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their particular Vocations, or any neceffary Occąsións, as they would have the Lord their God with them whithersoever they go, they ought to walk with God, and not neglect the Duties of Prayer and Thanksgiving, but take Care that the same be performed by such as the Company shall judge fittest; and that they likewise take heed that no corrupt Communication proceed out of their Mouth, but that which is good, to the Use of Edifying, that it may minister Grace to the Hearers.

The Drift and Scope of all these Directions is no other, but that upon the one Part, the Power and Practice of Godliness among all the Ministers and Members of this Kirk, according to their several Places and Vocations, may be cherished and advanced, and all Impiety and mocking of Religious Exercises suppressed: And upon the other Part, that under the Name and Pretext of Religious Exercises,' no such Meeting or Pra&ices be allowed, as are apt to breed Error, Scandal, Schism, Contempt, or Misregard of the publick Ordinances and Ministers, or Neglect of the Duties of particular Callings, or such other Evils as are the Works not of the Spirit, but of the Flesh, and are contrary to, Truth and Peace.



relating to Family-Worship.

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HE GENERAL ASSEMBLY appoints, That the TMI

Ministers and Elders in each Congregation take Care

that the Worship of God be performed in the several Families thereof : And if any Family be found which zzgleteth this necessary Duty, the Head of that Family is to be gravely, seriously and earnestly, admonished, until he amends his Fault. And recommends to Ministers and Kirk-Sessions, that gone be ruling Elders ruho make na Conscience of this necessary and unquestionable Duty.

ACT 7. ASSEMBLY 1697, HE GENERAL ASSEMBLY considering howner cessary a Duty it is, that the Worship of God made calling upon his Name, be daily performed

in all fium milies, do recommend it to Ministers and Elders in each Congregation to take Care thereof. And it being the Duty of all ruling Elders and Deacons to be exemplary herein

, the Assembly renews and confirms the 13th Ast of Jembly 1694, Recommending that none be ruling Elders who make not Conscience of this unquestionable Duty: do likewise appoint, that in case any Élders or Deacanus Jaall neglect to worship God in their Families by themselves, er others appointed for that Effect, that they be seriously admo nijbed to amend, and if need be rebuked for the same

; and if notwithstanding of Admonitions and Rebukes of the Mimister and other Elders, any Elder or Deacon continue to stinate in their Neglect, that such Elder or Deacon be removed from his Office by the Presbytery. And appoints this Act to be read in all the Churches yearly, as also the Said 13th Aft of the Assembly 1694, and that upon the first Sabbath of May.

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Con. fignifies the Confeffion of Faith. The First

Figure denotes the Chapter. The following Figures

denote the Paragraphs. Cat. fignifies the Larger Catechism, and the Figures

denote the Numbers of the Questions,


good Works are accepted in CCEPTANCE, The Per. Christ, Gon. 16:6. Acceptance in

sons of Believers are Prayer, through Christ and his
accepted as righte- Mediation, Cat. 180.
ous in the sight of ACCESS. No Access into the Pre-

God, only for the sence of God, without the MeObedience and Satisfaction of diator Jesus Christ, Con. i 12. Chrift, Con, 11:1. Cat.70. Which Cat. 3.9, S5,181. Who hath puris simputed to them by God, chased for Believers under the and received by Faith, Con. II: Gospel, a greater Boldness of I. Cat. 70, 71, 72. How their Access to the Throne of Grace,


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than Believers under the Law did 18:1, 2. Cat. 84. Without extra

ordinarily partake of, Con. 20:1. ordinary Revelation, Con. 18:3. ACTIONS, God orders and governs Cat. 8o. Upon what it is founded all the Adions of his Creatures,

Con. 3: 8. 18: 2. Cat. 80. It is by his most wise and holy Pro- strengthned by good Works. Cos, vidence, according to his infal- 16:2. Believers may want it. Car, lible Foreknowledge, and im- 18. 3. Cat. 80, 172. They may mutable Decree, Con. s: 1. Cat.

have it diminished and intermit18, Sec Providence.

ted; and be deprived of Comfort ACTUAL SINS proceed from the and the Light of God's Counte

original Corruption of Nature, nance. Con, 11: s. 1793. 18:4.

Con, 6:4. Cat, 25. See Sin. Cat. 81. But they are never utADMonition of the Church, terly deftitute of that seed of con. 30: 4

God, and Life of Faith and Love, ADOPTION, The Nature and Pri-. &c, out of which, Assurance may,

vileges of it, Con. 12. Cat. 74. by the Spirit, bein due Time reADULTER Y, a juft ground of Di- vived; Con, 18:4. Cat. 81. And vorce, Con, 24: S, 6.

by which in the mean Timethe AGGRAVATIONS of Sin. Cat.15 1. are supported from utter despair, A MEN, the Meaning of it. Cat.196. Ibid. It is the Duty of all to enANGELS, God's Decree concern- deavour after Assurance. Con, 18;

ing them. Còn, 3: 3, 4. Cat. 13. od to pray for it. Cat. 194 How created, Cat, 16. Gods Pro- The Fruits of it, 'it inclines not vidence towards them, Cat, 19. to Loosness, Con. 18: 3. They are all imployed at his ATHEISM, the deaying or not Pleasure in the Administrations having a God, Cat, 1os. of his Power, Mercy, and Ju- ATTRIBUTES of God, Como :: ftice. ibid. Not to be worshiped. 1, 2. Cat. 7, 8, IOI.

Con. 21: 2. Cet. IOS. ANTICHRIST, What. Con. 25: 6.

B. The Pope is Antichrist. Ibid. ANTIQUITY, no Pretence for APTISM, What, Con, 28:1,:

using the Devices of Men in the Cat. 165. To continue to the

worship of God, Cat. 109. end of the World, Con. 28: 1. ANXIETY about thethings of this Cat. 176. But once to be admi

Life, sinful, Cat. 105, 136, 142. niftred to any Person, Co. 28:1. The A POCRYP AA not being of Cat, 177, By whom. Con, 27: 4

divine Inspiraticn is of no Au- 28: 2. Cat. 176. To whom, Car.

thority in the Chu 'ch, Con.'1:3. 28:4. Cat. 166. Dipping not ne Immodeft APP AR EL, forbidden, ceffary in Baptism, but it may be Cat, 139.

rightly administred by sprinkASCENSION of Chrift, Con. 8:4. ling, Con. 28: 3. Baptism not ne

cessary to Salvation, yet it is abo ASSEMBLY, Séc Councils.

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to negle& it, Con. 28:s. The efPublick ASSEMBLIES for the ficacy of it. Con. 28: 6. How to

worship of God not to be carelefly be improved, Cat. 167. Wherein

or wilfully neglected. Con. 21: 6. it agrees with the Lords Supper, ASSURANCE of Grace and Salva- : Cat. 176. And whicrein chef diftion,attainable in this Life, Con.

fer, Cat. 177.

Cát. 3.


BELIEV ER S, See Faith, Juftifica- CHARITY towards our Neigh

rión, Acceptance, Adoption, San- bour, wherein it confifts; Cat. &tification, Vnion, Communion, Li- 135, 141, 144, 147. What conberty, Worksy Perseverance, Aff trary to it, Cat. 136, 142, 145,

148. Giving and lending freeBENEFITS which the Members of ly according to our ability and

the invisible Church enjoy by. the Neceflities of others, is a DuChrift. Cat. 65. The Benefits of ty, Con. 26: 2. Cat. I4I.

Chrift's Mediation. Cat. 57, 58. CHARMS, unlawful, Cat. 113. The Body of Chrift, how present CHASTITY, Cat. 138.

in the Sacrament. Con. 29: 7. CHILDREN that dic in Infancy, Cat. 170.

how saved, Con: 10: 3. The ChilThe MYSTICAL Body of Chrift. dren of such as profess the true

True Believers are Members of Religion; are Members of the Christ's myftical Body, Con,295 15

visible Church, Con, 25: 2. Cat. Cat. 168. Which is the whole 62, and are to be baptized, Cón. Number of the Elect that have 28:4: Cat, 166. been, are or shall be united to CHRISTy why so called, Cat. 42. Chrift as their Head, Con. 25:1. Is the only Mediator between What that Union is, Cat: 66. Sec

God and Man: Con: 8:1. Cat. Communion.

36. Who being very God, of one The BODIES of the Elect after Substance;a equal with the Fa

Death, and at the Resurrection. ther, Con. 8: 2. Cat. II, 36. Con. 32:2, 3. Cat, 86, 87. Of the In the fulness of Time became Wicked: ibid.

Man. Con, 8: 2.

Cat. 36, 373 Lascivious. Books not to be read. The Neceflity of his being God Cat. 139.

and Man. Cat. 38, 39, 40. He e.

was ordained by God from eter

nity to be Mediator, Con. 8: 1. NALLINGS See effe&tual Calling. He was fanctified and anointed To have a lawful CALLING,

with the holy Spirit; to execute and to be diligent in it, is a Du

the Office of Mediator, Con. 8: ty. Cat. 141.

3. Cat. 42, To which he was Yows of CELEBACY unlawful, called by the Father. Con. 8: 3. Con. 22:7. Cat: 139.

And willingly undertook and CENSUR ES of the Church, what, discharged it, con. 4: 8 By his

Con. 30: 2,4. Their Use. Con. žo: perfect Obedience, and Sacrifice 3. Who are to be proceeded a- of himself,he purchasedReconcigainst by the Cenfures of the liation and eternal Life for all Church. Con.26:49 29: 8. Jo: 2.

the Elect. Con: 8:5. Cat. 38. To They are to be mianaged accord- whom in all ages the Benefits of ing to the Nature of the Crime

his Mediation are effectually apand the Demerit of the Person, plied. Con. 8: 6, 8. Chriff's Con. 30: 4. Penitent Sinners are Offices of Prophet, Priest, King. to be absolved from Censures, Cat 43, 44, 45. See Acceptance, Con. 30: 2.

Access, Body of Christ, Church, Death CENSURING. Rash, harsh, and of Christ, Exaltation, Expiation, Hus

partial censuring,finful, Cat. 145. miliation, Imputation, Interceffion; GEREMONIAL L A W. Scc Law. Fedges Merit, Meffabg Name of



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