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What is the wrath to come? 2 Thess. i. 9.

How are sinners saved from the wrath to come?

8. What did John tell them to bring forth? What is meant by fruits meet for repentance?

9. What further did he tell them?

Who was Abraham?

Why did the Jews glory in calling Abraham their father?

Who are said to be the true children of Abraham? Galatians iii. 29.

Will you be saved because your parents are pious if you do not yourself serve God?

10. Where did John say the axe was laid? What is said about every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit?

What did he mean by the trees?

What did he mean by the axe being laid at the root? What is represented by a tree that bringeth not forth good fruit?

Is it enough if we keep only from bringing forth bad fruit?

What kind of fruit naturally comes from the heart of man? Mark vii. 21-23.

Into what fire will the sinner finally be cast? Matt. XXV. 41.

11. With what did John baptize?

What did he say about him that was to come after him?

With what was he to baptize?

Whom did he mean by he that cometh after me? 12. What did John say was in his hand? What would he do with it?

Where would he gather his wheat?
What would he do with the chaff?

What was a fan?

What did John mean by representing the Lord as
about to separate the wheat from the chaff?
What is a garner?

Who are meant by the wheat?

What is meant by his gathering it into his garner?
Who are meant by the chaff?

What is unquenchable fire?

Repeat Matthew xiii. 49, 50.

13. Who came from Galilee to Jordan? Why did he go to John?

14. What did John do and say?

15. How did Jesus answer him?

Did John grant his request?

16. Where did Jesus go when he was baptized?

What then took place?

What did John see?

How was Jesus Christ engaged when this took place? Luke iii. 21.

In what shape did the Spirit of God descend upon

him? Luke iii. 22.

17. What was heard?

Whose voice was this?

Is God well pleased with sinners?

Through whom will he be reconciled to sinners!


Verses 1-17.

John the Baptist preached repentance: Who after wards preached it? Mark i. 14, 15. Acts ii. 38. Have the preachers of the gospel ever since urged the same duty?

Are men easily persuaded to repent?

What did the rich man in hell think would persuade his brethren to repent? Luke xvi. 30.

What answer did he receive from Abraham?

What emotions are excited in heaven, at the repent ance of a sinner?


Can a man repent unless he is convinced that he is a sinner?

Are you convinced that you have sinned against God? Have you repented?

What did John mean by saying, prepare ye the way of the Lord?

What did he mean by make his paths straight?

Should sinners do any thing now to prepare the way for a work of grace in their hearts?

10, 11, 12. What important truth do you learn from these verses?

Does God make no distinction between the righteous and the wicked?

How were the three persons of the Godhead mani'fested to man, at the baptism of Jesus?


Commit to memory Matt. Chap. iv. verses 1--11.
Christ is tempted by the Devil.

But spotless, innocent, and pure,
The great Redeemer stood;

While Satan's fiery darts he bore,

And did resist to blood.


1. Where was Jesus led immediately after

his baptism?

By whom?

Why was he led there?

Who is meant by the Spirit?

How had the Spirit appeared to him a short time before?

What is it to be tempted?

Who is the Devil?

What is his character?

John viii. 44.

What should you do when he tempts you? James iv. 7. Why was Jesus tempted by the Devil? Heb. ii, 13. 2. How long did he fast?

What then?

What is it to fast?

Do we read in the bible of any others who fasted
forty days and forty nights? Exod. xxiv. 18. and
xxxiv. 28. 1 Kings xix. 8.
Why do God's people fast?
3. Who came to him?
What did he say ?

Who is meant by the tempter?
Why did he say this to him?

Why would it have been wrong for Jesus to cause the stones to become bread?

4. How did Jesus answer the tempter?

Where is that written?

Deut. viii. 3.

Upon whom does man's life depend?

Cannot he keep life in you without food?
Then do you live by bread alone?

Will your food do you good without God's blessing? Did Jesus suffer any loss by refusing to turn the stones into bread?

From what book did Jesus answer the devil?

When you are tempted by him, from what can you get an answer to repel him?

5. Where did the devil take Jesus?

Where did he place him?

What city was called the Holy City?

Why was Jerusalem called the Holy City'

What was the temple?

What part of it was called the pinnacle?

6. What did the devil say to him?

Where is this promise of God written? Ps. xci. 11, 12. Why did the devil bring the word of God to prove

what he said?

Who are the angels? Heb. i. 14.

7. What did Jesus say to the tempter? Where is this written? Deut. vi. 16.

What is here meant by tempting the Lord?

When may people expect God's care and protection? 8, 9. Where did the devil then take him?

What did he show him?

What did he say to him?

To whom do the kingdoms of the world belong? Psalm xxiv. 1.

Did Satan speak he truth when he promised to give these things? John viii. 44.

Does not Satan often successfully tempt men by the riches and glory of this world?

What will become of those who prefer the gain of the world to the service of God?

10. What did Jesus say to the devil?

Where are the words he quoted, written? Deut. x. 20. When you are tempted to sin, what is your best course? James iv. 7.

How is God to be worshipped? John iv. 24.
How is he to be served?

Why must you serve God only? Matt. vi. 24.
11. What did the devil do then?

What did angels do?

What is the meaning of ministered?
Will the Lord ever suffer you to want if

to follow Satan?

How do you give place to the devil?


Verses 1-11.



By what names is the devil called in scripture: Is it allowable to place ourselves in danger unnecessarily because God can preserve us?

How does the devil learn the character of men? Does he usually suit his temptations to the characters of those whom he tempts?

What does he do with those who have long resisted his numerous and cunning temptations?

What preserves the christian from his malice and rage?

Have we any excuse for ever yielding to temptation? How far will God suffer his children to be tempted? 1 Cor. x. 13.

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