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33. To what place did they come?
Why was it called the place of a skuil?
What is it called in Luke xxiii. 33?
Why is it called by different names?

34. What did they give him to drink?
Why did they give him any thing? John xix. 28.
What is gall?

What prophecy was fulfilled by this? Ps. lxix. 21
35. What did they then do to him?
How was crucifixion performed?

What is the prophecy concerning this in Ps. xxii. 16?
What was done with his garments?
Why was this done?

How did they part his garments?
How is it told in John xix. 23, 24?

What is meant by casting lots?

Where is this prophecy written? Ps. xxii. 18.

On what day of the week was Jesus crucified? Mark

XV. 42.

At what hour of the day? Mark xv. 25.

What o'clock was the third hour of the Jews?

36. What did the soldiers do?

Why did they watch im?

37. What did they set over his head ?

What is an accusation? ·

What is said of this in John xix. 19-22?

Why was this written in three different languages? By whom was the Hebrew language spoken? What nation spoke the Latin?

What people spoke Greek?


Verses 27-37.

Jesus was once crówned with thorns: With what is he now crowned? Heb. ii. 9.

What is the name of the hill where he was crucified? Luke xxiii. 33.

What did he say to the women who followed him to that place? Luke xxiii. 28.

Why was our Lord wounded and bruised? Isa. liii. 5. Could no sacrifice but his take away sin? Heb. x. 4. How many blows were allowed in the Jewish law, to be given in scourging? Deut. xxv. 3.

How many times was Paul scourged? 2 Cor. xi. 24. Did Paul manifest the spirit of his Master, when persecuted?

Ought not all to do the same?

Should we neglect any duty whatever, for fear of persecution?


Commit to memory, Matt. chap. xxvii. verses 38—53. (Read also Mark xv. 27-38. Luke xxiii. 39-46. John xix. 20—37.) Account of the crucifixion, continued.

He dies! the friend of sinners dies!
Lo! Salem's daughters weep around!

A solemn darkness veils the skies!

A sudden trembling shakes the ground!

38. Who were crucified with Jesus ?

How were they placed?

What was their intention in crucifying him between the thieves?

What prophecy was fulfilled by it? Isa. liii. 12.
Which part of the verse is meant.

39. What did those do who passed by ?
What is the meaning of reviled?

What is written concerning Christ, in 1 Peter ii. 23-24 ?

How ought you to behave when you are reviled ? 40. What did they say?

Why did they say it?

Could he not have come down?

Why did he not?

41. Who mocked him besides the people?

42. What did they say ?

How had he saved others?

Why did they not believe on Jesus? Acts xxviii. 27. 43. What did they further say?

Where was this conduct foretold? Ps. xxii. 7, 8. 44. What did the thieves do?

What is said of this in Luke xxiii. 39-43?

45. How long was the darkness over all

the land?

Over what land was it?

Why was this darkness sent?

What time of the day was this?

46. At the ninth hour what did Jesus do? What is the meaning of these words?

Where else are these words found? Ps. xxii. 1. What other expressions in the same chapter refer to our Saviour's crucifixion?

Why had God forsaken him?

Had he deserved to be forsaken by God? 1 Pet. ii. 22. Did the Lord Jesus cry out under his other sufferings? For whom did he submit to be forsaken by God? 47. When some that stood there heard that, what did they say?

48. What did one of them do?

Why did they give him drink in this way?

49. What did the rest say?

50. What did Jesus do again?

What words did he use as you read in Luke xxiii. 46?
What in John xix. 30?

What did he mean by saying it is finished?
What is meant by his yielding up the ghost?
Ought not we to be ready to give up our spirits into
the hands of God, as the Lord Jesus did?

What do we read of Stephen in Acts vii. 59?
51. What was done to the vail of the temple?
What was the vail of the temple? Exod. xxvi. 31-33.

What is the meaning of rent in twain?
What is said of the earth and rocks?
What is the meaning of quake?

52. What is mentioned in this verse?
Who are meant by saints?

53. When did their bodies come out of their graves?

Where did they go


What city was called the holy city?

Why was it called so? Ps. cxxii. 2-5.


Verses 38-53.

There was darkness over all the land for three hours: How can you prove that it was not occasioned by an eclipse of the sun?

How many hours did Jesus hang on the cross? What was the part of the temple called which was behind the vail? Heb. ix. 3.

Of what was this a type or sign?

What you read concerning this in Heb. ix. 7—12. What did one of the soldiers do to Jesus?

xix. 34.


The punishment of crucifixion was most disgraceful: Why then did Paul say, in Galatians vi. 14, that he would glory only in it?

How do the sufferings of Christ prove the odiousness of sin in the sight of God?


Commit to memory, Matt. chap. xxvii. verses 54–66. (Read also Mark xv. 39-47. Luke xxiii. 47-56. John xix. 38-42.) The burial of the Lord Jesus.

Can I survey this scene of woe,
Where mingling grief and wonder flow,
And yet my heart unmoved remain,
Insensible to love or pain?


54. What is said in this verse?

Who were those who watched him?

Why did they watch Jesus?

To what nation did these persons belong?

55. Who were there beholding afar off? From whence did these women follow Jesus?

What is meant by ministering?

What women are mentioned in Luke viii. 2, 3, as having ministered unto him?

56. Who were among them?

What is said of Mary Magdalene in Luke viii. 2 ? How did she afterwards show her thankfulness to Jesus for casting out the evil spirits from her? Mark xvi. 1. John xx. 1--18.

Who were Zebedee's children?

57. What happened at evening?

What was the character of Joseph ? Mark xv. 43. 58. What did he do?

What did Pilate do?

What is said of this in Mark xv. 44, 45?

Who came with Joseph? John xix. 39.

What was before this done to the body of Jesus, as we read in John xix. 31-37?

59. When Joseph had taken the body, what Idid he do with it?

How did the Jews usually bury their dead?

60. Where did he lay it?

Where was this new tomb? John xix. 41.

What was prophesied of Jesus, in Isaiah liii. 9?

What is a sepulchre?

Did Joseph stay by the sepulchre ?

61. What is said in this verse ?

What is meant by over against?

62. Who came together to Pilate? Ou what day?

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