awake out of sleep.'


letter 0-Prodigal Son.

17 Interior of York Minster. Architectural
border composed chiefly from parts 40 In time of War and Tumults. Initial
of the Cathedral.
letter O-Destruction of the Assyrian
camp. 2 Kings, xix. 35.

17 Sentences. Initial letter T-'The Lord

is in his holy temple.-Hab. ii. 20. 40 For those who are to be admitted into
Original design by Chapman.
Holy Orders. Initial letter A-Lay-
ing on of hands.

19 Initial letter D-Exhortation.

19 Initial letter A and ornament-Confes-41 Another Prayer for the same. Initial letter A-Give thy grace.'


20 Absolution. Initial letter A-Hath 41 In time of great Sickness and Mortality. Initial letter O-Destroying angel.

promised forgiveness to all those

design by Chapter 0-Elijah fed. 54 The Gospel. Initial letter W-Christ

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who with hearty repentance and true 42 For a Sick Person. Initial letter 0-59 The Collect. Initial letter O-That at

faith turn unto him."

'Behold, visit, and relieve thy sick

20 Absolution. Initial letter A-'Let us beseech him to grant us true repent-42

For a Sick Child Initial letter A-60

ance and his Spirit.'

'Look down from heaven, we hum-
bly beseech thee, with the eyes of
mercy upon the sick child. Chap 60


59 The Third Sunday in Advent. Illustration-St. John in the wilderness. Sir Joshua Reynolds.

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For a Person, or Persons, going to Sea.
Initial letter O- Conduct them in
safety to the haven where they would
be.' Chapman,

voice of one crying in the wilderness.'

For a Person under Affliction. Initial
letter O-Look with pity, we be- 63 The Epistle. Initial letter R-In every
seech thee, upon the sorrows of thy
servant.' Chapman.

thing by prayer and supplication,
with thanksgiving, let your requests
be made known unto God.'

For Malefactors, after Condemnation.
Initial letter O-' Convince them of 63 The Gospel. Initial letter T-When
the miserable condition they are in
by their sins and wickedness.

the Jews sent Priests and Levites from Jerusalem to ask him, Who art thou?'

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74 The Gospel. Initial letter W-Herod
examining the wise men.

76 The First Sunday after the Epiphany.
Illustration-Christ with the doctors
in the temple. Overbeck.
76 The Collect. Initial letter 0-Infant

71 The Gospel. Initial letter A-The
Shepherds said one to another, Let
us now go even unto Bethlehem.'
73 The Epiphany, or the Manifestation of
Christ to the Gentiles. Illustration- 104
The offering of the wise men. Ru-

79 The Second Sunday after the Epiphany.
Illustration-The marriage in Cana
of Galilee.

79 The Collect. Initial letter A-The wi-
dow's mite. He that giveth, let him
do it with simplicity."
80 The Epistle. Initial letter H-'Weep
with them that weep.'

80 The Gospel. Initial letter A-'Jesus saith unto them, Fill the water-pots with water.'

86 The Gospel. Initial letter A-'And they that kept them fled.'

88 The Fifth Sunday after the Epiphany. Illustration - Parable of the wheat and the tares.

88 The Collect. Initial letter O-'An enemy hath done this.'

89 The Epistle. Initial letter P-'And forgiving one another if any man have a quarrel against any."


95 The Epistle. Initial letter K-They
do it to obtain a corruptible crown.'
95 The Gospel. Initial letter T-Go ye
also into the vineyard.'

97 The Sunday called Quinquagesima, or
the next Sunday before Lent. Illus-
tration-Parable of the Sower. Do-144

97 The Collect. Initial letter O-Paul
shaking off the viper.
98 The Epistle. Initial letter Y-Ship-
wreck of St. Paul.

99 The Gospel. Initial letter T-' He
spake by a parable.'

100 The Sunday called Sexagesima, or the
Second Sunday before Lent. Illus-
tration-Chnst healing the blind.
100 The Collect. Initial letter O-Charity.
From Raffaelle.

77 The Epistle. Initial letter I-Paul 108 The Gospel. Initial letter T-Com-
preaching to the Romans.
mand that these stones be made

77 The Gospel. Initial letter N-' And he
went down with them, and came to
Nazareth, and was subject unto

89 The Gospel. Initial letter T-' But gather the wheat into my barn.'



94 The Collect. Initial letter O- Why stand ye here all the day idle?'


The Epistle. Initial letter T-' And
rend your heart.'
105 The Gospel. Initial letter W-'Where
thieves break through and steal'
107 The First Sunday in Lent. Illustration
-Christ in the wilderness.

101 The Epistle. Initial letter T-' When
I was a child, I spake as a child,' &c.
102 The Gospel. Initial letter T-What 152
wilt thou that I should do unto thee?'
103 The First Day of Lent, commonly call-
ed Ash Wednesday. Illustration-

103 The Collect. Initial letter A-Turn
ye even to me,' &c.

First Prayer. Initial letter O- Merci-
fully hear our prayers.'
Second Prayer. Initial letter O-Spare
us therefore, good Lord, spare thy
Supplication. Initial letter T-' Be fa
vourable to thy people who turn to
thee in weeping, fasting, and pray-

107 The Collect. Initial letter O-'If thou
be the Son of God, cast thyself down.
108 The Epistle. Initial letter W-Paul
stoned at Lystra; chastened and
not killed.'

82 The Third Sunday after the Epiphany. Illustration-Christ curing the leper. 82 The Collect. Initial letter A-Christ and the Centurion.

83 The Epistle. Initial letter B-If he 116 thirst, give him drink.'

83 The Gospel. Initial letter W-'And Je-
sus put forth his hand.'

85 The Fourth Sunday after the Epiphany.
Illus ration-Then he arose and re-
buked the winds and the sea.'
85 The Collect. Initial letter O

There met him two possessed with devils.' 86 The Epistle. Initial letter L-'For this cause pay ye tribute also.'

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110 The Second Sunday in Lent. Illustra-
tion-Woman of Canaan. Le


110 The Collect. Initial letter A-David
finding Saul sleeping.

111 The Epistle. Initial letter W-Isaac
blessing Jacob.

111 The Gospel. Initial letter I-Woman
of Canaan.

113 The Third Sunday in Lent. Illustra-
tion- The dumb spake.'

113 The Collect. Initial letter W-Seek-
ing rest and finding none.'
114 The Epistle. Initial letter W-Walk
as children of light.'

91 The Sixth Sunday after the Epiphany. Illustration-Then shall they see the Son of Man coming in the clouds." 91 The Collect. Initial letter O- All the tribes of the earth shall mourn.'

92 The Epistle. Initial letter B-The Holy Family.

92 The Gospel. Initial letter T-'He shall
send his angels with a great sound of
a trumpet."

94 The Sunday called Septuagesima, or
the Third Sunday before Lent. Il-
lustration-So when the even was
come, the lord of the vineyard saith
unto his steward, Call the labourers 135
and give them their hire.'



138 The Epistle. Initial letter W- Moses
sprinkling the people.

139 The Gospel. Init. letter N-'And there
appeared an angel unto him,' &c.
Thursday before Easter. Illustration-
Christ bearing the cross. Raffaelle.
The Epistle. Initial letter I-The Lord's


120 The Monday before Easter. Illustra-
tion Christ in the garden. Cor-



149 First Collect. Initial letter A-'Behold
this thy family.'

150 Second Collect. Initial letter A-

The Gospel. Initial letter T-The wo-
man of Jerusalem lamenting Jesus.
Good Friday. Illustration-The Cruci-
fixion. Vandyke.

150 Third Collect. Initial letter O-Jesus
weeping over Jerusalem.

The Gospel. Initial letter A-Jesus led

out to be crucified.
Wednesday before Easter. Illustration
-Christ scourged. Rubens.

150 The Epistle. Initial letter T-'The
law having a shadow of good things
to come.'

The Gospel. Initial letter P-The sol-
diers casting lots for Christ's gar

155 Easter Even. Illustration Entomb-
ment of Christ. Raffaelle.
155 The Collect. Initial fetter S-Descent
from the cross. Rubens.

156 The Epistle. Initial letter I-The dis-
obedient in the days of Noah.
156 The Gospel. Initial letter W-The two
Marys at the sepulchre.



The Epistle. Initial letter M-Paul
preaching in the synagogue.

167 The Gospel. Initial letter J-Jesus in
the midst of the disciples after the

115 The Gospel. Initial ietter I-' When a
stronger than he shall come upon 168
him and overcome him.'

The First Sunday after Easter. Illus
tration Jesus appearing to his disci
ples after the resurrection.

The Fourth Sunday in Lent. Illustra-
tion-Miracle of the loaves and fishes. 168 The Collect. Initial letter A-Philip

116 The Collect. Initial letter G-Gather

Easter Day. Anthem. First initial let-
ter C- Sprinkling the door-posts
with the blood of the lamb.'
Second initial letter C-The entomb-
ment of Christ.

Third initial letter C-Adam eating the
forbidden fruit.



159 Illustration-Mary Magdalene and the
disciples at the sepulchre. Raffaelle.
The Collect. Initial letter A-Christ
with the keys of hell and death.


159 The Epistle. Initial letter I-Fleeing
from covetousness.


160 The Gospel. Initial letter T-The two
disciples running to the sepulchre.
Monday in Easter week. Illustration-
Christ and the disciples at Emmaus.
161 The Collect. Initial letter A-'Who
through thy only begotten Son Jesus
Christ hast overcome death,' &c.
162 The Epistle. Initial letter P-Peter
teaching Cornelius.

162 The Gospel. Initial letter B- But they
constrained him, saying, Abide with


165 Tuesday in Easter week. Illustration
-The Resurrection. Rubens.
165 The Collect. Initial letter A-The de-
struction of death.

ing up of the fragments.

117 The Epistle Initial letter T-Agar and
her children in bondage.

169 The Epistle. Initial letter W-The
victory that overcometh the world,
even our faith.'

117 The Gospel. Initial letter I-Jesus dis- 169
tributing bread to the disciples.
119 The Fifth Sunday in Lent. Illustra-
tion-Christ and the Jews.

The Gospel. Initial letter T-' As my
Father hath sent me, even so send I

171 The Second Sunday after Easter. II-
119 The Collect. Initial letter W- Then lustration-The good Shepherd. Mu
took they up stones to cast at him.'
120 The Epistle. Initial letter C-The sol 171 The Collect. Initial letter A-' The


dier piercing the side of Jesus.
120 The Gospel. Initial letter J-Jesus
reasoning with the Jews.

hireling fleeth, because he is an hire.
ling and careth not for the sheep.'
172 The Epistle. Initial letter T-Martyr-
dom. 'Suffering wrongfully.'
172 The Gospel. Initial letter J-The wolf

122 The Sunday next before Easter. Illus-
tration-Christ rejected. Vandyke.
122 The Collect. Initial letter A-Prayer.
123 The Epistle. Initial letter L-Jesus
washing the feet of the disciples.
123 The Gospel. Initial letter T-Jesus

among the sheep.
173 The Third Sunday after Easter. Illus-
tration-The Virgin, with the Saviour
and St. John.


173 The Collect. Initial letter A-The wo-
man crowned with twelve stars. Rev.

and the man of Ethiopia. Acts viii.


173 The Epistle. Initial letter D-Seeking
guidance from the Scriptures.
174 The Gospel. Initial letter J-Ye shall
weep and lament.'

127 The Epistle. Initial letter W-Who
is this that cometh from Edom?'
129 The Gospel. Initial letter A-The wo-
man with the box of ointment.
Tuesday before Easter. Illustration-
Christ crowned with thorns. Titian.
134 The Epistle. Initial letter T- The
chief priests moved the people that 175 The Collect. Initial letter O-'Who
he should rather release Barabbas
unto them.'


175 The Fourth Sunday after Easter. Illus-
tration Because I have said these
things unto you sorrow hath filled
your heart.'

alone canst order the unruly wills
and affections of sinful men.'
176 The Epistle. Initial letter E-Receive
176 The Gospel. Initial letter J-Elymas
with meekness the engrafted word.'
the sorcerer smitten with blindness.

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178 The Fifth Sunday after Easter. Illus- 209 The Fifth Sunday after Trinity. Illus-
Le tration-Miraculous draught of fishes.
tration-Peter visiting Dorcas.

178 The Collect. Initial letter 0-Elisha
restoring the widow's son to life.
179 The Epistle. Initial letter B-Comfort-
ing the widowed.

179 The Gospel. Initial letter V-Paul and
Silas in prison.

181 Ascension day. Illustration-The Ascension. Rubens.

181 The Collect. Initial letter G-May we also in heart and mind thither ascend.'

182 The Epistle. Initial letter T-'Why
stand ye gazing up into heaven?'
183 The Gospel. Initial letter J-Jesus
appearing to the disciples as they sat
at meat.

181 Sunday after Ascension day. Illustration Persecution of the disciples. Le Sueur.



The Collect. Init. lett. G-Jesus teach-
ing the people from Simon's boat.
The Epistle. Initial letter B-' For the
eyes of the Lord are open to the


The Gospel. Initial letter J-The fish-
ermen washing their nets.

212 The Sixth Sunday after Trinity. Illus-
tration- First be reconciled to thy
brother, and then come and offer thy
The Collect. Initial letter O-'And
thou be cast into prison."
The Epistle. Initial letter K- Planted
together in the likeness of his death.'
213 The Gospel. Initial letter J- Whoso-
ever shall say, Thou fool, shall be in
danger of hell fire.'

215 The Seventh Sunday after Trinity.
Illustration- Lord of all power and
might.' Flaxman.



184 The Collect. Initial letter O-The servant of the lord of the vineyard slain by the husbandmen.

185 The Epistle. Initial letter T-' Watch unto prayer.'

185 The Gospel. Initial letter W-Paul es- 215 caping from Damascus.

186 Whit Sunday. Illustration-Descent of the Holy Ghost. Raffaelle.

186 The Collect. Initial letter - These


187 The Epistle. Initial letter W-'They
were all amazed, and marvelled.'
187 The Gospel. Initial letter J-Peter,
lovest thou me?'

189 Monday in Whitsun-week. Illustra-
tion Christ walking on the sea.
P. Gotting.

180 The Collect. Initial letter G-For
every one that doeth evil hateth the
189 The Epistle. Initial letter T-Come-
lius baptized.

190 The Gospel. Initial letter G-Massacre
of the innocents.

192 Tuesday in Whitsun-week. Illustration -Peter and John at Emmaus. Le Brun.

215 The Collect. Initial letter L-And
he took the seven loaves, and gave
thanks, and brake,' &c.
The Epistle. Initial letter I-Destruc-
tion of the cities of the plain.-' For
the end of those things is death.'
The Gospel. Initial letter 1- And he
commanded the people to sit down
on the ground.'


194 Trinity Sunday. Illustration- Nicodemus came to Jesus by night.' Tin


192 The Collect. Initial O-Ahaz and the
193 The Epistle. Initial letter W- The
apostles go to Samaria.

193 The Gospel. Initial letter V-' He that
entereth not by the door into the 222
sheepfold, but climbeth up some
other way.'

things have I spoken unto you, being
yet present with you. But the 217 The Eighth Sunday after Trinity. 11-245
Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost,'


194 The Collect. Initial letter A-' And
immediately I was in the Spirit.'
195 The Epistle. Initial letter A And
round about the throne were four and
twenty elders.'

217 The Collect. Initial letter O- For if
ye live after the flesh, ye shall die.'
218 The Epistle. Initial letter B-Philip
caught up by the Spirit after baptiz-
ing the eunuch.


236 The Collect. Initial letter K-'Behold the fowls of the air,' &c.

237 The Epistle. Initial letter Y- Paul writing the Epistle to the Galatians. 237 The Gospel. Initial letter N-Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow,' &c.


196 The Gospel. Initial letter T-Moses
lifting up the brazen serpent.
197 The First Sunday after Trinity. Illus-226
tration-Lazarus at the rich man's
gate. Adapted from Uwins.


lustration- Every tree that bringeth
not forth good fruit, is hewn down,'
&c. Thurston.


seph's brethren putting him into the well.





The Collect. Initial letter L-The gifts
of healing.
223 The Epistle. Initial letter C-False
prophets.-The Pythoness.

224 The Gospel. Initial letter A-' The
days shall come upon thee that thine
enemies shall cast a trench about
thee,' &c.

The Eleventh Sunday after Trinity.
Illustration-The publican and the

218 The Gospel. Initial letter B-' Do men
gather grapes of thors,' &c.

219 The Ninth Sunday after Trinity. Illus.
tration-Destruction of Pharaoh and
his host.

219 The Collect. Initial letter G-Moses
striking the rock.

220 The Epistle. Initial letter B-The Is-
raclites passing through the Red sea.
221 The Gospel. Initial letter J-Give an
account of thy stewardship.'
The Tenth Sunday after Trinity. 11-250 The Collect. Initial letter O-The
lustration- And he went into the
temple, and began to cast out them 250 The Epistle. Initial letter S-Noah in
'Be not drunk with
that sold therein, and them that his vineyard.



206 The Collect. Initial letter 0-For-
give, and ye shall be forgiven.'
207 The Epistle. Initial letter J-'The
whole creation groaneth.'


The Collect. Initial letter L-' When thou art bidden to a feast take the lowest seat,' &c.

243 The Epistle. Initial letter I-Keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.'

The Gospel. Initial letter I-' Which of you shall have an ass or an ox fallen into a pit, and will not straightway pull him out on the sabbath day?' The Eighteenth Sunday after Trinity. Illustration Christ and the Phari


The Sixteenth Sunday after Trinity.
Illustration-The widow's son of
Nain raised to life. Bird.


The Collect. Initial letter 0-For
this cause I bow my knees.

The Epistle. Initial letter I-David's
men fainting in the pursuit.
Initial letter A- The
The Gospel.
house of mourning.
The Seventeenth Sunday after Trinity.
Illustration-Christ eating bread in
the house of the harisee.



The Collect. Initial letter O- Support
us in our weary pilgrimage.'
The Epistle. Initial letter B-Paul led
to Damascus after he had been struck

197 The Collect. Initial letter O-Carried 226 The Gospel. Initial letter J-The

by the angels into Abraham's bosom. 198 The Epistle. Initial letter B-Jacob and Esau.

Pharisce stood and prayed thus with
himself,' &c.

199 The Gospel. Initial letter T-Death of


The Gospel. Initial letter W-Daniel in the lion's den. Love the Lord.' 247 The Nineteenth Sunday after Trinity. Illustration-Christ curing the sick of the palsy. F. Verdier.

247 The Collect. Initial letter O-The sick man taking up his bed and walking, The Epistle. Initial letter T-Gehazi, the servant of Naaman, smitten with leprosy.



The Collect. Initial letter L-David singing praises with the harp.

The Epistle. Initial letter I- Waiting for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.'

249 The Gospel. Initial letter J-Jesus passing over in the ship.


The Twentieth Sunday after Trinity. Illustration - Temperance. Sir Joshua Reynolds.

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wicked servant.

256 The Epistle. Initial letter I-The servant bringing his talent with interest. 228 The Twelfth Sunday after Trinity. - 256 The Gospel. Initial letter P-Jesus lustration-Christ healing the deaf. addressing Peter.


200 The Second Sunday after Trinity. II. lustration-A certain man made a great supper,' &c. Jouvenet. 200 The Collect. Initial letter 0-'I have 229 The Epistle. Initial letter S-Moses 258 The Collect. Initial letter O-Peter descending from the mount with the finding the tribute-money in the fish's purchased five yoke of oxen,' &c. mouth. tables of the law.

201 The Epistle. Initial letter M-Jo- 229 The Gospel.

228 The Collect. Initial letter A- The 258 The Twenty-third Sunday after Trini-
deaf shall hear the words of the

ty. Illustration-The tribute-money.

Initial letter J-So 259 The Epistle. Initial letter B-' For our conversation is in heaven.' much the more a great deal they published it.'

259 The Gospel. Initial letter T-The Pharisees sent out unto him their disciples.'

201 The Gospel. Initial letter A-Go out 230 The Thirteenth Sunday after Trinity.

into the highways and hedges,' &c.

203 The Third Sunday after Trinity. Il

Illustration. The good Samaritan.


lustration-The return of the prodigal 230 The Collect. Initial letter A - The

The Twenty-fourth Sunday after Trinity. Illustr'n-Raising the daughter of Jairus.

son. L. Spada.

203 The Collect. Initial letter O-The lost 231 Theves attacking the traveller Moses

260 The Collect. Init. lett. O-There came

sheep found.



a certain ruler and worshipped him.' Initial letter W- ParThe Epistle takers of the inheritance of the saints in light.'

and Mordecai.

204 The Epistle. Initial letter A-Haman 231 The Gospel. Initial letter B And set him on his own beast, and brought him to an inn,' &c. 206 The Fourth Sunday after Trinity. Il233 The Fourteenth Sunday after Trinity. 261 The Gospel. Initial letter W-The diseased woman touching the hem of lustration-The blind leading the Illustration-The leper kneeling beChrist's garment. blind. Tintoretto.

204 The Gospel. Initial letter T-Seeking for the lost piece of silver.

fore Christ.

233 The Collect. Initial letter A- Walk 263

in the Spirit.'

The Twenty-fifth Sunday after Trinity. Illustration-Miracle of the loaves and fishes.

263 The Collect. Initial letter S-' A king

234 The Epistle. Initial letter I-Idolatry.

Worshipping the sun.

shall reign and prosper.'

207 The Gospel. Initial letter B-Jonah under the gourd. Be ye therefore

234 The Gospel. Initial letter A-There

are not found that returned to give 264 The Epistle. Initial letter B-' Israel

shall dwell safely.

glory to God save this stranger.

merciful, as your Father also is mer- 236 The Fifteenth Sunday after Trinity. 264 The Gospel. Initial letter W-'There


Illustration-Paul preaching.

is a lad here, &c.'



298 The Gospel. Initial letter T-Peter 328 The Commandments. Initial letter G
escaping from prison.
-Stoning the Sabbath-breakers.
330 'Hear also what our Lord Jesus Christ
saith. Initial letter T- The good
Samaritan. Chapman.

300 Saint John Baptist's Day. Illustration
-John baptizing Christ.
300 The Collect. Initial letter A-He
shall gather the lambs with his arm,'

301 The Epistle. Initial letter C-' He shall
feed his flock like a shepherd,' &c.
302 The Gospel. Initial letter E-Zacha-
rias writing the name of John.
304 Saint Peter's Day. Illustration-The
angel releasing Peter.


[blocks in formation]

275 The Gospel. Initial letter J-What
shall this man do?'
276 The Innocents' Day.

Flight into Egypt.-The Repose.

342 The Lord's Prayer. Initial letter O-
For thine is the kingdom,' &c. From
Flaxman's Illustration of the Lord's


The Collect. Initial letter O- Upon 344 View of Christ Church Cathedral, Ox-
this rock I will build my church.'
305 The Epistle. Initial letter A-Peter
knocking at the door after his escape
from prison.

306 The Gospel. Initial letter W-Peter 345




condemning Ananias.

Saint James the Apostle. Illustration
-The death of St. James.

The Collect. Initial letter G-The ar-
resting of St. Peter.

The Epistle. Initial letter I-' And he
killed James, the brother of John,
with the sword.

The Gospel. Initial letter T- Then
came to him the mother of Zebedee's
children with her sons.

310 Saint Bartholomew the Apostle. Il-


lustration Solomon's Porch.

offering of purification.

283 The Epistle. Initial letter B- Who
may abide the day of his coming?'
233 The Gospel. Initial letter A-Anna
entering the temple.

Illustration-311 The Gospel. Initial letter A-' And sit


285 St. Matthias' Day. Illustration-' In
those days Peter stood up in the
midst of the disciples.'

295 The Collect. Initial letter O-'Let
his habitation be desolate.'
286 The Epistle. Initial letter I-Death of
237 The Gospel. Initial letter A- At that
time Jesus answered and said."
289 The Annunciation of the Blessed Vir-
gin Mary, Illustration-The Annun-
ciation. Overbeck.

289 The Collect. Initial letter W- The
Lord spake again unto Ahaz.
239 The Epistle. Initial letter M-The
virgin and child.

310 The Collect. Initial letter O-They
laid them on beds and couches,' &c.
311 The Epistle. Initial letter B-They
brought forth the sick into the


276 The Collect. Initial letter O-Rachel
weeping for her children.

on thrones,' &c.
312 Saint Matthew the Apostle. Illustra-
tion-Saint Matthew. Rubens.
312 The Collect. Initial letter 0-Disci-
ples plucking the ears of corn.

277 The Epistle. Initial letter I-Vision of
Mount Sion.

277 The Gospel. Initial letter T-Flight
into Egypt.

312 The Epistle. Initial letter T-' For we
preach not ourselves, but Christ Jesus
the Lord.'

279 The Conversion of Saint Paul. Illus 313 The Gospel. Initial letter A- The
tration-St. Paul. Albert Durer.
angel troubling the waters of Beth-
279 The Collect. Initial letter O-The con-
version of St. Paul.
279 The Epistle. Initial letter A-Saul
journeying to Damascus.
291 The Gospel. Initial letter P-Lot's 314

282 The Presentation of Christ in the Tem-314
ple. Illustration-The presentation
in the Temple. F. Bartolomeo.
292 The Collect. Initial letter A-The 315

239 The Gospel. Initial letter A-The an-
gel Gabriel appearing to Mary.
291 Saint Mark's Day. Illustration-Saint
Mark. Rubens.

295 The Gospel. Ini ial letter A-'In
my Father's house are many man-


297 Saint Barnabas the Apostle. Illustra-
tion-Paul and Barnabas at Lystra.

317 Saint Luke the Evangelist. Illustra-
tion-Saint Luke. Cornelius.
317 The Collect. Initial letter A-'The
Lord appointeth other seventy also.'
317 The Epistle. Initial letter W-Do the
work of an evangelist.'
318 The Gospel. Initial letter T-'Peace
be to this house."

319 Saint Simon and Saint Jude. Apostles.
Illustration-Christ exhorting his dis

330 Prayer. Initial letter O-'If ye love
me, keep my commandments.' Chap


395 Ruins of Fountains Abbey.
387 Ruins of Byland Abbey.

389 Forms of Prayer to be used at Sea. At

the top, St. Patrick's Cathedral and
Laindon Church, Essex; in the cen
tre, Ship returned from Sea, and
Westminster Hal; at the bottom,
Stewkeley Church, Bucks, and Cran-
ham Church, Essex.

Ruins of Melrose Abbey,

314 Saint Michael and All Angels. Illustra-398 Religion consoling the dying prisoner.
107 Family Morning Prayer.
tion-St. Michael and Satan. Raf 408 Family Evening Prayer.
The Collect. Initial letter O- And
Jesus called a little child unto him.'
The Epistle. Initial letter T-There-
fore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that
dwell in them.'

411 Interior of Durham Cathedral, with
border composed from parts of the
Exterior of Durham Cathedral.



The Gospel Initial letter A Whoso 437 Title to the Psalms of David.-At the
shall receive one such little child,'


319 The Collect. Initial letter O-After-
ward destroyed them that believed


291 The Collect. Initial letter 0-'When 323
he ascended up on high,' &c.
291 The Epistle Initial letter U-Roman

triumph. He led captivity captive.' 324 The Gospel. Initial letter J-And
292 The Gospel. Initial letter I-Burning when he was set, his disciples came
the unfruitful branches.
unto him.'

294 Saint Philip and Saint James' Day. 324 Interior of Exeter Cathedral.


Sir Joshua
291 The Col ect. Initial letter O-' James, 325

a servant of God,' &c.

294 The Epistle. Initial letter J - The
twelve tribes receiving Jacob's bless-

336 Administration of the Lord's Supper.


320 The Epistle. Initial letter J-The an-
gels which kept not their first estate.'
321 The Gospel. Initial letter T- Love
one another.' Jonathan and David.
322 All Saints'
on the mount.
322 The Collect. Initial letter O-' And I
saw another angel ascending from
the east.'

The Epistle. Initial letter A-'And he
cried with a loud voice to the four

297 The Collect. Initial letter 0-Great
dearth throughout the world.

298 The Epistle. Initial letter T-In those
days came prophets from Jerusa- 328

top, the Cathedrals of Hereford and
Llandaff; in the centre, the Cathe-
drals of Norwich and Lichfield; at
the bottom, the Abbey of St. Alban's
and the Cathedral of Carlisle.
First Day-P's. i. ver. 6. Day of Judg



439 Initial letter-Ps. i. v. 3.
440 Initial letter-Ps. ii. v. 2.
440 Initial letter-Ps. iii. v. 1.

441 Initial letter-Ps. iv. v. 2 Shimei curs-
ing David.

441 Initial letter-Ps. v.v. 6. 11. Ahithophel.
442 Initial letter-Ps. vi. v. 6.
413 Initial letter-Ps. vii. v. 2.
444 Initial letter-Ps. viii. v. 6.
445 Second Day-Ps. x. v. 9.

445 Initial letter-Ps. 1x. v. 5. David with
the head of Goliath.
446 Initial letter-Ps. x. v. 8.
448 Initial letter-Ps. xi. v. 1.
448 Initial letter-Ps. xii. v. 5. Dives and


448 Initial letter-Ps. xiii. Daniel, a Psalm
of the Captivity.

449 Initial letter- Ps. xiv. Belshazzar, ditto.
451 Third Day-Ps. xvii. v. 14. The last
War with the Philistines.
451 Initial letter-Ps. xv. v. 1.


452 Initial letter-Ps. xvi. v. 11. The Re-
452 Initial letter-Ps. xvii. v. 8.
454 Initial letter-Ps. xviii. v. 40. War with
the Philistines.

of the Syrians.

Title to the Administration of the
Lord's Supper. At the top, Semp
ringham Priory, Lincolnshire, and 457 Fourth Day-Ps. xxii. v. 18.
Bosham Church, Sussex; in the 457 Initial letter-Ps. xix. v. 5. Sunrise.
centre, Interior of Southwell Min- 458 Initial letter-Ps. xx. v. 8. Submission
ster, Nottinghamshire, and Interior of
Hereford Cathedral; at the bottom,
Bromyard Church, Herefordshire, &
Austin Friars, London.
The Last Supper. Da Vinci.
The Lord's Prayer. Initial letter O-
'But deliver us from evil.' From
Flaxman's Illustrations of the Lord's

459 Initial letter-Ps. xxi. v. 1.
460 Initial letter-Ps. xxii. v. 7.
462 Initial letter-Ps. xxiii. v. 1.
463 Fifth Day-Ps. xxix. v. 5. Job and his
463 Initial letter-Ps. xxiv. v. 4.
464 Initial letter-Ps. xxv. v. 8.
465 Initial letter-Ps. xxvi. v. 6.

[blocks in formation]

The Collect. Initial letter A-' Cleanse
the thoughts of our hearts.'

366 Ruins of Tintern Abbey.
367 Confirmation. Westall.
369 Ruins of Netley Abbey.
370 Matrimony. Westall
373 Visitation of the Sick. Westall.
387 Burial of the Dead. Adapted from




466 Initial letter-Ps. xxvii. v. 3.

467 Initial letter-Ps. xxviii. v. 2. 468 Initial letter-Ps. xxix. v. 8.


469 Sixth Day-Ps. xxx. v. 12. David De- 528 Initial letter-Ps. lxxvi. v. 6.
529 Initial letter-Ps. lxxvii. v. 11.
dicating the Altar.
with the Tables of the Law.
David 530 Initial letter-Ps. lxxviii. v. 64. 65.
535 Sixteenth Day-Ps. lxxix. v. 1.


lation of Jerusalem.

469 Initial letter- Ps. xxx. v. 7.
470 Initial letter-Ps. xxxi. v. 3.
Pursued by Saul.

472 Initial letter-Ps. xxxii. v. 1.
473 Initial letter-Ps. xxxiii. v. 2.
474 Initial letter-Ps. xxxiv. v. 7.
and Ishmael

476 Seventh Day-Ps. xxxv. v. 6.
470 Initial letter-Ps. xxxv. v. 14.
478 Initial letter-Ps. xxxvi. v. 4.



586 Initial letter-Ps. cxix.
1586 Initial letter- do. Beth.
587 Initial letter-do. He, v. 35.
with the Tables of the Law.
587 Initial letter-do. Gimel.
588 Initial letter-do. Daleth.
588 Twenty-fifth Day-do. v. 55.
599 Initial letter-do. Vau.
599 Initial letter-do. Zain.
590 Initial letter-do. Cheth.
590 Initial letter-do. Teth.
Jael 591 Initial letter-do. Jod.

540 Initial letter- Ps. lxxxiv. v. 3.
541 Initial letter-Ps. Ixxxv. v. 10.

591 Initial letter-do. Caph.
592 Initial letter-do. Lamed.
592 Initial letter-do. Mem. v. 97.

479 Initial letter-Ps. xxxvii. v. 36-
492 Eighth Day-Ps. lii.

492 Initial letter-Ps. xxxviii. v. 6.

483 Initial letter-Ps. xxxix. v. 5. lom's Tomb.

484 Initial letter-Ps. xi. v. 16.

542 Seventeenth Day-Ps. lxxxix. v. 21. 593 Twenty-sixth Day-do. v. 147. Early
Anointing of David.
in the morning do I cry unto thee.'
593 Initial letter-do. Nun, v. 1.
Absa- 542 Initial letter-Ps. lxxxvi.
594 Initial letter-do. Samech.
594 Initial letter-do. Ain.
595 Initial letter-do. Phe.
595 Initial letter-do. Tzaddi.
De-596 Initial letter-do. Koph.
596 Initial letter-do. Resch.
597 Initial letter-do. Shin.
597 Initial letter-do. Tau,

443 Initial letter-Ps. lxxxvii, v. 3.
544 Initial letter-Ps. lxxxviii. v. 1.
praying to the Lord.

486 Initial letter-Ps. xli. v. 1.

487 Initial letter-Ps. xlii. v. 8. David in 545 Initial letter-Ps. lxxxix. v. 21.
548 Eighteenth Day-Ps. xciv. v. 6.
struction of Jerusalem by the Assy-

548 Initial letter-Ps. xc. v. 6.

549 Initial letter-Ps. xci. v 9. The Na- 599 Twenty-seventh Day-Ps.cxxviii.v.3.4.
398 Initial letter-Ps. cxx. v. 4. Tents of

535 Initial letter-Ps. lxxix. v. 1. Ditto.
Hagar 536 Initial letter-Ps. lxxx. 13.

537 Initial letter-Ps. lxxxi. v. 3.
538 Initial letter-Ps. lxxxii. v. 3.
539 Initial letter-Ps. lxxxii. v. 9.
slaying Sisera


483 Initial letter-Ps. xliii. v. 5. Ditto.
489 Ninth Day-Ps. xlv. v. 10. Marriage of

489 Initial letter-Ps. xliv. v. 17.
491 Initial letter-Ps. xlv. v. 4, 5, 6.

492 Initial letter-Ps. xlvi. v. 1. Jehosha


527 Fifteenth Day-Ps. lxxviii. v.
527 Initial letter-Ps. lxxv. v. 12.
tion of Sennacherib.

phat's Triumph over Moab. 493 Initial letter-Ps. xlvii. v. 4.

493 Initial letter-Ps. xlviii. v. 2. Zion.

494 Initial letter-Ps. xlix. v. 10.

496 Tenth Day-Ps. li. v. 1. Nathan re- 555 Initial letter-Ps. xcvi. v. 12.

proving David.


496 Initial letter-Ps. 1. v. 3.
498 Initial letter-Ps. li. v, 7.
499 Initial letter-Ps. lii. v. 9.
500 Initial letter-Ps. liii. v. 6.
500 Initial letter-Ps. liv. v.
500 Initial letter-Pa. lv. v. 6.
503 Eleventh Day-Ps. lvii. v. 7. David
cutting the Skirt of Saul's Garment.
503 Initial letter-Ps. lvi. v. 6.

504 Initial letter-Ps. lvii. v. 5.

David in

Engedi. 505 Initial letter-Ps. lviii. v. 5. Charmer.


506 Initial letter-Ps. lix. v. 6.
507 Initial letter-Ps. Ix v. 1.
509 Initial letter-Ps Ixi. v. 3.
509 Twelfth Day-Ps. lxv. v. 14.
509 Initial letter-Ps. Ixiii. v. 1.
510 Initial letter-Ps. Ixiii. v. 2.
511 Initial letter-Ps. Ixiv. v. 4.
512 Initial letter-Ps. lxv. v. 6, 7.
513 Initial letter-Ps. Ixvi. v. 5.
514 Initial letter-Ps. Ixvii v. 6.

Olive Tree.

David in

550 Initial letter-Ps. xcii. v. 9.


599 Initial letter-Ps. cxxi. v. 3.

599 Initial letter-Ps. cxxii. v. 4.

551 Initial letter-Ps. xciii. v. 5.
552 Initial letter-Ps. xciv. v. 6.
Mount 554 Nineteenth Day-Ps. xcv. v. 8. Moses 600 Initial letter-Ps. cxxiii. v. 2.
striking the Rock.
600 Initial letter-Ps. cXXIV. v. 6.
554 Initial letter-Ps. xcv. v. 1.
600 Initial letter-Ps. cxxv. v. 2.
601 Initial letter-Ps. cxxvi. v. 7.
601 Initial letter-Ps. cxxvii. v. 5.
602 Initial letter-Ps. cxxviii. v. 3.
602 Initial letter-Ps. cxxix. v. 6.
603 Initial letter-Ps. cxxx. v. 1.
603 Initial letter-Ps. cxxxi. v. 3.


515 Thirteenth Day-Ps. Ixviii. v. 1. David dancing before the Ark.

515 Initial letter-Ps. lxvii. v. 5.

518 Initial letter-Ps. Ixix. v. 1 and 2.

520 Initial letter-Ps. lxx. v. 3.

Death of


521 Fourteenth Day-Ps. Ixxii. v. 1.
mon appointed King with David.
521 Initial letter-Ps. Ixxi. v. 20.

523 Initial letter-Ps. lxxii. v. 4, 10, 11.
524 Initial letter-Ps. lxxiii. v. 16.
525 Initial letter-Ps. Ixxiv. v. 8, 9.


584 Initial letter-Ps. cxviii. v. 22. Christ rejected.


578 Initial letter-Ps. cx. v. 2.
579 Initial letter-cxi. v. 6.

556 Initial letter-Ps. xcvii. v. 2.
557 Initial letter-Ps. xcviii. v. 6.
557 Initial letter-Ps. xcix. .7.
558 Initial letter-Ps. c. v. 2.
559 Initial letter-Ps. ci. v 1.
560 Twentieth Day-Ps. civ. v. 18.
560 Initial letter-Ps. cii. v. 6.
562 Initial letter-Ps. ciii. v. 13. The Prodi-
gal Son.

563 Initial letter-Ps. civ. v. 11.

566 Twenty-first Day-Ps. cv. v. 17. Joseph

566 Initial letter-Ps. cv. v. 10.


579 Initial letter-Ps. cxii. v. 1.
580 Initial letter-Ps. cxiii. v. 8.

581 Initial letter-Ps. cxiv. v. 3.
the Jordan.

604 Initial letter-Ps. cxxxii. v. 5. 'Re.

moval of the Ark'

605 Initial letter-Ps. cxxxiii. v. 2. Aaron anointed.


569 Initial letter-Ps. evi. v. 19.
572 Twenty-second Day-Ps. cvii. v 23-27.
572 Initial letter-Ps. cvii. v. 20. The Bra-
zen Serpent.
575 Initial letter-Ps. cviii. v. 9. Judah is
an old lion.'

606 Initial letter-Ps. cxxxiv. v. 3.
606 Initial letter-Ps. cxxxv. V. 10.
607 Initial letter-Ps. cxxxvi. v. 9.
608 Initial letter-Ps. cxxxvii. v. 2.
609 Initial letter-Ps cxxxviii. v. 2.
610 Twenty-ninth Day-Ps. exiii. v. 7. Da-
vid in the Cave of Engedi.
610 Initial letter-Ps. cxxxix. v. 13.
vellous are thy works."



576 Initial letter-Ps cix. v. 9.
578 Twenty-third Day-Ps. cxiii. v. 8. Han-612 Initial er-Ps. cxl. v. 3.
612 Initial letter-Ps. cxli. v. 8.
613 Initial letter-Ps. cxliii. v. 1.
and 614 Initial letter-Ps. cxliii. v. 2. Job.


615 Thirtieth Day-Ps. cxliv. v. 13.

615 Initial letter-Ps. cxliv. v. 12, 13, 14.
616 Initial letter-Ps. cxlv. v. 2.
Passing 617 Initial letter-Ps. cxlvi. v. 7.

618 Initial letter-Ps. cxlvii. v. 9.
619 Initial letter-Ps. cxlviii. v. 12.
620 Ini ial letter-Ps. cxlix. v. 3.
620 Initial letter-Ps. cl. v. 3 and 4.


581 Initial letter-Ps. cxv. v. 12.
583 Twenty-fourth Day-Ps. cxvi. v. 16.
The Israelites sacrificing amid the
ruins of Jerusalem upon their return
from the Capt.vity.
583 Initial letter-Ps. cxvi. v. 12.
584 Initial letter Ps. cxvii. v. 1.

604 Twenty-eighth Day-Ps exxxviii. v. 1. By the waters of Babylon we sat down and wept.'

632 Interior of Winchester Cathedral. 653 Exterior of Durham Cathedral. 663 Interior of Ely Cathedral.

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