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Commit to memory Matt. chap. x. verses 1--18. (Read also Mark iii. 13-19, and vi. 7-13. Luke vi. 13-16 and ix. 1-6.)

Jesus instructs his twelve apostles, and sends them
forth to preach.

"Go preach my gospel," saith the Lord;
"Bid the whole earth my grace receive:
He shall be saved, that trusts my word,
He shall be damned that won't believe."
"Go, heal the sick; go, raise the dead;
Go, cast out devils in my narac;
Nor let my prophets be afraid,

Though sinners scoff, and men blaspheme."


1. Whom did Jesus call to him? What did he give them power to do?

Were these the twelve whom he had chosen from the rest?

Could any mere creature give such power?

Who, then, must Christ have been?

2, 3, 4. What are the names of the twelve apostles?

What does the name Peter signify?

Who afterwards murdered James?

Acts xii. 1, 2.

What other name had Thomas? John xi. 16.

What was a publican?

5. Whom did Jesus send forth?

What did he command them?

For what were they sent forth?

Who were the Gentiles?

Who were the Samaritans? 2 Kings xvii. 24.

In what part of the land was Samaria?

Way were they not to go to the Gentiles or to the Samaritans at that time?

When was the gospel preached to the Gentiles: Acts xviii. 5, 6.-xiii. 45-48.

6. To whom did he tell them to go?

Who are meant by the house of Israel?
Why were they called lost sheep?

Whose fault was it that they went astray?

For what did the Son of man come? Matt. xviii. 11. How are all sinners like lost sheep?

What are Christ's ministers to do for them?

What does Peter say to Christians, in 1 Peter ii. 25?

7. What were they to preach as they went?

What did that mean?

8. What were they to do, besides preaching? How could they do these things?

What are lepers?

In whose name were they to work these miracles? 9. What were they not to provide?

10. What else were they not to provide? What was a scrip? 1 Sam. xvii. 40.

What are staves?

Ought the preachers of the gospel to be supported by those who receive instruction from them? Cor. ix. 13, 14.


11. On entering a town or city, what were they to do?

Where were they to abide ?

Who were meant by the worthy?

What was this to teach them?

What sort of people should we inquire for when we go to a strange place?

What is said about bad company in Prov. iv. 14, 15

12. What were they to do when they came into a house?

How were they to do it? Luke x. 5.

13. If the house were worthy what were they to do?

What then is the meaning of house in this verse? If it were not worthy, what were they to do?

What does that mean?

14. What were they to do if


would not

receive them and hear their words?

Why was this to be done? Luke ix. 5.

Are there any now who will not receive the ministers of Christ, nor hear his words?

Who condemns such people?

15. What else did he say about them? What did Christ mean when he said verily?

What is meant by its being more tolerable for Sodom and Gomorrah, than for that city which should reject the apostles?

What had been done to these two places? Gen. xix. 24, 25.

What are they said to be suffering, in Jude 7.

Is the punishment of eternal fire harder on some than on others?

In what day will God bring down this punishment? Why is the sin of rejecting the gospel greater than that of Sodom?

16. How did Christ send forth his apostles? What sort of animals are sheep?

What sort are wolves?

Who are meant here by wolves?

What did he therefore command the apostles to be? What sort of animals a e serpents?

What sort are doves?

17. Of whom were they to beware?

What is it to beware?

Why were they to beware of men?

What were the councils?

What is it to scourge ?

18. Before whom should they be brought? For whose sake should all this be done? For what purpose?

What is a testimony?

Were the apostles ever treated in this way? Acts T.

40. Acts xii. 1-4.

What is said in 2 Tim. iii. 12.

What does Christ say to those who should be persecuted for his sake? Matt. v. 11, 12.

How did the apostles feel when they were persecuted ? Acts v. 41, 42.


Verses 1- -18.

Why do you suppose Christ chose twelve, rather than any other number of apostles?

When commissioned to preach repentance, why were they to go first to the Israelites?

Why did Christ call them the lost sheep of the house of Israel?


Can you describe the state of the Jews at the time of our Saviour's coming?

How had the church of God existed in former ages? What great change was now to be effected in his church?

How long did the Jews possess Jerusalem after this? Were the disciples ever commanded to preach to any but Jews?

After Christ rose from the dead, what command did he give his disciples? Mark xvi. 15.

If the apostles were not received in any city they were to shake off the dust of their feet: Are we informed of any instances in which this was done?



Commit to memory, Matt. chapter xi. verses 1-15. (Read also Luke vii. 19-30.)

John the Baptist sends two of his disciples to Christ to
inquire if he be the Messiah-Jesus gives an answer.
Art thou the Christ whose precious blood
Redeems from earth and sin?
Oh, wash us in that living flood,
And make us wholly thine.

1. What came to pass?

What is it to teach 2

What is it to preach?

What cities are meant by their cities?
2. What had John heard in prison?

What works?

Who was John? Matt. iii. 3, 4.

Who had put him in prison? Mark vi. 17.
Whom did John send?

3. What inquiry did he make by them?
Whom did he mean by him that should come?
Why was Christ expected by the Jews?
What did he mean by do we look for another?
Do you believe the Saviour has come?
Ought you not to take him as your Saviour?
4. What did Jesus answer John's disciples?
5. What were these things?
Who are called spiritually blind?
How does he now open their eyes?
What was done for the lame?
What was done for the lepers?

What foul disease will the blood of Christ cleanse from your heart? 1 John i. 7.

What did Christ do for the deaf?

Do not many now sit under the preaching of the gospe! who turn a deaf ear to its trutns?

What was done to the dead by Christ?
Why are sinners said to be dead?

Are there any in these times raised from their leadness in tresnasses and sins?

To whom was the gospel preached?
What is the meaning of gospel?

What sort of poor people has God chosen to be heirs of his kingdon? James ii. 5. Matt. v. 3.

Will Jesus love the poor of this world, if they are not poor in spirit and rich in faith?

6. Who did Christ say was blessed? Why are some offended with Christ?

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