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Why did she lay him in a manger?

Who was this child?

Had it been foretold that he ihould be born at Bethlehem? Micah v. 2.

Did Cesar Augustus intend, by taxing the people of Israel, to fulfil this prophecy?

Do not wicked people often, when they are pleasing themselves, bring about the will of God?

For what did Christ come into the world? 1 Tim. i. 15.

8. Who were in the same country? What are shepherds?

9. Who came upon them? What shone around them? How did they feel?

10. What did the angel say to them? Why should the good tidings of the angel produce great joy?

11. What is said in this verse?

What is a Saviour?

What is the meaning of the name Christ?

Why was the Lord Jesus so called?

12. By what sign were the shepherds to know him?

13, 14. Who appeared suddenly with the angel?

What did they say?

What were the heavenly host?

What is the employinent of angels in heaven?
What shall be the employment of saints there?
Why did they sing Glory to God in the highest?
What is Josus called in Isa. ix. last part of verse 6.
How did God show his good will toward men? John
iii. 16.

How can we have peace with God? Romans v. 1. 15. Where did the angels go?

What did the shepherds say to one another?

Were the shepherds commanded to go to Bethlehem? When you hear of Jesus, do you desire immediately to find him?

16. How did the shepherds come? Whom did they find?

17. When they had seen it, what did they do? What saying did they make known?

Ought you, like them, to tell

ple around you, what you have heard about the Saviour?

18. How did they feel, who heard it?

Why do not people now wonder, while reading the same things?

19. What did Mary do?

What is meant by her pondering them in her heart? 20. What did the shepherds do?

For what did they praise and glorify God? Ought you not to praise and glorify him, for what he has made known unto you?

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What is probably meant by all the world?
What is meant by every one going to his own city?
Where had it been foretold that Christ should be
born of a virgin? Isaiah vii. 14.

How long was this before he was born?

How many years have passed since Christ was born? What should his being born in so low a state, teach us? The angel appeared to shepherds: Who was the first shepherd mentioned in the Bible?

Can you give an account of the pastoral life?

Who is mentioned, in Genesis iv. 20. as the father of shepherds?

What other distinguished men were shepherds? Who is the great Shepherd of the church and of his people?

Was it an honourable employment, in ancient days) Why did shepherds watch their flocks by night?

Are there many shepherds in eastern countries at the present day?

When the multitude of angels appeared to the shepherds, what was their song?

With whom was the world at war?

How did Christ make peace between man and his God? Ephes 'ans ii. 13.

To whom ought sim: eis to be reconciled? 2 Cor. v. 20. Since God has showed peace and good will to men, whose fault will it be, if you finally perish?

The shepherds returned to their locks, glorifying and praising God: How should we glorify hin? 1 Corinthians vi. 20.

You have now received the news of a Saviour, ought you not to seek him, and make him known to others, as the shepherds did?


Luke, Chapter ii. 21-38.

Dedication of the child Jesus at the temple, and the blessing of Simeon and Anna.

Jesus, the vision of thy face

Hath overpowering charms:

Scarce shall I feel death's cold embrace

If Christ be in my arms.


21. How many days were accomplished before the circumcision of the child?

By what name was he called?

By whom was he so named?

22. Where did they bring the child?

For what purpose?

23. Did Joseph and Mary do this in obedience to the requirements in the law of the Lord?

Why was this offering of the first-born required?

Exodus xiii. 15.

24. What was Mary to offer?

What was this sacrifice?

Was this the sacrifice that all parents brought on such occasions? Leviticus xii. 6.

Why did not Mary bring a lamb? Leviticus xii. 8.

25. What man is spoken of in this verse? What was his character?

For what was he waiting?

What was upon him?

What is it to be just and devout?

What is meant by the consolation of Israel?

How was Simeon waiting for it?

What reason had he to expect his coming then?

26. What was revealed to him by the Holy Ghost?

What is meant by revealed?

In what manner did God, in old times, reveal himself to his people?

Have we any right to expect such things in these days? How does God now make known his will to us?

27. What brought him into the temple? 28. What did Simeon do then?

What happened then?

29. What did he say ?

What did he mean by departing?

What is meant by the expression according to thy


What is it to depart in peace?

Who are they that have a peaceful end? Ps. xxxvii. 37. Do the wicked depart in peace?

30. What had his

eyes seen?

Whom did he mean by thy salvation? ver. 11.
Why is Jesus called so?

31. Before whom was this salvation pre


Then by whom is salvation?

Who are invited to be saved? Isa. xlv. 22. 32. Whom was Christ to lighten ? Of what people was he the glory?

Who are the Gentiles?

How was Christ to lighten them?

In what manner has this light been spread?
Have all the Gentiles yet seen it?

By what means is that light now spreading?
33. Who marvelled?

Whose mother?

Of whom were those things spoken?

34. What did Simeon do to them? What did he say to Mary?

Mention some passages of our Lord's life, where he was made a sign to be spoken against. Matt. xi. 19.-xxvi. 65-67, and xxvii. 40-45.

Why did the people of the world speak against Christ and persecute him?

Why do not sinners love him?

35. What did Simeon say to Mary about her own soul.?

What were to be revealed?

Does the conduct of men towards Christ reveal the true state of their hearts?

36. Who is mentioned in this verse?

What is said about Anna's age?

What is a prophetess?

What is meant by the tribe of Aser?

37. How old was she?

In what place did she stay continually?

How did she employ herself?

How many are fourscore and four?

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