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19. What did Jesus say to them? How were they to follow him?

How did they become fishers of men?

20. What did they do when Jesus called them?

Were their nets of any value to them?

What should you learn from their conduct?

21. Whom did he see as he went on from thence?

Where were they?

What were they doing?

What did Jesus do?

22. What did they immediately do?
What do you read in Matthew xix. 29.
23. Where did Jesus go then?
Where did he teach and preach?
What did he preach?

What did he do?

What is a synagogue?

What is meant by the gospel of the kingdom?
What is it to teach?

What is it to preach?

4. Where did his fame go?

Whom did they bring to him? Where was Syria?

What is it to be a lunatic?

What is the palsy?

What did Christ do for the people?
Why did Jesus work miracles?

To whom must we go with our diseased and sinful souls?

25. Who followed him?

On which side of the river Jordan was Decapolis? Did all who followed Christ in this way, believe on him?

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Do not many now profess to follow him and in their hearts deny him?

How should you follow him?


Verses 12-25.

How came that part of Palestine to be called Zabulon and Nephthalim?

What part of the Bible tells of the distribution of the twelve tribes?

Where was the tribe of Levi located?

Jesus preached repentance: When will it be too late to repent?

What is the meaning of the word Synagogue?
What was the use of the Jewish synagogues?
When were they first instituted?

Did the Jews offer sacrifices, and burn incense in them?

What was the service which they performed in them? What were the peculiar benefits derived from the establishment of synagogues?

Had they any printed books then?

How were the truths of the Bible then circulated among the people?

What proof have you in this lesson that Jesus Christ is God?

What should we do for the sick and needy?


Commit to memory Luke, chapter vi. verses 6-19. (Read also Matthew xii. 9-15. Mark iii. 1-19.)

Our Lord heals a man with a withered hand, and chooses his twelve Apostles.

6. On another Sabbath where did Jesus go? Who was there?

What is meant by withered?

Is the Sabbath a day of idleness?

How is it to be spent?

7. What did the Scribes and Pharisees do? Why did they watch him?

Why did they want to know?

* Of what did they mean to accuse him?

Why were the Scribes and Pharisees so bitter against Jesus? John vii. 7.

Did they ever detect him in doing any thing wrong? 3. What did Jesus know?

How could Jesus know their thoughts?

What effect should Christ's knowledge of every thought have upon you?

What did he say to the man who had the withered hand?

What did the man do?

Why did he tell him to stand in the midst?

Does not Jesus know all the evil thoughts which are in your hearts?

9. To whom did Jesus speak?

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Were they doing good or evil in watching Jesus?
Whose life were they seeking to destroy?

10. What did he do before he spoke to the man?

What did Jesus say to the man

What did the man do?

What was done to his hand?


How could the man stretch forth his withered hand? How should we imitate this man?

11. How did the Scribes and Pharisees then feel?

What did they do?

What is meant by communed?

Why were they so angry?

Had Jesus given them any cause to be angry?

Is it easy for man to be angry without committing sia?

12. Where did Jesus go in those days? How long did he continue in prayer? Ought not we who have so many wants, to spend much time in prayer?

Why are most people fonder of vain amusements than of prayer?

What should you learn from Jesus going by himself to pray?

13. When it was day whom did he call to him?

What did he do then?

Who were his disciples?

Why did Jesus choose out a particular number? Mark iii. 14, 15.

What is the meaning of the word apostle?

14, 15, 16. What were the names of the twelve?

In what business had he found James and John? Matt. iv. 21.

Of what city was Philip?

Whose sons were James and John?

Whose son was the other James?

Was there more than one Simon?

How were the two Judases distinguished?
What is a traitor?

What became of James the brother of John, after our Lord went to heaven? Acts xii. 1, 2.

17. Where did our Lord then come and stand?

From whence did he come down?

Who came to hear him and to be healed! Where were Tyre and Sidon?

On the coast of what sea?

What should you learn from the earnestness of these people to hear and be healed by Jesus?

What disease have you which he alone can cure? Ought you not immediately to apply to him?

18. What was the matter with others that


What was done for them?

19. Why did the multitude seek to touch him?

Does virtue here mean his holiness or power?

Is Jesus less powerful now than he was then?

Verses 6-19.

What evidence have you in this lesson that Christ is God?

How did the Pharisees keep the Sabbath?

Why should Christ's questions in verse 9th, trouble them?

What sort of work does Jesus teach us may be done on the Sabbath?

What does his example teach us with regard to prayer?

What are the benefits of secret prayer?

What should we learn from our Lord's praying much before he set apart the Apostles?

The Pharisees were very careful about Christ's actions on the Sabbath: What does their conduct teach us?

Why do wicked people now watch the conduct of christians?

What effect should Christ's knowledge of every thought have upon you?"

Christ chose twelve apostles: What has he told his ministers to do? Mark xvi. 15, 16.

How and where did he send his Apostles first?
Matthew x, 5, 6.


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