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What is fasting?

What directions does our Lord give about fasting, in

Matt. vi. 16-18.

Will fasting and prayer atone for our sins?

What alone can wash away sins?

38. What did she do when she came in ?

Where did she come?

At what instant?

For what did Anna give thanks to God?

Of whom did she speak?

Who were they that looked for redemption in Jerusalem?

What is redemption?

Who is the Redeemer?

Of whom do the people of God love to speak to each other? Malachi iii. 16, 17.


Verses 21-38.

Of what nation did God require circumcision?
Why of the Jewish nation more than of others?
Why were so many ceremonies imposed on the Jews?
Was it any privilege to attend to circumcision and
other ceremonial observances? Rom. iii. 1, 2.
Did our Saviour submit to all the requirements of the
Mosaic law, like other children of the Jews?
Did he approve of the ceremonial laws which were
given by Moses?

What kinds of animals were the Jews required to slay in their different sacrifices?

How many kinds of bloody offerings were there? Was the infant Saviour free from sin when born? Why then were bloody sacrifices offered on his account?

Simeon was just and devout: What was the character of most of the Jewish people at that time?

Have there always been some just and devout persons, even in times of the greatest religious declension? How did the Holy Ghost reveal things to men?

What kind of men did God generally choose when he revealed his will and purposes?

Christ was prepared before the face of all people:
How many inhabitants are there on the earth?
How many of these are called Christians?

Do the Jews exist as a separate people?
Have they any government or country?

How many Jews are there supposed to be on the earth now?

In what countries do they live?
Do they believe in Christ?

How then is he the glory of Israel?

How has Christ occasioned the fall of many in Israel? How long have the Jews rejected him?

Will they ever be brought to receive him as the true Messiah?

Will there not then be a rising again of many to the favour and love of God?

Simeon was ready to depart in peace: What must be our character, if we would die in peace?

Whose death is declared to be precious in the sight of the Lord? Psalm cxvi. 15.

Anna served God: How should we serve him? 1 Chron. xxviii. 9. Rom. xii. 1.

Who serve him day and night in heaven? Rev. vii. 13-15.

When ought sinners to begin to serve him?


Commit to memory Matt. Chap. ii. verses 1-23. Wise men seek Jesus-he is carried into Egypt-and Herod murders the children of Bethlehem.

About the young Redeemer's head,
What wonders and what glories meet!
An unknown star arose and led,

The eastern sages to his feet.


1. Where was Jesus born?

In the days of what king was he born?

Who came from the east to Jerusalem?
In what part of Judea is Bethlehem?

What is here meant by wise men?

2. What did these wise men say?

Whom did they mean by the king of the Jews? 3. What is said in this verse?

Why was Herod troubled?

Why were all Jerusalem troubled with him? 4. Whom did Herod gather together?. What did he demand of them?

Who were the chief priests?

Who were the scribes?

Why did he call them together?

Did the Jews look for Christ at this time?

Why did Herod wish to know where Christ should

be born?

5, 6. What did they say to him?

Was Bethlehem a small city?

Who was that governor that should rule God's people Israel?

7. What did Herod do?

What is the meaning of privily?
Why did he call them privately?

Why did he wish to know what time the star appeared?

8. To what place did he send the wise men? What did he tell them to do?

Why did he wish them to search diligently?
Did he mean to worship and acknowledge Jesus?
Why did he wish to know where he was?

Who saw and heard these plans of Herod? Frov. xv.3. 9. When they had heard the king, what did the wise men do?

What went before them?

Who directed this star?

Who will direct all those who are seeking the Saviour?


How does he direct such?

Shall they walk in darkness who follow his word? Ought not you to follow it? John xii. 35, 36. 10. How were the wise men affected when they saw the star?

What was the cause of this great joy?

Ough not you to rejoice in the clearer light which you have? Heb. ii. 3.

11. When they had come into the house whom did they see?

What did they do?

When they had opened their treasures what gifts did they present to him?

Were the things they presented valuable?
What are frankincense and myrrh?

Was it the custom among the eastern nations to carry valuable presents, when they wished to honour any great persen.

Is it right to worship any being but God?

Was it right then to worship Christ? Rom. ix. 5, 12. What became of the wise men ? Why were they not to return to Herod?

13. What took place when they were departed?

Is it hard for the Lord to overturn the plans of men? Job v. 12, 13, 15.

Why should the children of God never fear?

In what direction is Egypt from Bethlehem? 14. What did Joseph do?

Where is Egypt?

15. How long were they in Egypt? What prophecy was fulfilled?

Where is that to be found? Hosea xi. 1.

16. How did Herod feel, when he fours

the wise men did not return?

What did he do?

Why did he kill the children of that age?

What command did he break by doing this? Ex. xx. 13. 17. What was then fulfilled?

What name stands for Jeremy, in the Old Testament? 18. What was his prophecy?

Where was this written? Jeremiah xxxi. 15.
19. What became of Herod?
What happened to Joseph then?

20. What did the angel say to him?
Had the Lord promised to bring Joseph word?
21. What did Joseph do?

Where was the land of Israel?

What were the principal divisions of the land, when Christ was on earth? (See map.)

22. Who did he hear was reigning in Judea?

Who was Archelaus?

What effect had this on him?

What did he do?

In what part of the land of Israel is Galilee? 23. Where did he dwell?

Why did he dwell there?

Who was to be called a Nazarene?

What opinion had the Jews of Nazareth? John i. 46.

Was Nazarene a term of reproach?

Should Christ's people fear reproach?

How should God's true people act, when warned and directed by him?

What support have they in all their troubles?

Did Herod, with all his care, bring his designs to pass?


Verses 1- -23.

How long is it since Christ came into the world? What prophecies speak about his being King of the Jews? Jeremiah xxiii. 5-8. Zechariah ix. 9.

Has he yet acted as King of the Jews?

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