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II The End of God's appointing this Day, is for the Manifestation of the Glory of his Mercy, in the eternal Salvation of the Elect; and of his Justice, in the Damnation of the Reprobate, who are wicked and disobedient. For then thall the Righteous go into everlasting Life, and receive that Fulness of Joy and Refreshing, which shall come from the Prefence of the Lord: But the Wicked who know not God, and obey not the Gospel of Jesus Christ, shall be cast into eternal Torments, and be punished with everlasting Destruction from the Presence of the Lord, and from the Glory of his Power

III. As Christ would have us to be certainly perfwaded that there shall be a Day of Judgment, both to deter all Men from Sin, and for the greater Consolation of the Godlyin their Adversity f: So will he

have thou shalt be justified, and by thy blotted out, when the times of refrewords thou shalt be condemned. shing shall come from the presence

II. [ Mat, 25.31. to the end ] Rom. of the Lord. 2 Theff. 1. 7, 8, 9, 10. L. S. But after thy hardness and im- [ See in the bible. ] senitent heart,treasureft up unto thy III.'* 2 Pet. 3.11. Seeing then that elf wrath against the day of wrath, all these things shall be dissolved, and revelation of the righteous what manner of persons ought yeto udgment of God; v. 6. who will be in all holy conversation and god. tender to every man according to liness. v. 14. Wherefore, beloved, his deeds. Rom. 9. 22. What if God, seeing that ye look for such things, willing to shew his wrath,and to make be diligent that ye may be found

of his power known, endured with him in peace, without spot and blemuch long-suffering the vessels of mish. 2 Cor. 5.10. [See letter d.) v. 11, wrath fitted to destruction: v. 23. Knowing therefore the terror of the And that he might make known the Lord, we perswade men ; but we are riches of his glory on the vessels of made manifest unto God, and I trust mercy, which he had afore prepared also, are made manifest in your unto glory ? Mat.25.21.His lord said consciences. 2 Thes. 1. s. Which is unto him, well done, thou good and a manifeft token of the righteous faithful servant; thoy haft been judgment of God, that ye may be faithful over a few things, I will counted worthy of the kingdom of make thee ruler over many things : God, for which ye also suffer: 0.6. enter thou into the joy of thy Lord. Seeing it is a righteous thing with Acts 3i 19. Repent ye therefore and God to recompensc tribulation to be converted, that your fins may be



have that Day unknown to Men, that they may shake off all carnal Security, and be always watch oro ful, because they know not at what Hour the Lord Ling will come; and may be ever prepared to say, Come, Lord Jesus, Come quickly. Amen B. them that trouble you; viz. And to wefee not, then do we with patientifien you who are troubled, rest with us, wait for it. when the Lord Jesus shall be re- 6 Mat. 24. 36, 42, 43, 44. [ See in vealed from heaven, with his migh- the Bible. ] Mark 13. 35. Watch ye ty angels. Luke 25. 27. And then therefore, (for ye know not when the fall they see the Son of man master of the house cometh;at even, coming in a cloud with power and or at mid-night, or at the cock-crowgreat glory. v. 28. And when these ing, or in the morning) v. 36. Left

OM look up, and lift up your lacads;. ing. v. 37. And what I say unto you, for your redemption draweth nigh. I say unto all, Wareh. Luke 12. 35. Rom. 8. 23. And not only they, but Let your loins be girded about, and our felves also, which have the first your lights burning; v. 36. And yo fruits of the Spirit, even we our your selves like unto men that wait felves groan within our selves, wait- for their Lord, when he will return ing for the adoption, to wit, the from the wedding, that when he redemption of our body. v. 24. cometh and knocketh, they may For we are saved by hope: but hope open unto him immediately

. Reci prored that is seen, is not hope: for what 22. 20. He which testifieth these a man seeth, why doth he yet hope things, faith, Surely I come quickfor: v. 25. But if we hope for that ly.Amen. Even so,come Lord Jesus. Itland.



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Approved Anno 1648, by the GENERAL ASSEMBLY of the CHURCH of Scotland, to be a DIRECTORY for Catechising such as have made some Proficiency in the Knowledge of the GROUNDS of RELIGION.

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ED IN BU R G H: Printed by James Watson, One of the Printers to

the King's Moft Excellent Majesty. 1718.

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Larger Catechism, greed upon by the Assembly of Divines at Westminster : Examined and Approved Anno 1648, by the GENERAL ASSEMBLY of the Church of SCOTLAND, &c.



HA T is the chief and highest End

of Man? Answer. Man's chief and highest End is to glorify od", and fully to enjoy him for ever 2. Quest. How doth it appear that there is a God? Answ. The very Light of Nature in Man, and e Works of God declare plainly that there is a od : But his Word and Spirit only do sufficiently,

and * Rom. II. 36. For of him, and good for me to draw near to God: I ough him, and to him are all have put my trust in the Lord God, ags: to whom be glory for ever. that may declare all thy works.

I Cor. 10., 31. Whether John 17.21. That they all may be refore ye eat or drink, or what- one, as thou, Father, art in me, and ver ye do, do all to the glory I in thee; that they also may be one

in us: that tlie world may believe Pfal. 73. 24. Thou shalt guide that thou hast sent me. v.22. And with thy counsel, and afterwards the glory which thou gavest me, I eive me to glory. v.25. Whom have given them: that they may be iel in heaven but thee and there one, even as we are one. v. 23. Iid lone on earth, that I desire be- them and thou in me, that they may es thee. v. 26. My felh and my be made perfe&t in one, and that the art faileth : but God is the strength world may know that thou hast sent my heart, and my portion for me, and haft loved them, as thou I from thee, thall perííh : thou ili 27. For lo, they that are haft loved me.

Rom. 1. 19. Because that alt deftroy all them that go a which may be known of God, is horing from thee. v.28. But it is




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