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What should you learn from all things being possible with God?

What effect should his promises have upon his people?


Luke, Chapter i. verses 57-80.

Birth of John the Baptist.

John was the prophet of the Lord,
To go before his face;

The herald which our Saviour God
Sent to prepare his ways.


57. What is said of Elisabeth in this verse?

What Elisabeth was this?

Had the birth of her son been foretold?

To whom was it foretold?

Can you tell the particulars of the angel's visit to Zacharias?

58. What had Elisabeth's cousins and neighbours heard?

What did they then do?

When we hear that the Lord has blessed our friends, how should we feel? Romans xii. 15.

59. What was done on the eighth day? What did they call the child?

Who instituted the rite of circumcision? Gen. xvii. 9, 10.

Why did they come on the eighth day? Gen. xvii. 12. 60. What did his mother say he should be called?

Why did she say he should be called by that name? 61. What did they then say to her?

What is the meaning of kindred?

62. To whom did they make signs? For what purpose did they do this?

63. How did Zacharias make known his

wishes ?

How were they all affected?

64. What happened to Zacharias immediately?

Had the angel foretold when he should be restored to his speech? Luke i. 20.

Is not the Lord always true in fulfilling his word? How did Zacharias use his tongue?

How should you employ your tongue?

65. What came on all those that dwelt round about them?

What was done?

What things were noised abroad?

Is it not right to tell the wonderful works of God? When men hear of God's dealings, do they always believe and obey him?

66. What did all those do, that heard them? What did the people say?

With whom was the hand of the Lord? What is meant by their laying them up in their hearts? What is meant by the hand of the Lord being with him?

67. With what was his father filled?

What did he do?

What is it to prophesy?

68. How did Zacharias begin his prophecy? How has God visited his people? John iii. 16.

With what has he redeemed them? 1 Peter i. 19.

Who were God's peculiar people?

69. What had God raised up?

Who is meant by that?

In what house or family?

What is meant by a horn of salvation?
Is he a Saviour to any but the Jews?

Have you accepted his great salvation?
What is said in Hebrews ii. 3?

70. By whose mouth had he promised this salvation?

Can you tell the names of any of the prophets?
How did God speak by them?

71. What did God here promise to his people? Who is the greatest enemy of God's people? 1Pet.v.8. 72. To whom had this mercy been promised?

Who were the fathers of the Jews?

What is a covenant?

What covenant did God make with his people? Gen. xvii. 4-9.

73, 74, 75. What is said in these verses? Who was Abraham?

What oath had he sworn to him? Gen. xxii»16—18. To whom will the promises apply?

Can any one claim them, who does not serve the Lord in holiness and righteousness?

What is holiness?

What is said of holiness in Hebrews xii. 14.

76. What did Zacharias say to his child?. Why should he be so called?

Who was the Lord, whose ways he was to prepare? How was he to prepare the way of the Lord? Matt. 111. 1, 2.

77. What was he to give?

By what?

What is meant by the remission of sins?
How are sins romitted? Hebrews ix. 22.

78. Through what are sins forgiven?

What had visited us?

Who was meant by the day-spring? Rev. xxii. 16. 79. What was he to do?

Who are sitting in darkness, and the shadow of death? What is the only way of peace?

Ought not you to be walking in the paths of peace? 80. What is said of John?

What is the meaning of waxed strong in spirit?
Where did he stay?

How long?

What is meant by the day of his showing unto Israel? Luke iii. 1-3,


Verses 5766.

God showed great mercy to Elisabeth: How has he showed mercy to sinners? Rom. v. 8.

Пlow has he showed it to believers? Titus iii. 5.
What is meant by the hill country of Judea?
What tribes of Israel formerly occupied the territory
of Judea?

In whose possession is that country now?

Can you mention some of its principal cities at the time of our Saviour?


How long before this, had God spoken by his holy prophets concerning Christ?

Can you mention any early prophecy?

Can you give any account of Abraham?

Are any but Jews called the children of Abraham? Can you mention any circumstances concerning the covenant given to him?

What does God say of Abraham's teaching his children in Genesis xviii. 19?

How must men serve God to be without fear? v. 75. Our Lord is called the Day-spring: By whom is he called the Sun of Righteousness? Malachi iv. 2. Is he ever called a Star? Num. xxiv. 17. Rev. xxii. 16 What is meant by the deserts in which John was? Matthew iii. 1.

He came to guide our feet into the way of peaceof what is he called the prince? Isaiah 1x. 6. To whom is there no peace? Isaiah xlviii. 22.


Luke, Chapter ii. Verses 1-20.

Jesus Christ is born, and holy angels appear to the


While shepherds watched their flocks by night,
All seated on the ground;

The angel of the Lord came down,
And glory shone around!


1. What came to pass in those days?

What days?

What is meant by a decree?

Who was Cesar Augustus?

How did it happen that a Roman emperor should tax the people of Israel?

Why did the Lord suffer the Romans to rule over his people? Deuteronomy xxviii. 15, 48, 49. Read the 28th chapter of Deuteronomy.

What is it to be taxed?

2. When was this taxing first made?
What is a governor ?

In what part of the world is Syria?
3. Where did all go to be taxed?
4. Who went up from Galilee?
Where did he go?

Why did he



In what part of Palestine is Galilee?

In what part is Judea?

How far was Nazareth from Bethlehem?

Why was Bethlehem called the city of David? 1 Samuel xvii. 12.

What is meant by Joseph being of the lineage of David? 5. For what did Joseph go?

Who was with him?

What Mary was this?

Why was she called his espoused wife?

6, 7. What took place while they were there?

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