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What followed?

What is the meaning of rebuked?

What is meant by a great calm?

27. What did the men do and say? Do the winds and waves obey any but God? Did not this miracle prove Jesus to be God?

28. Into what country did he come on the other side?

Who met him?

What is said about them?

29. What did they cry out when they saw


Do the devils believe in God?

James ii. 19.

What is said of Christ in 1 John iii. 8.

Are you able to be vexed by the devil? 1 Pet. v. 8, To whom then must you look for safety?

30. What was there a good way off from them ?

What is a herd?

Were the Jews allowed to eat swine?

Lev. xi. 7, 8.

31. What did the devils ask of Jesus?

32. What did he say to them?

What did they do?

What then happened?

33. What became of those who kept the


Where did they go?

What did they tell?

34. Who came out to meet Jesus?

What did they ask him to do?

Why are sinners afraid of Jesus and anxious for him to depart from them?

What will the Lord Jesus say to them at the day of judgment? Matt. xxv. 41.


Verses 18-34.

Did Christ offer worldly inducements to attract followers?

How must we follow him?

What must you first seek if you would follow him? Matt. vi. 33.

Why may you not neglect seeking him until some other time? 2 Cor. vi. 2.

What must you do if any thing hinders you from following Christ? Matt. v. 29.

How does Luke say he invited followers? xiv. 25-33. What must we expect if we would follow Christ? Do you suppose that the men among the tombs were possessed with real devils?

What evidence is there in this lesson that these devils were living beings?

What kind of beings are devils?

Can they do any harm to those who constantly trust in Christ?

What evidence is there in this lesson that Christ is God?

What proof is there in this, and some of the last lessons, that all things are subject to him?


Commit to memory Mark, Chap. v. verses 22-42. (Read also Matt. ix. 18-26. Luke viii. 41-56.)

A sick woman healed--the daughter of Jairus raised. She who touch'd Jesus in the press,

And hearing virtue stole ;

as answered, Daughter, go in peace,
Thy faith hath made thee whole.


22. Who came to Jesus?

What was his name?

Was this after Jesus had returned to Capernaum?

ver. 21.

Where had he been?

What did the ruler of the synagogue do

when he saw Jesus ?

What was a ruler of the synagogue?

23. What did he say to him?

What did he mean by her being at the point of death? Are children then exposed to death?

What request did Jairus bring to Christ?

What did he believe concerning the power of Jesus? 24. What did Jesus do?

Who followed and thronged him?

What is the meaning of thronged?

Was he not always ready to help those who were i distress?

What is said in Proverbs xxi. 13.

25. What was the matter with a certain woman?

How long had she been thus afflicted?

26. What had she suffered and spent? What was still her condition?

"What are physicians?

Was there any prospect of her being healed by man? What is that deadly evil with which all are tainted? Are sinners willing to go to Christ to be cured? What does John say of Christ in John i. 29?

Are those who seek other means of cure ever healed? Is Christ a physician of soul as well as of body? Whom was he sent to heal and to set at liberty? Luke iv. 18.

How came sickness and death to enter our world? Rom. v. 12.

27. What did the sick woman do when she heard of Jesus?

What is meant by the press? 28. What did she say ?

What does that show?

29. What immediately took place How did she feel?

30. What did Jesus know in himself? What did he mean by virtue?

What did he do and say?

31. What did his disciples say to him? What was the difference between the touch of this woman, and the touch of the multitude?

Do all those who go to church to hear about Christ get a blessing?

Why do some get a blessing and not others?

32. What did Jesus do?

Will Jesus now look after those that come to him in faith?

33. How was the woman affected?

What did she do?

Need any one fear the anger of Jesus who comes to him in faith, as this woman did?

Will the sincere disciple of Jesus tell a lie under any circumstances whatever?

34. What did he say to her?

Why did he call her Daughter?

How had her faith made her whole?

[blocks in formation]

35. While he was speaking to the woman what happened?

Where was Jesus going when the woman stopped him?

What Master did they mean?

How had the ruler troubled him?

36. What did Jesus then say to the ruler?

What was the ruler to believe?

If we would be saved by Christ must we believe? 37. Whom did he suffer to follow him? On what other occasion did he take these three disciples with him? Mark ix. 2. and xiv. 33.

Why did he take any?

38. To whose house did he come?

What did he see?

What is a tumult?

Why were they weeping and wailing?

What is meant by wailing?

39. When he had come in what did he say to them?

What is a damsel?

40. What did they do?

Why did they do it?

What did he do when he had put them all out?

41. What did he do`and say?

42. What happened straightway? What did her walking prove?

How old was she?

How did those feel who were present ? 43. What charge did he give them? What is the meaning of straightly?

What did he command?

Why was this?


Verses 22-43.

What should you learn from the ruler's earnestness and success in beseeching Christ to heal his daughter?

What effect should the sickness and death of friends have upon us?

What eyidence is there in this lesson, that Christ is God?

Should christians plead with earnestness now, for the salvation of their relatives?

How do men pray when they very much desire a thing?

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