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The present work, being merely an abridgment of others, makes no pretensions to any thing beyond utility. It was originally compiled by the Author when he was a candidate for holy orders; and it is published in consequence of the advice of friends, to whose judgment he is disposed to defer, rather than to his own. Fortified by their favourable opinion, he ventures to hope that it may be of some service, not only to persons preparing for holy orders, but likewise to his younger brethren in the ministry.

It is, however, by no means the object of this Abridgment to supersede the necessity of reading the original works from which it is derived. On the contrary, it is the earnest

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Page 13, line 5, for Numericus, read Numenius.

28, 17, for functions, read office.
39 3&4, for his, read God's; and for God's, read his.

2, insert which promise was before ratified.
16, place the parenthesis after Canaan.
19, for “ was left by him to," read “fell to the share of.

13, omit the parenthesis.
94, 7, place a comma after this.
116, 20, insert the before accounts.

25, insert exemplary before conduct.

ll, insert He before being.
321 8, omit a before one.

2, for man read God.
25, for existence read existent.


327, 160,

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