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What is meant by the day of preparation? Mark xv. 42.

Was it then on the Sabbath that they came to Pilate on this business?

63. What did they say?

Whom did they mean by that deceiver ?
Why did they call him a deceiver ?

Had he ever any deceit? 1 Pet. ii. 22.

What are the followers of Jesus often called? 2 Cor. vi. 8.

What should comfort them under this? John xv. 18, 20.

64. What did they tell him to command? Why did they wish to have it made sure? Had they any reason to suppose that the disciples would steal away the body?

65. What did Pilate say to them?.

What did Pilate mean by a watch?

66. What did they do to the sepulchre?

What is meant by sealing the stone?

How did they set a watch?

Was not this making the sepulchre very secure?


Verses 54-66.

We learn in this lesson that certain women abode by the cross, even through the terrors of the darkness and the earthquake: Did any other of Christ's disciples remain all this time?

How did the chief priests and Pharisees aid the cause of Christ, in their conduct after his crucifixion ? Did they take every necessary precaution to prevent deception respecting his resurrection?

Do not wicked inen often aid the cause of Christianity when they think they are opposing it? Who causes their wicked plans to be thus turned against them?

What have such men reason to fear?

Does God notice the wicked plans for accomplishing small things as well as great?

How ought we to feel then in our daily intercourse with mankind?


Commit to memory, John, chapter xx. verses 1--18. (Read also Matt, xxviii. 1-10. Mark xvi. 1–11. Luke xxiv. 1–12.) Mary and the disciples go to the sepulchre, and find that Christ is risen.

In vain the watch, the stone, the seal,
Forbid the Lord to rise;

He breaks the gates of death and hell,
And opens Paradise.


1. Who came early on the first day of the week to the sepulchre ?

What is the first day?

Why did Mary come to the sepulchre? Mark xvi. 1. Why did not she and the other women anoint the body of Jesus before? Luke xxiii. 56.

What did she see when she came to the sepulchre?

Who had broken the seal and rolled away the stone? What had become of the watch? Matt. xxviii. 2--4 11-15.

2. To whom did Mary come?

What did she say to them?

Who was this other disciple?

What did the women see at the sepulchre? Mark xvi. 5, 6.

3. Who went to the sepulchre ?

4. How did they go?

Which came first to the sepulchre?

5. What did he do when he got there? What men clothes?

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6. What did Simon Peter then do?

7. What is said of the napkin that was about his head?

What was the napkin?

Is it likely that it would have been laid in such order if the body had been stolen ?

8. What did the other disciple do then? What did he see?

What did he believe?

Have you seen any of the works of the Lord Jesus? Should you not be led by them to believe?

What words of the Lord do you read in the 29th verse of this chapter?

9. What did these disciplcs not yet know? Did they understand it when Christ himself foretold them of it? Mark ix. 9, 10.

What part of he scriptures foretel the resurrection of Christ? Acts ii. 25-27. 31. Ps. xvi. 9, 10. Why did not the disciples know or understand these scriptures? Luke xxiv. 25.

How can we get a right understanding of them? Have we any excuse, if we are ignorant of the scriptures ?

10. Where did the disciples then go? 11. Where did Mary stand weeping? As she wept what did she do?

12. Whom did she see?

How were they sitting?

Are angels and the spirits of the redeemed elsewhere represented as being dressed in white? Rev. iii. 4, and vii. 13, 14.

13. What did the angels say to Mary?

What did she say to them?

What feelings did Mary show towards her Lord

14. When she had answered the angels

what did she do?

Whom did she see?

Did she know him?

How could this have been?

15. What did Jesus say to her?
Whom did Mary suppose him to be?
Was there a garden there? John xix. 41.
What did she say to him?

16. What did Jesus say to her?

What did she then do and say!

Why do you suppose Mary kaew him, when he

called her by name?

17. What did Jesus say to Mary?

What did he mean by ascending?

Why was he to ascend? John xvi. ".

Whom did he mean by his and their Father?

How can sinners become the children of God? John

i. 12.

18. What did Mary Magdalene do?

Where is this meeting of Mary with Jesus again recorded? Mark xvi. 9-11.


Verses 1-18.

How long had our Lord been dead before he arose?
What had Jesus foretold in Mark viii. 31 ?
How do you explain the expression after three days?
How did the chief priests and elders conceal the truth
of Christ's resurrection? Matt. xxviii. 11-15.
Can you tell why this report of theirs is absurd?
Will you mention the reasons why the resurrection
of Christ was of great importance to his church?
Can we derive any consolation from it?

Is his resurrection a proof that mankind will be raised?
Will the wicked as well as the righteous rise again?


Can all take comfort in the belief of a resurrection? Dan. xii. 2.

You read of angels and others of the heavenly inhabitants being clothed in white: What may this be supposed to represent?


Commit to memory, Luke, chap. xxiv. verses 13—–35. (Read also Mark xvi. 12-13.)

The conversation of Jesus with two disciples going to Emmaus.

Blind unbelief is sure to err,

And scan his works in vain;
God is his own interpreter,
And he will make it plain.


13. What happened on the same day that Jesus rose from the dead?

Two of whom?

How far was Emmaus from Jerusalem?

How many are threescore?

How many miles are threescore furlongs?

14. Of what did they talk together?

What were these things?

Of what should christians talk, when they meet to gether and when they walk by the way?

What promise is made to such, in Mal. iii. 16, 17? What effect has such conversation on their minds ? 15. What is said in this verse?

What is the meaning of communed together?

What is the meaning of reasoned?

How did Jesus appear to them? Mark xvi. 12-16 16. What is said about their eyes?

What does that mean?

17. What did Jesus ask them?

What is the meaning of communications?
Why were these disciples sad?

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