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Commit to memory Luke, chapter vii. verses 1-17. Read also Matthew vii. 5-13.

Christ heals a centurion's servant—and raises a widow's son to life.

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How lost was my condition,
Till Jesus made me whole,
There is but one physician,
Can cure a sin-sick soul.

1. What did Jesus do when he had ended all his sayings?

What sayings are here meant? Luke vi. 20-49. What is the meaning of audience?

Did he live in Capernaum?

2. What is said about a centurion's servant? What is a centurion?

What sort of behaviour will make servants dear to their


What directions are given to servants in Colossians iii. 22, and Titus ii. 9, 10.

What is said to masters in Colossians iv. 1.

3. When the centurion heard of Jesus whom did he send to him?

What was his request?

Who were the elders of the Jews?

What does this conduct of the centurion teach master?

4, 5. When the elders came to Jesus what

did they do?


What did they say
What is meant by worthy?
What nation had he loved?
6. What did Jesus do?

What happened when he was not far from 'e house?

What does this prove the ranturion to have believed?

7. What else did he direct his friends to say to Jesus?

Why did he not think himself worthy to come to Jesus?

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What confidence had he in the power of Jesus?

What disposition must you have in coming to him? 8. What did the centurion say about himself? Under whose authority was he placed?

How did he get his soldiers to perform what he wished to have done?

What did the centurion mean by this message to Christ?

9. When Jesus heard these things, what did he do?

What did he say to the people?

What is it to marvel?

What is faith?

Why had he reason to expect greater faith among

the Israelites ?

What is added in Matthew viii. 11, 12.

What is the meaning of this?

10. What is said in this verse?

What is meant by whole?

How came the servant to be healed?

How could Jesus heal the servant when he was at a distance from him?

Will Christ disappoint those who trust in him?
Did the Jews love Christ and believe that he was the
Messiah? verses 11-17.

11. Where did our Lord go on the next day? Who were with him?

Why did Jesus go about from one place to another? What should we seek to be doing all the time? 12. When he came nigh to the gate of the city, what was done?

What is said of this dead man?

Who were with the woman?

13. When Jesus saw her, how did he feel? What did he say to her?

Did he do no more than pity her?

How should we show our sorrow for those in trouble? 14. What did Jesus then do ?

What was the bier?

What is said about those who bore him?
What did he then say?

15. What took place as soon as Jesus had spoken?

Whom else did our Lord raise from the dead besides this young man? John xi. 43, 44.

Is the voice of Jesus sufficient to call forth others from their graves?

What is said in John v. 28, 29?

Will it not be an awful thing to hear that voice at the day of Judgment?

16. What came upon all who saw this miracle?

What did they do and say?

Was there any room for deception in the performance of this miracle?

What should all the wonderful works of God which we see, lead us to do?

17. Where did this rumour of him go

What is a rumour?


Did the Jews then hear of the miracles and wonder

ful doings and kindness of Jesus?

What effect should they have had upon them?


Verses 1-17.

Did the centurion belong to the children of Israel? Christ found greater faith in him than he found among the Jews: Had he found any faith among


Who exhibited strong faith when they saw Jesus as a child?

Who did when they saw him in manhood, before he performed miracles openly?

What idea should you have of the centurion's faith if it was greater than these?

How can men exercise faith now?

What is meant by the expression rich in faith? (Read the 11th chapter of Hebrews.)

What promise is there for the prayer of faith in James v. 15.

Do you suppose there are any Christians who now pray in faith?

What evidences have you in the first ten verses of this lesson that Christ is God?

The centurion was humble: What is said of him that humbleth himself? Luke xiv. 11.

What is said of the poor in spirit? Matt. v. 3.

What evidence have you in the last part of this lesson that Christ is God?

Jesus had compassion on the afflicted widow: Will he ever appear in wrath against any?


Commit to memory, Matthew viii. verses 18-34. (Read also Luke ix. 57-60. Mark iv. 35-41. and v. 1--17. Luke viii. 26-39.)

A scribe proposes to follow Christ-our Saviour's an swer he calms the sea, and casts out deviis.

The stormy winds did cease to blow,

The waves no more did roll:

And soon a placid sea,

Spoke comfort to each soul.


18. What did Jesus do when he saw great multitudes about him?

The other side of what?

On what sea was Capernaum?
What are multitudes?

19. What did a certain scribe

say to Jesus?

What must a person do if he would follow Christ? Luke xiv. 26, 27.

20. What did Jesus say to the scribe ? Who was meant by the son of man?

What did Jesus mean by telling the scribe this? May the people of God look for riches, and ease, and worldly comfort in his service?

How should the poor feel when they hear that Jesus had not where to lay his head?

For whose sake did Jesus undergo such harships? 21. What did another of his disciples say to him?

22. What reply did Jesus make?

What did he mean by let the dead bury their dead? Who are said to be dead in trespasses and sins?

Do not such people generally attend too much to the concerns of this world?

What things must the followers of Christ first attend to? Matt. vi. 33. Col. iii. 1, 2.

Must we not attend to the duties of this life, to our families and friends?

How must we do if they hinder us in following Christ?

23. Into what did Jesus enter ?

Who followed him?

24. What happened after they left the shore ?

What is a tempest?

What is said about Jesus?

Does that show that he was man as well as God?

25. What did the disciples do?

Why did they awake him?

Did he know what was going on?

26. What did he say to the disciples? Why should they not have been fearful? What did Jesus then do?

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