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shall cure again ; not by destroying SATAN, but by destroying his works in thee, and in thy Seed. Nor can this be, but by fulfilling that (which in thee was wanting) Obedience to the Law of God, imposed on Penalty of DEATH; and by suffering DEATH, which is the Penalty due to thy Transgression, and due to all them that shall proceed from thee : It is by this only, that high Justice can be fully satisfied. He shall exactly fulfill the Law of God, both by Obedience and by Love; though Love alone is the fulfilling of the Law: He shall undergo thy Punishment, by coming in the Flesh to a reproachful Life, and to a cursed Death ; proclaiming Life to all those, who shall believe in his Redemption ; and that his Obedience is imputed to them, becoming theirs by Faith, that they are saved by his Merits, and not their own Works, though they may keep the moral Law. For this he shall live hated, be blasphemed, seized on by Force, have Judgment passed on him, and be condemned to a shameful and ignominious DEATH; be nailed to a Cross by his own Nation, and Nain for having been so gracious as to bring Life: But with him are crucified thy Enemies, that is, the Law that is against thee, and the Sins of all MANKIND ; which never more shall do them Hurt, who righteously put their Trust in this his Satisfaction. So he dies, but foon rises again from the Dead : He shall not remain long under the Power of DEATH; before the Morning of the third Day, he shall be seen to rise out of his Grave, bright as the Light of Day; having paid the Ransom which redeems MANKIND from DEATH; his Death for Man, to as many as don't neglect the Offer of Life, and will embrace the Benefit of Faith accompanied by Works. This godlike Act repeals thy Doom, the Death thou shouldest have died; having through Sin, loft and forfeited Life for ever : This Act shall bruise the Head of SATAN, crush his Strength, by defeating Sin and DEATH, the two

main Instruments of his Power ; and fix their Stings far deeper into his Head, than temporal Death fhall bruise the Conqueror's Heel, or theirs whom he redeems : How little will that be to fuffer? A Death like Sleep! a gentle and safe Passage to a glorious and immortal Life! Nor will the REDEEMER after his Resurrection stay longer upon Earth, than to appeas certain Times to his Disciples; Men, who in his Life-time continued to follow him: To them he shall leave in Charge, to teach all Nations what they had learnt of him and his Salvation; baptizing all them who shall believe, with Water, to be as a Sign of washing them from the Guilt of Sin to pure Life, and prepare their Minds for Death; even fuch Death (if it should so happen) as the REDEEMER himself had died.' · They shall teach all Nations ; for, from that Day forward, Salvation shall not be preached only to the Sons of ABRAHAM, but to the Sons of A BRAHAM's Faith, wherever they may be dispersed throughout the whole World; fo, in his Seed shall all Natiq ons be blessed: Then he shall ascend with Victory up to the Heaven of Heavens, triumphing through the Air over his Foes and thine: There he shall surprize the Serpent, the Prince of the Power of the Air drag him in Chains through all his Region, and leave him there confounded: Then enter into Glory, and take his Seat again at the Right-hand of God, honoured and exalted above all Names in Heaven; and thence, when the Time shall be for the Diffolution of the World, he shall come with Glory and Power to judge both the Quick and the Dead; to condemn the Unfaithful, but to reward the Faithful, and receive them into Bliss, whether in Heaven or-Earth, for then the Earth shall be all a PARADISE, a far happier Place than this of EDEN, and where there fhall be tar happier Days

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Adam recomforted, defcends the Hill with Mi


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HUS spoke the Arch-Angel MICHAEL;
then paused, as at the great Period of the

World; and our first Father ADAM, quite full of joy and Wonder, replied thus :

O INFINITE, and immense Goodnefs! that shall produce all this Good out of Evil, and curn Evil to Good! more wonderful than that Power, which by Creation first brought Light out of Darkness! I stand full of Doubt, whether I should now repent of the Si done and occasioned by me; or much rather, if I fhould not rejoice, that thereof shall spring much more Good'; more Glory to God, more Good-will to' Men from God, and Grace shall abound and overcome Wrath. But tell me, if our REDEEMER afcends again up into Heaven, what will become of his few faithful ones, left among the unfaithful Crowd, who are the Enemies of Truth? Who shall then guide his People? Who shall defend them? Will they not deal worse with his Followers, than they did with him?

"THAT (said the Angel) they will certainly do ; bút he will send from Heaven, to those who are his, another Comforter, as was.promised by the FATHER; who shall dwell in Spirit within them, and write upon their Hearts the Laws of Faith working through Love, to guide them in all Truth; and also arm then with spiritual Armour, able to resist the Affaults of SATAN, and to quench his fiery Darts ; making them not afraid of what MEN can do against them, though it should be Perfecution to Death; being re


compensed for suffering such Cruelties, with inward Consolation, and oftentimes shall be supported so, as will amaze their proudest Perfecutors ; for the SPIRIT, which hrst he will pour forth upon his Apostles, (whom he sends with the glad Tidings of the Gospel to all Nations, and then upon all those who are baptized) shall endue them with wonderous Gifts; to speak all Tongues, and do Miracles, as their LORD had done before them. Thus they gain over great Numbers of each Nation, joyfully to receive the News of Salvation brought from Heaven: At length, they having perforined their Ministry well, and run well the Race that was set before them, writing their Doctrines and the Actions that they did, to serve for Edification, they shall in Time die : But in their Room, as they themselves forewarn, grievous Wolves (d), shall succeed for Teachers, who shall turn all the fa+ cred Mysteries of Heaven to their own vile Advantages of Lucre and Ambition, and taint the Truth (which, though left pure in those written Records, is not to be understood but by the SPIRIT) with Superstition and Traditions. Then they shall seek to aggrandize themselves with Names, Places, and Titles, and with these to join fecular Power, though still feigning to act by spiritual; assuming to themfelves only the Spirit of God, which is promifed and given alike to all Believers : And, from that Pretence, shall force upon every Conscience fpiritual Laws, by carnal Power ; Laws! which none shall find written in the Law of God, nor engraved by his Spirit within

within upon the Heart. What will they do,

() Wolves; Sax. Dur. Teut, which soon appeared, even in the Gr. i. e. Pernicious, lying bid, Days of the Apostles: did chen, or while; because Wolves are and have done much Mischief fierce; ravenous Beasts of Prey, fince to the Church in all Ages ; that foon grow white; from the by devouring the Soals, Bodies, Heb. Lakach, i.e. To ravish, or and Sublance of Men,, by their snatch away violently. Here, pernicious. Cruelties; as Wolves falie Chrills, false Apostles, destroy their Prey. F ff


then, but force the Spirit of Grace itself, and bind up Liberty, which is inseparable from it? What, but destroy God's living Temples by Martyrdom, huilt to stand by Faith, that is by their own Faith, and not another's ? (for who can we admit to be infallible upon Earth, against our own Faith and Conscience ?) Yet

many will take upon them, and presume to give Law to others Faith ; whence heavy Persecutions (e) Thall arise upon all, who persevere in the Worship of God in Spirit and in Truth: The rest, which will be far the greater Part, will think Religion satisfied, in the Performance of outward Ceremonies and specious Forms: Truth shall retire, struck with Reproach and many Slanders, and Works of Faith be very feldom found among Men.. So fhall the World go on, groaning under its Burthen, and good Men shall be oppressed and persecuted, while bad Men Aourish ; 'till the Day come, when just Men shall rest from their Labours and Sufferings, and the Wicked shall be awaked to Vengeance; at the Return of Him, who is to be the Seed of the WOMAN, so lately promised to be given to thy Afiftance; then foretold obscurely, but now more fully known to be thy S A VIOur and thy LORD; who at last shall come down from Heaven, in the Glory of the FATHER, to dissolve the perverted World, and totally to subdue the Devil: Then, after the Conflagration, the whole


Pirsecutions; j. e. A Pur. A D. 203 ; Maximinus the lefuit; Amiction, an unjutt and vepth, A. D. 226; Decius the cruel Oppression of Men eighth, A. D. 249; Valerius the Death. There have been ten ninih, A. D. 257 ; and DioclePersecutions for the Cause of fian the cenih, À D. 303. This Chriftianity: Nero began the held ten Years, and after his first, A. D. 67; Domitian the Death it was continued by his second, A. D. 92 ; Trajan con. Successor, 'till Conftantine, che tinued the third, A.D. 99; Ha. firft Cbriflian Emperor, eltadiian continued the fourth, A.D. blished the Christian Faith over 124; Antonine began the fifth, the World. A D. 178; Severus the fixtb,


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