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Do not many now find the doctrines of Christ too hard for them?

Did all these things show that he was the true Messiah? 7. Did the disciples of John then depart ? What did Jesus begin to say to the multitude concerning John?

Whom did they go out into the wilderness to see? Matt. iii. 1. 5, 6.

What is a reed?

What did he mean by asking them if they went out to see a reed shaken by the wind?

8. What did he ask them a second time? What do you mean by soft raiment ? How was John dressed?

9. What further did he ask them if they went to see?

What did he say John was?

What is a prophet?

Why was John said to be more than a prophet?

10. What did he say had been written about him?

Where had this been written?

Before whose face was John sent?

11. What further did Jesus say about John? Who did he say was greater than he?

In what respect was John greater than any who had been born?

12. From what time did Christ say the kingdom of heaven suffered violence?

"Who take it by force?

What is meant by its suffering violence? Luke xvi. 16.

What must you do to enter it?

13. What is said about the prophets and the law?


What is meant by prophesied?.

Who came to fulfil all these prophecies in John's days?
14. What did Christ say John was?
Where is his coming foretold? Mal. iv. 5.

Was John really Elijah in person? Luke i. 17.
Why did Jesus say if ye will receive it? Ezek. ii. .
15. What does he say in this verse?
Is not this then said to you?

How must you hear?

What does Jesus say of him that heareth and doe not? Matt. vii. 26, 27.


Verses 1-15.

Can you state the difference between teaching and preaching?

Qught ministers of Christ to imitate him in this r spect?

By what means are the precepts of Christ taug extensively?

Why do you suppose John the Baptist sent such message to Christ?

Jesus proved himself to be the Messias: How ar christians now known?

Does your daily walk and conversation testify tha you have learned of Jesus?

Did many go to hear John when he preached?
Did they believe him?

Why did so many flock to John's preaching?
How was John greater than the prophets?

What is meant by the least in the kingdom of heav being greater than John?"

What is meant by the kingdom of heaven sufferi violence?

Why was John called Elias'

What must you do to enter the kingdom of heaven How did Jacob show his earnestness to obtain blessing?


Commit to memory, Mark, chapter vi. verses 14-29
Read also Matt. xiv. 1--12. Luke ix. 7-9. Luke iii, 19, 20
An account of the murder of John the Baptist.
The truth the herald-preacher taught,

He gladly seals with blood;
Behold! through tribulation brought,
The martyr lives to God.


14. Who heard of Christ?

How had Christ's name been spread abroad?
What did Herod say?

What Herod was this?

What is he called in Matt. xiv. 1?

15. What did others say?

Whom did they inean by Elias? Mal. iv. 5.

What did others say?

How might all these people have known who Jesus really was? John v. 39, 40, 46, 47.

16. What did Herod say?

What is meant by beheaded?

Why did Herod think John had risen from the dead? 17. What had Herod done to John? Why had he done it? ·

What relation was there between Herod and this woman?

Can you mention any thing of Herod's brother Philip? Luke iii. 1.

18. What had John said to Herod?

Why was not John afraid to speak thus to king Herod?

What does Solomon say in Prov. xxviii. 1.

19. How did Herodias feel towards John? What would she have done if she could? Why had she a quarrel against John?

How should we feel towards those who tell us of our sins? Ps. cxii. 5.

20. Why could not Herodias have John. killed?

What sort of a man did Herod know John to be?

Why did Herod fear John?

What is it to be just and holy?

When he heard John, what did he do? Was it enough for Herod to do many things, when he heard John?

One thing in particular Herod would not give up: What was that?

If you love any sin more than God, what does it prove?

21. For whom did Herod make a supper on his birth-day?

Is it well to observe one's birth-day with riotous feastings?

How should we feel when we think that another year of our life is past? Ps. xc. 12.

22. What did the daughter of Herodias do on Herod's birth-day?

What did the king say to her?

How did she please him?

23. What did Herod do farther?

What is it to swear?

Do not people who swear, call God to witness that what they say is true?

What does Jesus say about swearing in Matthew v.


What sort of an oath was this of Herod's?

24. What did the damsel do, when Herod had sworn this to her?

What did her mother say?

Why did she wish her to make such a request ?

25. What did she straightway do?.

What did she say?

What is a charger?

What does Solomon say in Proverbs i. 10, 16?

26. How did the king feel?

Why was he sorry?

Why would he not reject her?

What is meant by that?

How does the apostle speak of oaths in James v. 12? Were Herod's excuses for his wickedness, good in the sight of God?

Was Herod bound by this oath?

27. What did the king immediately do? What is an executioner ?

What did the executioner do?

23. What did he do with the head? What did the damsel do with it?

What do you think was the character of this young woman?

Was she bound to do as her wicked mother desired?

29. What did John's disciples do, when they eard of his execution?

What do you suppose became of John's soul?
Was not this a joyful release for him?

How should people regard the death of just and holy men? 1 Thess. iv. 13, 14.


Verses 14-29.

Why was Herod called the Tetrarch?

Whose son was he?

What part of the government did he receive at his father's death?

Was Philip still living, when Herod took his wife? Was such a marriage lawful?

Was Herod's own wife living?

What do you know of the end of these wicked people?

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