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How then can those prophecics be true?

Had the people of Jerusalem any reason to be troubled, when they heard that Christ was born?

What was the difference between the chief priests and priests?

What is meant by the princes of Judah?

What do you suppose the star was, which the wise men saw?

The wise men gave costly gifts to Christ: What should you give him?

The wise men departed into their own country.
What country do you suppose that was?
Who was Rachel? Genesis xxix. 10-12.
Where was she buried? Genesis xxxv. 19.
Was Rama the same as Bethlehem?

How does the expression Rachel weeping for her children, apply to the sorrow occasioned by Herod? Who are probably meant by they are dead which sought the young child's life?

Can you give any particulars respecting the character of Archelaus?

How and where is it said by the prophets, that He shall be called a Nazarene ?

Do either of the other Evangelists mention the circumstances recorded in this lesson?


Commit to memory Luke, Chapter ii. verses 41-52. Christ, when twelve years old, is found talking with the learned Doctors at Jerusalem.

At twelve years old he talks with men
While Doctors wondering stand;
Yet he obeys his mother then,

And comes at her command.


41. Where did the parents of our Lord go

every year?

What people kept the feast of the passover?
Who commanded them to keep it?

Of what was it to remind them?

Can you give any account of it from Ex. xii. 2-14? Why was the feast named the Passover? Ex. xii. 27. Of whose blood was the blood of the lamb a sign? What happened to those families on whose houses the blood of the lamb was not sprinkled?.

What will become of sinners, if they are not washed in the blood of Christ?

Why was the feast of the passover kept at Jerusalem? Deuteronomy xvi. 5, 6.

42. What is said in this verse?

Is it not the duty of parents to take their children to the house of God?

43. What happened, when Joseph and Mary had fulfilled their days?

What days did they fulfil? Exodus xii. 15.
What is the meaning of tarried?

44. Where did the parents of Jesus suppose he was?

How far did they go before they missed him? Where did they seek him?

What is meant by the company?

45. When they could not find him, what did they do?

46. How long was it before they found him? Where did they find him?

What was he doing there?

What was the temple?

Who built the first temple?

What became of that temple? 2 Chron. xxxvi. 14–21. Who began to build the temple that stood when Jesus was on earth? Ezra i. 2, 3, 5.

Can you give a description of it?

What became of the second temple?

Ezra vi. 3, 4.

Who were the Doctors, among whom Jesus was sitting?

47. How were all that heard Jesus affected'

Did they know who he was?

48. When his parents saw him, how were they affected?

What did his mother say to him?

What is it to be amazed?

49. What did he say to them?

What is the meaning of wist ye not?
Whom did he mean by his Father?

How could Joseph and Mary know that he was the son of God? Luke i. 35.

50. What did they not understand? 51. What did Jesus do then?

What is said of his mother?

What do you mean by his being subject to them? What is meant by Mary's keeping all these saying. in her heart?

Where should you keep the sayings of Jesus?
What does David say in Psalm cxix. 11?
52. In what did Jesus increase?

What is it to increase?

What is meant by his increasing in wisdom?

What is meant by his increasing in staiure?

What is meant by his being in favour with God and


How can we increase in favour with God?
Do you grow wiser as you grow older?

Is it not your duty also to obey your parents?
Do you desire to be in favour with God?


Verses 41-52.

The parents of Jesus went every year to Jerusalem, at the feast of the passover: How many great feasts were the Jews required to keep in a year? Exodus xxiii. 14-17. Deuteronomy xvi. 16, 17. By what other name is the feast of the passover called?

Why was it called the feast of unleavened bread?

How many days did it last?

In what month was it held?

Exodus xxiii. 15.

To which of our months does that answer?

Were females positively required to attend the great feasts?

What did Christ mean, when he said, I must be about my father's business?

What does his increase in wisdom and stature prove?


Commit to memory Matt. Chap. iii. veses 1--17. Preaching of John, and Baptism of Christ. Ye, who your native vileness mourn, And to the great Redeemer turn"Arise," his gracious call obey, "And be baptized without delay."


1. Who came in those days?
What is meant by those days? Luke iii. 1, 2.
Why was John called the Baptist?

Who were his parents?

Where did he preach?

What is preaching?

What is meant by the wilderness of Judea?

2. What did John say?

What is it to repent?

Why should every one repent?

What is the sign of true repentance?

What will become of those who do not repent?

Luke xiii. 3.

Will repentance atone for sin?

To what will it lead? 2 Cor. vii. 10.

What is here meant by the kingdom of heaven?

What is meant by its being at hand?

Who is the king of this kingdom?

What sort of people belong to it?

What does Daniel say about Christ's kingdom, in chap. vii. 14?

Is that kingdom now set up in the world?

Who do not belong to it?

3. What prophet had spoken of John? What had he said about him?

What is a prophet?

By what name is Esaias called, in the Old Testament? How long before John did Isaiah prophesy?

How did the prophets know what was to take place? 2 Peter i. 21.

Who is meant by the Lord, of whose coming John gave notice?

4. Of what was John's raiment made?
What was his meat?

What is meant by raiment?
What are camels?

What is meant by his meat?

What are locusts?

What is wild honey?

Will a true child of God be anxious about his dress

and his food?

5. Who went to John?

Who were meant by Jerusalem and all Judea?
Can you give any description of Jerusalem?

What was Jordan?

Which way does that river run?

Into what does it empty?

(See map.)

6. What was done to these people? What did they confess?

What is sin?

7. Whom did John see come to his bap


What did he say to them?

Who were the Pharisees?

What was their character?

Who were the Sadducees?

What was their doctrine? Matt. xxii. 23.

What is a viper ?

Why did John compare these men to vipers?

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