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Why should men fear the voice of God?

Was Adam afraid of God before he sinned?

What effect had the voice of God upon him after he sinned? Gen. iii. 8.

If God should now speak his will by a voice from heaven, how would men feel?"

How does he now speak his will? Heb. i. 2. 7. What did Jesus do and say?

8. When they looked up, whom did they see?

Why could they not see Moses and Elias?

9. What is said in this verse ?

What is a vision?

What is meant by charged them?

10. What did his disciples ask him?

What prophecy is there respecting the coming of Elijah before Christ?

Why did the Scribes know more than others about it? 11. How did Jesus answer the disciples? 12. What else did he say to them?

Whom did he mean by Elias?

What is meant by their not knowing him? Matthew xxi. 32.

What is the meaning of they have done unto him whatsoever they listed?

What had they done to him?

What did Jesus say about the Son of man?

Did he afterwards suffer of them?

13. What did the disciples then understand?

Verses 1-13.

What is said about the face of Moses shining? Ex. xxxiv. 29, 30.

Who will shine forth like the sun in the kingdom of their father? Matt. xiii. 43.

What evidence have you in this lesson that Jesus was divine?

What evidence have you that the souls of the dead are alive?

How long before Christ did Moses die?

How long before this was Elijah taken to heaven? God spoke from a bright cloud: In what other cases aid he speak to men from a bright cloud?

What do you suppose was the object of Christ's transfiguration at this time?

What argument did Peter and John afterwards draw
from this vision? 2 Peter i. 16-18.

How did this same glorious Jesus soon after appear?
Luke xxii. 44. Matt. xxvi. 67. Luke xxiii. 33.
For whose sake did he leave his glory and suffer all


Commit to memory, Luke, chap. xvii. verses 11—32.
Jesus heals ten lepers, and speaks of the kingdom of God.


11. To what place was Jesus going?
Through what parts of the land did he pass?
In what part of Palestine is Samaria?
Which way from Samaria is Galilee?

12. As he entered into a certain village
who met him?

Where did they stand?

What are lepers?

13. What did these lepers do?

What did they say?

Why did they not get physicians to cure them?
What reason had they to expect Jesus would do it?
14. When Jesus saw thein what did he say?
Why did he send them to the priests? Lev. xiv. 1, 2.
What took place as they went?

From what were they cleansed?

Who cleansed them?

15. What did one of them do?


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What is meant here by his glorifying God? 16. What else did he do?

At whose feet?

For what does he give thanks?

What was this man?

What opinion had the Jews of the Samaritans? John iv. 9.

Have you followed this man's example when God has bestowed any mercy upon you?

17. What did Jesus say on this occasion?

How did he know the ten were all cleansed white on their way to the priests?

How do most men use the strength which God gives them? Ps. liii. 2, 3.

What else has the Lord done for you?
How have you conducted towards him?
18. What else did Jesus say?

Why is it that men are so ungrateful to God?
Why was this man called a stranger?

19. What did Jesus say to the man?

What is faith?

How can faith cure a sick man?

Verses 20- -32.

20. What did the Pharisees demand of Jesus?

What kind of kingdom did they mean?
What answer did Jesus give?
What does that mean? John xviii. 36.
21. What is said in this verse?

What does he mean by "they shall not say, Lo, here or lo, there?

What is said about this kingdom, in Rom. xiv. 17? flow shall you know if the kingdom of God is within you? 1 John iii. 3. 1 John iv. 13.

22. What did Jesus say to his disciples? 23. What more did Jesus say?

What did he mean? Matt. xxiv. 23, 24.
Where was he himself going?

Were the disciples in danger of being tempted by false teachers?

What would these false teachers pretend?

24. What is said in this verse?

How does the lightning come and go?

What did Jesus mean by comparing his coming to lightning?

How will he appear to his enemies at the last judgment? 2 Thess. i. 7-9. Rev. i. 7.

How will he appear to those who love him?
How do you think he will appear to you?
25. What was our Lord first to do?
What things are here meant?

What were some of his sufferings?
What is meant by this generation?

26. To what did Jesus liken the days of the Son of man?

Who was Noe?

27. How were the people of the earth engaged until the day that Noah entered into the ark?

What was the ark?

What came upon them?

What became of them?

Why was it sent to destroy them? Gen. vi. 12. Do the people of the world occupy themselves in preparing for death and the coming of the son of man? Matt. xxii. 5.

28, 29. What else is said in these verses?

Who was Lot?

Where do you read about this? Gen. xix. 1--29. What will become of the wicked when God gathers his people to heaven? Matt. xiii 49, 50.

How were the people of Sodom employed while God's anger was ready to burst upon them?

30. In what day did Jesus say it would be as it was in Sodom?

31. How did he warn them to act in that day?

What coming of our Lord did this especially mean? Why were they warned to be so hasty?

What will become of you if you cleave to this wicked world until death comes upon you?

32. Whom does the Lord bid his disciples remember?

What do you know of Lot's wife? Gen. xix. 17. 26.


Verses 11--32,

Ten lepers met Jesus: Why did they stand afar off? Lev. xiii. 46.

Can you give a description of the leprosy?

Did Jesus ever cure other lepers besides these ten? Matt. viii. 2, 3.

Who was once cured by washing in Jordan? 2 Kings v. 1-14.

This Samaritan glorified God: How can we glorify him?

He was cleansed: What cleanses from all sin? 1 John i. 7.

For what things should we be thankful?

What did Christ here mean by the kingdom of God? What happened to Jerusalem and the Jewish nation a few years after Christ's crucifixion?

In what respect will the last coming of the Lord Jesus resemble the flood, the overthrow of Sodom and Gomorrah, and the destruction of Jerusalem? If the righteous scarcely be saved where shall the ungodly and the sinner appear?

How should we be looking for that great day? Matt. xxiv. 42. xxv. 13. Mark xiii. 35-37.

What will become of you if you are not ready to eet Jesus when he calls?

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