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Thou, who from the thick Clouds on the secret Top of Mount Oreb (a), or, perhaps of SINAI (6), didít inspire Moses when a Shepherd there, who first taught the Children of Israel, how Heaven and Earth were created from the Elements, which were till then nothing but a mixed and confused Heap, and without Form. Or if thy Prefence be more revealed on Mount Sion (C), or by the Brook of Siloa (d), A4


(a) Oreb; Horeb, or Choreb, appeared thereon frequently to Hebrew, i. e. Dryness ; for it Moses, and delivered his Law was a Desart or Dry Mountain in there ; by the Turks, Gibol MouArabia the Stony, where there fa, i. e. the Mount of Moses; by was little or no Water, Deut. the Arabians, Tor, i. e. The viii. 15. Horeb is a part of Mountain. Very much Venera. Mount Sinai on the West Side ; tion is still paid to this Mountain, and Sinai lies on the East Side of on Account of that antient and it. There Mofes fed the Flock extraordinary Holiness, when the of Jethro, and there God ap- Almighty appeared upon it 10 peared to him first in a burning Moses. Bush, Exod. jji. 1.

(c) Sion, Zion, or Tzion, Heb. (b) Sinai, Heb. from Sereh, i. e. A Watch Tower; because j. e. A Bush, or Thorn ; because it is the highest Hill thereabout, these Busbes grew thereon in A and from it one might see the bundance. It is a very fteep and Holy Land far and near. A high Mountain in Arabia the Mountain on the North Side, and Slowy, about 156 Miles from Je some Part of it within the City rafalem to the South. There of Jerusalem, surrounded with are not two diftin& Mountains steep Sides, high Rocks, and but one, which is parted into deep Ditches, except on the two Tops, like Parnasus, &ç. North Side ; therefore it was veof which Sinai is the highest ; ry strong. Some of the Jebufites having a fair and spacious Plain (Part of the old Canaanites) debetween them : That Top to fended it against all the Force of wards the West is called Horeb, the Israelites, Joh. xv. 63. 'till and that to the East Sinai. The the valiant King David cook it Mountain is round, takes 7000 from them ; there ne fortified the Steps to the Top, has some Olive Old Castle, built the Upper Town, Trees, Fig Trees, Date Trees, &c. surrounded it with new Walls, and several Chapels, Monasteries, and called it the City of David; Cells, Mosques, &c. It is call there he kept his Court and Reed the Mount of God, because it tinue, 2 Sam. v. 6. There were is a great one ; or because God many fair Buildings and Houses


which runs down from thence to the Temple where thy Oracle is placed, I intreat the Influence of thy Spirit from thence, to aid me in creating of this difficult Subject, seeing I must elevate my Stile, above the best Poets, and discourse of such high, and facred Things, as have never been attempted before, either in Prose or Rhime. Instruct me for thou knoweft, thou, who preferreft an upright and pure Heart before all Temples : Thou wast present from all Eternity, and moving on the great Deep didst infuse vital Heat, and as the Dove when she warms Eggs into Life make Nature prolific. What is dark in me do thou enlighten, and raise, and support me, where I am too low and weak, that I may assert the Wisdom and Justice of Eternal Providence, in a Manner worthy the Subject I have undertook to write on, and so justify thy Ways to Men.

of his Officers, especially his is without the Walls upon the House of Cedar Wood, which he South Side, and Mount Calvary called the Castle of Sion, and the almost in the Middle of it. Sepulchre of King David, Solo (d) Siloe, Siloab, Siloam, Sbi. mon, &c. within a Rock : Some loach, Heb. i.e, Sent ; for it was of their Ruins are to be seen ftill. a B, pok or Spring of Water gliIt is elegantly described P/ xlviii. ding softly down Mount Sion, on by Jofepbus, Sands, &c. Sion the East Side of the Temple of was also called the Mount of the Jerusalem, and at the Bottom of House of the San&uary, and Mil it made a Pool, which was Sent b, i. e. Plenty ; because there from God, at the Prayer of lfaia was Abundance of ail good as, a little before his Death, and Things for David's Family, and when the City was closely bethose of his Nobles. Sion was sieged ; as a Blfing or Gif, to also a Type or Figure of the cure many Dileases among his Church of Chrift, Heb. xii. 22. People. Herein a Elind Man

OBs. Munt Moriah and washed his Eyes at Christ's ComMount Sion food directly in the mand, and received his EyeCenter, and Meunt Calvary with Sight, John ix. 7. There a Towout the North Gate, in the Old er was built over it, by the Fall Jerusalem, and at a considerable of which eighteen Men were Distance : But now Mount Sion killed, Luke xiii. 4.


TAUGHT by Thee, (for the highest Heaven nor lowest Hell hide nothing from Thee) let me relate what was the Cause that moved our first Parents, when they were placed in so happy an Eftate, and favoured so highly of Heaven, to lose Obedience to their Creator, and transgress his Command, when he had laid on them but one Restraint, and given them Power over the whole World besides; and who it was that first seduced them to that foul Rebellion : It was the chief of the fallen Angels (e) concealed in the Form of a Serpent, whose Fraud, stirred up with Revenge and Envy, deceived the first Mother of Mankind : Before which his Pride had occasioned him to be calt out from Heaven, with all the rest of the rebellious Angels, by whose Asistance he aspired first to set himself up in Glory above what he was, and imagined that he might equal himself to the Almighty, and Most High God, if he did but strive, and oppose him; and with this ambitious Aim made War in Heaven, and fought against his Government, absolute Power and Dominion, with proud Battle, but the Attempt was in vain, for the Power of the AlMIGHTY cast him down from the Heavens, with most dreadful Ruin, and Burning, down to the bot

(0) Angels; All the Modern Creatures they come nearest to Languages of Europe borrow this the Eternal Father of Spirits, in Word Angel from the Greek, i. e. their Spiritual Nature and vast A Messenger ; and the Hebrew Perfections ; which the Almighty Malachi fignifies the same, be makes use of as his Servants, to cause these Celestial Beings are execute his Orders through the the Mufsengers of God. It de whole Creation, altho' be ftands notes their Office rather than in no Need of their Services, their Nature." In other Words Angels of the Presence : And so they are called Spirits. Ministers, they are called Shinan, i. e. SeGods, Sons of God, Thrones, &c. cond: Because they are Second Angels are pure, Intellectual, or next to God, Pfal. Ixviii. 17. Spiritual Beings, more noble by Here Satan, who had once been far than Man, the Glory and an Holy, but is now an Apostale Perfection of the Creation ; of all and Rebellious Angel.


tomless Pit, and everlasting Destruction, where he . was doomed to live, in such Pains and Bondage, as are best expressed by Chains and Fire ; who had the Presumption to defy, and set himself against the omnipotent Creator of all Things.

As long as would seem many Days and Nights to mortal Men, he lay with his horrid Companions, totally fubdued, and restless, as if they had been rolling in a fiery Gulph ; for though they were immortal Spirits, yet were they confounded : But his Doom was to be reserved to more Wrath, for now the Thought of the Happiness he had lost, and the lasting Pain which had seized, tormented him, and speaking after the Manner of Men, he cast his forrowful Eyes around, which shewed that he was dismayed, and very much afflicted; but not so, but that he retained stedfast Hate, and inflexible Pride. At once, as far as it was in the Power of an Angel, to discern, he perceived the dismal Situation, that it was waste, and wild, and his Idea represented to him a horrible Dungeon, that flamed round on all Sides, like a great Furnace, and yet there seemed to be no Light, but only perceptible Darkness ; in which terrible Sights of Woe might be discovered; Regions of Sorrow, Shades of Hell, where Peace and Rest could never have Habitation, where Hope the only Comforter never comes, but endless Tortures urge continually, and a fiery Deluge, fed with what always burns, and never consumes : This Place eternal Justice had prepared for those rebellious Angels, and here given them their Portion, farther removed from the Light of Heaven, and from GOD, than it is from the Center (f) three times to the farthest


In Center; fr. Hal. Span. Point of a Circle. Here, the Lai. from the Gr. i. e. A Point, Middle Point of the Earth, i. e. An Astronomical T. The Middle Three Times as far from Hea

Pole (8), but oh ! how unlike was this Place from that he fell from! There he foon discerned the Companions of his Fall overwhelmed as with Floods and Whirlwinds of tempestuous Fire; and weltering by his Side, one that was next himself in Power, and next in Wickedness, who a great while afterwards was worshipped in PALESTINE (b), and called BeelZEBUB (i), to whom the Arch-Enemy (who thence, forward in Heaven, was called (k) ŠATAN, break


"ven, as the two Poles are distant Doctrines of the Holy Jefus and from the Equator, which is a bis Apostles. The Jews expelled valt Diftance indeed.

the Philiflines for their abomina(8) Pole; Fr. Lat. Gr. i. e. ble Idolatry and other Crimes ; Turning round. An affron. T. the Romans demolished those ; The two Ends of an imaginary the Saracens and Turks have been Circle, on which Astronomers say Masters of it above a thousand the World turns round from East Years. # OBs. That though to Weft daily. The Poles are. Idolarry was practised all the (wo, the Artic or North Pole ; World over, yet our duthor menand the Antartic or South Pole. tions this Nation in particular ;

(b) Palæstine ; Heb. i. e. because the Idols hereafter descriSprinkled with Duft and Sand; bed, were chiefly worshipped in because it is a very dry Land. it. A Country of Alja upon the Me (1) Beel-zebub, Baal-zebub, or diterranean Sea. It was called, Bel-zebub; Heb. i. e. The Lord 1. Canaan, from Canaan the of Fires ; either because the PeoSon of Ham; 2. Philifæa or ple believed, that he drove away Palestine, from a mighty People and destroyed Flies, which very descended from Mizraim, ano. much infested them ; or becaula ther of his Sons, Gen. x. 14. Multitudes of these Vermin fwar. who inhabited some part of it. med about the Blood of the sa3. The Land of Promise ; because crifices offered to him. He was God promised to give it to Abra- worshipped first at Babylon, and bam and his Pofterity, for an In- then every where; but chiefly by heritance. 4. Judea; from Ju- the People of Ekron, 2 Kin. i. 2. dah, whose offspring had it Here it is the Name of one long in Poffeffion. And 5. the Grand Prince of the Devils, and Holy Land; because it was ho next to Satan; our Saviour calls noured with God's extraordinary him the Prince of the Devils, Preferce, Worship, Mercies, Bles. Matt. xii. 24. kings, Miracles, above all Coun (1) Satan; Heb. i. e. The Ad. tries upon Earth ; and with the versary. The very Prince of Nativity, Life, Adtions, and all Devils. As there are diffe


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