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LEMAIN fell by FontARABIA (8). Thus far were thele beyond the Comparison of any mortal Valour, yet they observed their dread Commander ; he, in Shape and Gesture proudly eminent, stood like a Tower ; for his Form had not lost all her first Brightness, nor did he appear less than an Archangel ruined, and a great Excets of Glory obscur'd: As when the Sun newly risen looks through the misty Air, which hinders his Beams from piercing through ; or when from behind the Moon in dim Eclipse, he sheds a bad Influence on half the Nations, and perplexes Monarchs with Fear of Change; so darkened was the Archangel, yet he shone above them all, but deep Scars of Thunder had marked his Face, and Care was visible on his faded Cheeks, but under Brows of dauntless Courage and considerate Pride, that watched for Revenge. His Eye was cruel, but caft Signs of Remorse and Compassion, to behold his Companions, or rather

Germany, A. D. 800. Crowned Lat. i. e. A rapid Stream. A at Romne by Pope Leo III. with very strong Fort and City on the the Title of Cæsar Auguflus and Frontiers of Spain in Biscay, on the two-headed Eagle, to make the Mouth of the River Ridoja, the Roman and German Empire, near St. Sebastian, aad well forwhich he poffefied in great Part. tified on the Borders of France, A victorious, learned, liberal, which hath frequently besieged jult and pious Prince ; therefore it, but in vain. I OBs. This he was dignified with the Title Expedition and Fall of Charles of most Christian King, which the Great, with his Nobles at the French Kings have enjoyed Fontarabia, related by Mr. John ever since. He died peaceably at Turpin, is entirely false and taAix la Chapelle, J an. 28, A. D.

bulous. But Poets do not regard 814, of his Age seventy-two, Exactness of History nor Chro. Reign forty-five, and was buried nology, provided a Fiction may there Frederick I. took his Bo help them out, and please their dy out of the Sepulchre, 'out of Readers. For Æneas was three which were taken a great Num. hundred Years after Queen ber of Reliques and Rarities, Dido, though Virgil makes them wnich he had collected in his contemporary, as St. Auftin Life-Time; but not like the proves in his Book, Of the CiRiches found in King Davia's. ty of God, and G. Hornius in his (8) Font arabia ; Span, from the Arca Noæ, P. 358.



those who had followed him in his Crime, (whom he had beheld far otherwise once in Bliss) condemned now to have their Lot in Pain for ever ; Millions of Spirits for his Fault deprived of Heaven, and for his Apoftacy flung from eternal Splendors ; yer how faithful they ftood, tho' their Glory was withered! As when Lightning hath scorched the Oaks, though their Tops be singed and bare, their stately Trunks still stand upon the blasted Heath. SATAN now prepares to speak, whereon they bend their doubled Ranks from Wing to Wing, and so half enclose him about with all his Peers. They all kept mute, thro' Attention ; and thrice he attempted to speak, and as many Times, in Spite of all his Scorn, Tears, such as Angels may be said to weep, burst forth ; but at last, mixing his Words with a great many Sighs, he said :

Ye Numbers of immortal Spirits ! Powers, matchless except with the ALMIGHTY! and even that Strife was not inglorious, tho' the Event was fatal, as this Place testifies, and this fad Change, hateful to utter; but what Power of Mind, foreseeing or foretelling from the Depth of paft or present Knowledge, could have feared how such united Force of so many Gods, and such as stood like these, could ever be defeated ? For who can yet believe, tho' after some Lofs, that all these powerful Legions, whose Expulsion hath almost emptied Heaven, shall fail to afcend up thither again, by the Power of their own Strength, and again take Poffefsion of their native Seat ? Bear witness against me, all the Host of Heaven, if different Counsels, or any Danger shunned by me, have lost our Hopes. ; But he who reigns now the Monarch in Heaven, 'till then sat on his Throne, as one secure, upheld by all Repute, by Cuftom, or Consent, and his Royalty and State put forth at full ; but always cuncealed his Strength, which encouraged us in our At


tempt, and occasioned our Fall. Henceforward we know his Might and our own, so as neither to provoke him to new War, or very much to fear War, being provoked Our better Part remains, we are ftill able by close Design, by Fraud, or Guile, to bring to pass what we could not effect by Force ; so that he at length may come to learn from us, that he who overcomes by Force, has overcome but Half his Foe. Time may produce new Worlds, of which there went a common Report in Heaven, that before it was long he intended to create one, and therein fix a Generation whom his choice Regard should favour equal with the Angels in Heaven: Thither, if it be but to pry, shall perhaps be our first Sally: thither, or elsewhere, for this infernal Pit shall never hold celestial Spirits in Slavery, nor the Abyss cover us long un. der Darkness : But a full Council, and a good Deliberation among us, must bring these Thoughts to Perfection : Peace is despaired of, for who can think of submitting ? War then, either proclaimed or designed,' must be refolved on.

Satan finished his Speech, and in Approbation of his Words were drawn Millions of Aaming Swords, from the Thighs of mighty Cherubim. The sudden Blaze made a Light in Hell : They raged highly against the Highest, and grasping their founding Shields fiercely in their Arms, beat an Aların for War, hurling them with Defiance towards Heaven.

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CHA P. IV. The Asociates of Satan build Pandæmonium, and the infernal Peers fit there in Council.

T far off there was a Mountain, from whose Top rolling Smoak and Fire proceeded ; the other

parts of it firm and the Surface of it thone with a bright Glofs; (an un


doubted Sign that in it was contained mineral Ore, ripened by Sulphur) thither, with Speed, repaired a Multitude of the Devils ; just as Bands of Pioneers (b) march before a Royal Camp, armed with Spades and Pickaxes, to trench a Field or cait a Rampart. MAMMON (i) led them on; he was the vilest and darkest Spirit that fell from Heaven, for even in Heaven his Looks and Thoughts were alwas inclined downward, admiring more the Riches of Heaven's Pavement (k), which was pure Gold, than any Thing spiritual, or belonging to God, or to be enjoyed in beatific Vision : First taught by his Suggeition, Man also examined, and with wicked Hands rified the Bowels of the Earth, to find out Gold and other Riches, which had better haye, lain there still. The Crew of Mam. MON had foon opened into the Mountain a large Passage, and digged out Gold; (let No-body admire that Riches grew in Hell, since that Soil may best suit with the Root of all Evil) and here let those who boast in mortal Things, and talk with Wonder about

(5) Pioneers or Pioniers; Fr. best. See Revel. And the a Milit. T. Labourers going be Building of the Wall of it was fore an Army, to dig up Tren of Jasper ; and the City was ches, to level Ways, undermine pure Gold, like unto clear Glass. Cattles, &c.

And the Foundations of the Wall 6) Mammon; Phen. Carthag. of the City were garnished with from the Heb. i. e. Riches. The all Manner of precious Stones. God of Plenty and Wealth a. The first Foundation was Jasper, mong the Phænicians, Hebrews, the second a Saphire, the third a &c. The Pluto of the Greeks and Chalcedony, the fourth an EmeRomans. He is beautifully paint rald. The fifth Sardonys, the ed here, and his Name is repeat: fixth Sardius, the seventh Chryed, to add the greater Force to solice, the eighth Beryl, the the Sense.

ninth a Topaz, the tenth a Chry(6) Pavement; Ital. Sp. Lat. soprasus, the eleventh a Jacinth, i. e. Beaten or trod on; a paved the twelfth an Amethyst. And Floor, a Causeway, a Ground the twelve Gates were twelve Room in a House. Here, the Pearls ; every several Gate was Floor of Heaven, represented of one Pearl ; and the Street of by St. John to be paved with the City was pure Gold, as it pure Gold, which Mammon liked

were transparent Glass.


BABEL (1), BABYLON, and the Pyramids of EGYPT (m), learn how their greatest Pieces of Architecture, built for Fame with Strength and Art, are easily outdone by reprobate Spirits ; who can perform in one Hour, what they in an Age, with continual Labour and innumerable Hands, scarcely can.

A Second Multitude, not far off on the Plain, in many Pics, that underneath them had Streams of melted Fire issuing from the Lake, with wonderful Art produced the maffy Ore, separating each Kind, and scumming the Dross. A third Party, at the same Time, formed within the Ground various Moulds, and by a strange Conveyance from the boiling Pits, filled every hollow Place ; as in an Organ (n) from one Blaft of Wind, the Sound-Board breathes to a great many Rows of Pipes. Presently a very large and mighty Building role out of the Earth, like an Exhalation, at the Sound of pleasant Symphonies and sweet Voices : it was built like a Temple, where Pilasters (0) were set round, and Doric () Pillars 0

(1) Babel ; Heb. i. é. Confu- the chiefelt and principal of all fron; because God there confoun Musical Instruments : In Heb.the ded the Language of those impi- Name of it fignifies lovely and ous Builders of that Tower, delightful. It was one of the first Gen. xi. 1, 10. From thence in the World, invented by Tubal, comes Babble, i. e. to speak Gen. iv. 21. and very much usd Nonsence, or Words that are by the Ancients, Job. xxi. 12. not understood by other Men. Pfalm cl. 4.

(m) The Walls of Babylon, and () Pilaflers; Fr. Ital. from the Pyramids of Egypt near Mem- the Lat. i. e. Little Pillars. A phis, which are two of the seven T. of Archit. A Kind of square Wonders of the World ; lafting Pillar made to jut out of the and mighty Monuments of hu- Wall of any curious Fabrick. man Art and Power ; but in no (0) Dorie; Fr. Lat. Gr. i. e. thing comparable to those of the of or belonging to the Dores. A Fallen Angels, as appears. from Term of Archit. It is one of their Infernal Hall in Hell. the five Orders of Architecture,

(n) Organ; Lat. from the from Dorus King of the Dorians in Gr. i. e. The Inftrument. A Achaia, who built a magnificent Music. T. a Musical Instrument; Temple to Juno at Argi which fo called, because it is efteemed was the first Model of this Order.


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