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Commit to memory, John, chapter xi. verses 1—27 Lazarus dies. Jesus goes to Bethany to raise him.


1. Who was sick?

What town did he live in?

Who belonged to the same place?

Why was Bethany called the town of Mary and Martha ?

Had Jesus been often there? Matt. xxi. 17. Luke x. 38.

2. What Mary was this?

What was the character of Mary? Luke x. 42.
What relation was Lazarus to her?

3. Who sent to Jesus?

Whose sisters?

What message did they send?

Why did they send this message?

Who is our Help in times of sickness and death? If you were sick, would you not wish to have friends that could pray for you?

4. When Jesus heard it what did he say? What is meant by "this sickness is not unto death?” How was the Son of God glorified by it?

Why does God send sickness upon his people? Heb. xii. 6, 7.

What promise is there for those whom God loves, in Rom. viii. 28 ?

Have the impenitent any right to that promise? 5. Whom did Jesus love?

What then must have been their character?

6. What did Jesus do when he heard Lazarus was sick?

As he loved the family would he have tarried except for some important reason?

Why do you suppose he waited so long? 7. What did he afterwards say?

Where was Jesus at this time? John x. 39, 40.

8. What did his disciples say to him? Why had the Jews sought to stone him? 9, 10. What answer did Jesus give? What did our Saviour probably mean by this? What light have we to guide our feet in ways of righteousness?

11. After that, what did Jesus say to them? What did he mean by Lazarus's sleeping?

How did he know Lazarus was dead?

What passages of scripture represent death as sleep? Job vii. 21. Matt. ix. 24. Acts vii. 60. 1 Thess. iv. 13, 14.

Why is the death of good people like falling asleep? I you should die to night, have you any hope of falling asleep in Jesus?

12. What did his disciples say?

Why did they wish to keep Jesus from going? 13. Of what did Jesus speak?

Of what did they think he spoke ?

Wat is death?

14. What did Jesus tell them plainly?

15. What also did he say?

Why was he glad that he was not there?,

What does he mean by to the intent ?

16. What did Thomas say?

To whom did he speak?

Why did he think Jesus was going to die?

Verses 17- -27.

17. When Jesus came what did he find?

When he came where?

Who hau lain so long in the grave?

18. How near was Bethany to Jerusalem? How many miles were fifteen furlongs?

Who came to Martha and Mary?

Why did they come?

What does St. Paul say, in Romans xii. 15?

What should you do for those who are in trouble? 20. Repeat this verse?

21. What did Martha say to Jesus?

Why did she think so?

22. What did she say that she knew? Could Jesus have healed Lazarus as well, remaining at a distance from him?

Can you mention any instance of this kind?

Had Christ life-giving power of himself? John i. 3, 4. 23. What did Jesus say to Martha ? From what was he to rise?

24. What reply did Martha make? What did she mean by the resurrection? 28, 29.

What did she mean by the last day?

What is said in Acts xxiv. 15:

25. What did Jesus say to Martha ?

John v.

How was Christ the resurrection and the life? John v. 21. 1 Cor. xv. 22.

What did Jesus say of the one that believes in him?

How can this be?

26. What else did he say?

What question did he ask Martha?

What did he mean by saying the believer should never die?

What is the difference between natural death and eternal death?

From what kind of death will the Lord Jesus keep his people?

Repeat Daniel xii. 2.

27. What did Martha answer?

What comfort have they who believe as Martha did, when their believing friends die? 1 Thess. iv. 14.


Verses 1-27.

Mention the proofs in this lesson that Christ is divine? Jesus had such powerful enemies among the Jews, that his disciples were afraid that he and his cause would be destroyed: When we see great opposition to religion, what should encourage us? Several Jews came to mourn with Martha and Mary : What is said in Eccl. vii. 2?

Does Christ love his people after death? Psalm cxvi. 15. Rev. xiv. 15.

Martha spoke of the resurrection: Did the Jews believe in a resurrection?

Can you mention any passages in the Old and New Testaments, which prove the doctrine?

Did any sect of the Jews disbelieve in a resurrection? Is it a doctrine of much importance to the christian? What power can raise up a new body from one that has mouldered in the earth many years?

Do we constantly see God's power exercised in raising new bodies from decayed ones? John xii. 24. 1 Cor. xv. 36.

Then is it unreasonable to believe that he can raise
up new bodies for men from their old ones?
As we expect these things, what should we do?
Read the 15th chapter of 1 Corinthians.

Can the Church ever be destroyed?

What will God do to those who sleep in Jesus? 1 Thess. iv. 14.

What signal will call them forth? 1 Thess. iv. 16.

Note. The history of Christ, and especially that part em braced in the succeeding lessons, opens a wide field for research, and affords subjects for precious meditation to every child of God. Teachers should by no means be satisfied, when they can barely answer all the questions in the book, but should examine and compare until they understand the whole history perfectly.


Commit to memory, John, chapter xi. verses 28-46.
Christ raises Lazarus from the dead.

He snatches from hell and the grave-
He ransoms from death and despair:
All glorious and mighty to save,
His people his glory shall share.


28. What did Martha do?

What had she said?

What did she say to Mary?

Why did she do it secretly?
Whom did she mean by the master?

29. When Mary heard it what did she do?

What did that show?

30. Had Jesus entered the town?

Where was he?

31. Who followed Mary when she went out? Why had they been with her?

What did they say?

32. What did Mary do?

What did that show?

What did she say?

33. When Jesus saw her and the Jews

weep, how was he affected?

34. What did he say?

How did they answer him? 35. What did Jesus do ?

What does the weeping of Jesus teach?

On what other occasion did Jesus weep? Luke xix. 41.

36. What did the Jews say when they saw Jesus weeping?

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