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What answer did he give?

Who is meant by Elias?

Did the Jews expect that Elijah would come in person? Why is John called Elias, in Matthew xvii. 12' See Luke i. 17.

What Prophet did they mean?

22. What did they say to him then?

Who had sent them?

23. What did John say he was?

Where is this prophecy concerning John, to be found?
Isaiah xl. 3-5."

24. Who were those which were sent ?
Can you tell any thing about the Pharisees?
25. What did they ask him?

26, 27. What did John answer?

Who was he who was standing among them?

How did John, that holy man, feel towards Christ? How should you feel towards him?

28. Where were these things done?

What was John doing there?

Which side of Jordan is meant by beyond Jordan? 29. What took place the next day!

Why is Jesus called the Lamb of God?

Why did the Jews offer sacrifices?

Leviticus i. 4. Did the blood of animals take away sin? Heb. x. 4. Of what was it a sign? Heb. ix. 13, 14. How does Christ take away sin?

Heb. ix. 26. What is the only way in which God pardons sin? May any one look for pardon in any other way? Did Christ come to take away the sins of the Gentiles as well as of Jews?

If you would have your sins taken away by Christ what must you do?

30. Who did he say Jesus was?

How was Christ before John?

31. What farther is said in this verse?

What is it to make manifest?

What is here meant by Israel?

Lid John wish, by his baptism and ministry, to exalt himself or Christ?

How did the apostles preach? 2 Corinthians iv. 5. Has Christ been preached to you?

What, then, is your duty?

32. What was John's record? What is the meaning of record?

33. What does John say again in this verse?

How did he tell who Jesus was?

34. What does John say in this verse? How ought you to receive this record?

If you reject it, do you not cast contempt on God? 1 John v. 10.


Verses 15-31.

The law was given by Moses: From whom did he receive that law?

Where was Moses when he received it? Ex. xix. 20. What was the appearance of mount Sinai at that time? What is the difference between the law, and grace? Between whoдn was Moses mediator?

Between whom is Jesus Christ mediator?

Did Christ destroy the law? Matthew v. 17, 18. How does he then free sinners from the curse of the law? Does the gospel pronounce any curse against men? Matthew xxv. 41. 1 Corinthians xvi. 22.

Do those who have rejected Christ, deserve greater punishment than those who sinned under the law of Moses? Hebrews x. 28, 29.

Why did Christ declare the Father to men? John xvii. 25, 26.

Who told John that Jesus should be marked out by the descent of the Spirit at his baptism?

Who was it that sent John?

What did the Evangelist afterwards see and hear? Revelation v. 11. 12.


Commit to memory John, Chapter i. verses 35-51. Christ calls a part of his disciples.

[blocks in formation]

How should sinners behold the Lamb of God?

37. Who heard John speak?

What did they do?

38. What did Jesus do and say?

What did they say to him?
What is the meaning of rubbi?
What is the meaning of interpreted?
39. What did he say to them?
What did they then do?

How long did they abide with him?

What hour was it?

Did the Jews divide their time as we do?
What o'clock was their tenth hour?

40. What is said in this verse?

41. What did Andrew do immediately? What did he say to his brother?

What is the meaning of the names Christ and Messias? Why was Jesus called the Anointed?

In what part of the Old Testament is he called Messiah or Messias? Daniel ix. 25, 26.

42. To whom did Andrew bring Simon? What did Jesus say?

What will all those who have found Jesus be anxious to do?

What should you learn from his knowing Simon, when they had never before met?

By what other name is Simon generally called? 43. The day following where would Jesus go? Whom did he find?

What did he say to him?

Where is Galilee?

Where were they at this time? Verse 28.
How can we follow Christ?

44. To what city did Philip belong?

Where is Bethsaida?

Who else lived there?

45. Whom did Philip find?

What did he say to him?

What had Moses written about Christ? Gen. iii. 15. -xlix. 10.-xxii. 18. Deut. xviii. 18.

Can you repeat any places in the prophets where Christ is mentioned? Isa. vii. 14.—xi. 1—5.—liii. 1, &c. Jer. xxiii. 5. and xxxiii. 15, 16. Dan. ix. 25, 26. Mic. v. 2. Zech. vi. 12.—ix. 9, &c.—Each of these should be sought out.

Did Christ ever say that Moses and the prophets spoke of him? John v. 39. Luke xxiv. 27. Why was he called Jesus of Nazareth?

Was he really the son of Joseph?

Why was he called so?

46. What did Nathanael say?

What did Philip say?

Why did Nathanael ask such a question?

47. Whom did Jesus see coming to him?

What did he say about him?

What did Jesus mean, by calling him an Israelite indeed?

What is meant by there being in him no guile?

How did Christ know that there was no guile in Nathanael?

Are all who are called Christians, Christians indeed? Who knows their real character?

Will a real Christian pretend to be any thing before men, which he is not in the sight of God?

48. What did Nathanael say to Jesus? What did Jesus answer?

49. What answer did Nathanael make? How was he convinced that Jesus was the son of God? 50. What did Jesus say to him?

51. What did Jesus farther say to him? Whom did they worship and serve continually?


Verses 35-51.

John said to his disciples Behold the Lamb of God! and they immediately left John and followed Christ: Why should that expression lead them to follow him? Had Jesus ever been spoken of as a lamb, in the Old Testament? Isaiah liii. 7.

What is said about the Lamb in Revelation v. 12-14?

The disciples followed Jesus: How should we follow him?

Jesus invited his disciples to come and visit him: Why do not sinners go to him?

What other titles are given to Jesus in this lesson? What reason had they to look for his appearing in those days?

Had they any reason to look for him, except from prophecy?

What is said of the mar in whom is no guile? Ps. xxxii. 2.

Philip said Natharael, we have found him of whom Moses in the law, and the prophets did write. How would Nathanael know whom he meant by that expression?

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