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What should we do when he tempts us? James iv. 7. What promise is made to those who endure temptation? James i. 12.

Have you any undue partiality to dress, or food, or pleasure, or employment?

Ought you not to be very cautious lest he should tempt you to do wrong in some of these propensities?


Commit to memory Jolin, Chap. i. verses 1—14.
Jesus Christ is a divine being.

Ere the blue heavens were stretched abroad,
From everlasting was the word;

With God he was; the word was God,
And must divinely be adored.


1. What was in the beginning? With whom was the Word ? What was the Word?

What is meant by the beginning?

Who is meant by the Word?

What proof have you in this verse that Christ is God? 2. What is said in this verse?

Who is meant by the same?

3. What was made by him?

Was any thing made without him?

What is said in Genesis i. 1?

Who then inust the Word, or Jesus Christ, be?

What do you owe him since you have been made by him?

4. What was in him?

What was the life?

Does he ever call himself the life? John xiv. 6.
What sort of life does he give to all men?

What sort of life does he give to those who love and serve him? John x. 27, 28.

What is eternal life?

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How is Christ the light of men?

Ought you not to seek eternal life in Christ?
Why should you follow the light of his word?

Whom did Simeon say Christ was sent to lighten? Luke iv. 32.

5. Where does the light shine?

What is said of the darkness?

What is meant by the light shining in darkness?
What is it to comprehend?

What is here meant by the darkness not comprehending the light?

Do all men now comprehend the light of the gospel? 6. Who was sent from God?

Whose son was he?

7. For what did he come?

Of what did he bear witness?

For what purpose?

What is it to bear witness?

Who was the Light of whom John bore witness?
Who are now sent to bear witness of the light?
Ought you not to believe through them?

How did John bear witness of the light? John i. 29. 8. Was he that light?

For what was he sent ?

From whence did John get his knowledge? John iii. 27. 9. What is said about the true light?

Who is the true light?

How can Christ be said to lighten every man that cometh into the world?

Will any other light lead men to heaven?

10. Where was Christ?

What was made by him?

Did the world know him?
Why did the world not know him?
What is it to know Christ aright?

Who can teach you to know Christ aright?

11. To whom did he come?

Did they receive him?

Who are meant by his own?

Why were the Jews especially called his own?
How did they treat him while on earth?
Who are now called his own?

Do you not receive the light of his word?
Ought you not, then, cordially to receive him?
12. Did any receive him?

What did he give them?

What is it to receive Christ?
What is here meant by power?

What is it to become the sons of God?

What does Jolin say about the sons of God in 1

John iii. 1, 2.

How may you know the children of God?

To whom are they like?

Who is their life?

In whose sight do they walk?

What is it to believe on his name?

13. Of what are the sons of God not born?

Of whom are they born?

What is meant oy their being born of God? May any one hope he is born of God, if he continues in sin? 1 John iii. 9, 10.

14. What is here said of the Word?

Among whom did de dwell?

What did they behold?

Of what was he fall?

Do any of the apostles speak of Christ being made flesh? Philippians ii. 6, 7, 8.

Why was Christ made flesh? Hebrews ii. 14. To whom must sinners go for grace and wisdom and every good thing?

Are you excusable if you have not these things? Who are said to have beheld his glory? Matthew xvii. 1-3. 2 Peter i. 16-18.


Verses 1-14.

How long after Christ's birth, did John write his gospel?

Why did he write it? John xx. 31.

What particular doctrines does John declare, which are not much dwelt upon by the other Evangelists? What is meant by the beginning?

Was the Word, then, a created being?

When was the name Jesus applied to him?

Can you mention the titles given him in Isaiah ix. 6. John says the Word was God: Can you mention any other passages of scripture which prove that he is God?

John says he created all things: Where else in scripture is he mentioned as Creator?

What character does the Evangelist give to John the Baptist?

Why is Christ called the Light?

What is he called in Malachi iv. 2?

Who are said to hate the light?

John iii. 20.

Do you love the light of God's word?
Why was the Word made flesh?

Of what two beings did he possess the nature?


Commit to memory John, Chap. i. verses 15--34.
John the Baptist bears witness of Christ.

"Behold the Lamb of God," he cries,
"That takes our guilt away;

I saw the Spirit o'er his head,

On his baptizing day."


15. Of whom did John bear witness?

What did he say about Christ?

What John was this?

What is meant by Christ coming after John?
How was he before him? Col. i. 17.

Why was he preferred before him?


16. What is said of Christ in this verse?

Who are meant by we in this verse?
What is meant by his fulness?

ver. 14.

What then had the Apostles received?

If God's people have any good thing, from whom do they receive it? James i. 17.

Is it not very important that you should receive of Christ fulness?

17. By whom was the law given ?

What came by Jesus Christ?

What is here meant by the law?

Who was Moses?

Has any one ever kept all God's law?

What is written against those who do not keep it? Gal. iii. 10.

How then can any one be saved? Gal. iii. 13. Who will be saved by the grace of Christ? John iii.15. How did grace come by him?

What would have become of sinners, if Jesus Christ had not brought grace?

18. Whom has no man seen?

Who has declared him?

Who is the only begotten Son?

In what holy book has he declared the Father? Should we know any thing clearly of God's will and attributes, if we had not the Bible?

Ought you not, then, to be very diligent in searching the Bible, to know what Christ has declared? 19. What is said in this verse?

Who were the Levites'

What were the priests?

20. What did John confess?

Why were the Jews anxious to know who John was? Why did they expect Christ at that time?

21. What did they then ask him?

What answer did he make?

What next did they ask him?

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