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After these there appeared a Crew who under renowned Names of old, luch as Osiris(u), Isis (x), and Orus (y), and their Trains ; with monstrous Shapes and Sorceries, abused the fanatick EGYPTIANs and their Priests, inducing them to seek their Gods wandering in Disguise in the Forms of Brutes, rather than human ; nor did the Children of Israel escape the Intection, when the Gold, that they had borrowed of the EgyptiANS, was made into the Likeness of a Calf in OREB; and JEROBOAM, that Rebel King doubled that Sin in

Year 1514.

() Ofiris. X. An Egyptian the Moon. From there the Word, i. e. A great Eye ; be- Ifraelites made their Golden cause of his yaft Wisdom and Calf, and Jeroboam his two Knowledge. A King and Philo- Idols. She was a Memorial of Sopher of Egypt, about A. M. Eve. Tiberius ordered her Tem2500, who first taught the E. ple at Rome to be demolished, gyprians Husbandry, Tillage, &c. and her Image to be cast inco for which they built him a Tem the Cyber, because her Priests ple at Memphis, and worshipped were very lewd; as Josephus him under the form of an Ox. relates. Her Temple at Paris Some think this was Mizraim was destroyed, when Chriftiani. their Father and Founder. He ry prevailed 'there; but' her is the same as Bacchus among Statue was preserved in the Abby the Greeks and Romans ; and of St. Germain des Pez, to the Adam wrapt up in a Fable.

(*) Ifis. XI. Egypt from the Con} Orus. XII. Egypt, from Heb. i. e. The Women. The the Hib. i. e. Light. The Son Wife of Osiris, and Queen of of llis, another King of Egypl, Egypt, which were both deified deified after his Death. He reafter Death. They consecrated presented the Sun, prefided over Cows, and the Females of all the Hours, and was the God of Cattle to her. She was the fame Time : Therefore in the old E. as Ceres and Cybele, viz. the gypriax Language he was called Earth or Nature itself, and was Horns, from whence came the worshipped every where ; be Word Hora, i. e. an Hour, in cause they thought she had in the Grock, Latin, and English. rented the Use of Corn, Wine, The Grooks called him Apollo, i. &c. Some think they were e. A Destroyer ; because he dethe Sun and the Moon. She stroyed many Things by the ex. was full of Dugs, to signify the cesive Heat of his Rays, or disBenefits that men do receive persed Darkness and Clouds by from the happy Influence of his Light.


Dan (z) and in Bethel (a), likening JEHOVAH (6), his Maker, to an Ox that feeds on Grals; JEHOVAH, who in one Night, when he passed from Egypt, cut off both Men and Beasts (which were the bleating Gods that they worshipped) with one Blow.

LAST came BELIAL, a more lewd Spirit than whom did not fall from Heaven, or one more gross to love Vice meerly for itself; to him no Temple was built, nor did any Altar 1moak ; yet who is oftener than he at Temples and Altars? when Priests turn Atheists, as Eli's (c) Sons did, who filled the House

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(27 Dan ; Heb.i. e. A Judge. Idolatry there. The Prophet A City in the North of Canaan, seven hundred and eighty Years at the foot of Mount Libanus, afterwards called it by Way. and one hundred and four Miles of Contempt, Beth-aven, Heb. from Jerufalem. It was first i. e. The House of Iniquity. called Lefhen or Lais, Heb. i. or Vanity, Hof. iv. 15. and Am

A roaring Lion; because calls it Aven, i. e. Vanity, Cho many Lions abounded there. i. 5. It was called Bethel in the about. When the Danites took Days of Abraham, Gen. xii. 8. and demolished it, they called There was an Academy or School it Dan, in Memory of their of the Prophets, 2 Kings ii. 3 , Father, Judg. xviii. 29. And (6) Jehovah. It denotes the the Canaanites, Lelhem-Dan. Essence of God, is che peculiar This idolatrous King placed the and an ineffable and moft myfte. other Calf there, on the other rious Name of the Deity, and Extremity of his new Kingdom, can hardly be translated into any to keep the People more at- Language. Ten Names are aitached to himself.

cribed to him in the Hebrew, but (a) Bethel ; dib. i. e. The this is the chief and most expres. House of God. A City in the five of his infinite Nature, if it Tribe of Benjamin, eight Miles could be expressed. See Pfalm. North from Jerusalem. At firit lxxxji. 18. A Name that the it was called Luz, Heb, i. e. A Jews never pronounced, (left it Nut Tree, because many of them hould be profaned) we translate it grew thereabout. But Jacob Lord. Hippocrat. files it Euormoun, called it Bethel, in Memory of the great Mover of all Things. God's glorious Appearance to (s) Eli, or Heli ; Heb. i.e. him there, Gen. xxviii. 19. Io re: Ofering or lifting up. A Judge gard to that religious and antient and High Priest of Ifrael, about Efteem of the Place, Jeroboam A. M. 1840. He was a good trected one of his Monuments of Man, but tog indulgent to his


of God' with Luft and Violence ? He reigns also in
Palaces, and Courts, and luxurious Cities; where the
Noise of Injury, Outrage, and Riot, ascend above
their highest Towers ; and when Night darkens the
Streets, then the Sons of BELIAL wander out, Aushed
with Infolence and Wine ; witness the Streets of So-
DOM (d), and that Night in GIBEON (e), when a
Matron was exposed to prevent a more heinous Ini-
These were the chief in Power, and in Order ; it

would be too tedious to name the rest, though some
of them were far renowned ; the Gods of Greece, the
Descendants of JAVAN (S), esteemed as Gods, tho'
confessed to be younger than Heaven and Earth,
which they boast to be their Parents. TITAN (g), the
First-born of Heaven, with his Brood of Giants,

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Sons, Hophni and Phineas, wlich situated upon a Mountain four was their Destruction, 1 Sam. ii. Miles from Jerusalem towards the 22, 23. He judged Ifrael forty North. The Citizens were Sons Years, and died suddenly, being of Belial, most abominable and Ninety-eight Years old, 1 Sam. wicked Wretches, without the iv. 15. 18.

leaft Fear of God. This was the (d) Sodom, or Sedom ; Heb. i: Birth-Place of Saul the firft King e. A plain Field. The Capital of of Israel. Several Cities in the Plains of Javan; Heb.i. e. Making Jordan, which God destroyed by fad. He was the fourth Son of Fire and Brimitone from Heaven, Japhet, and the Grandson of as a jult Vengeance upon their I. Noah. He and his Pofterity first dolatry, Luxury, and such Wiçk. peopled that Part of Greece, ednels as the Laws of God made which was called Ionia from him. to be punished with the most ig. So Alexander the Great is called nominious Death, Gen. xix. I the King of Javan, Dan. viii. Obs. That Plain was called

See Gen. x. 2.

And the Pentapolis, Gr. i. e. five Cities : Tartars call Greece, Javan because there were so many Ci. from hence. ties in it, viz. Sodom, Gomor 6) Titan ; XIV. Heb. i. e. rah, Admah, Zeboim and Zoar. Born of the Earth: Because he

(e) Gibeah, or Gibeon ; Hib. and all these other Gods were said i. e. A Hill. A Metropolitan to be born of Heaven and Earth. City of the Tribe of Benjamin, This Fable fignifies the Sun.



whose Birth-right was said to be seized by his younger Brother SATURN (h); and he found like Measure from mightier Jove, who was his Son by his Sister Rhea (i), so the ufurping Jupiter reigned. These Idols were first known in Crete (k), and


b) Saturn; XV. Heb. i. e. Comfort of Mankind. For the Hid, Lat. i. e. A Sower or full old Heathens worshipped and of rears, i. e. Old: The most feared Things according as they ancient of all the Heathen Gods, were good and useful, or terri. the youngest Son of Heaven and ble to themselves, as the Sun, Earth, whom the Poets made the Moon, Crocodile, and some aGrand-father of all the Gods,and dored the Devil, that he might Father of Jupiler. In the Greek, not destroy them? which the Cbroros, i. e. The God of Time. Ti. wild Americans do ftill. tan was his elder Brocher ; there. (k) Crete; Heb. i. e. An Ar. fore Milton here calls him, young-, cher: Because these people were er Saturn, and in another Place, excellent Archers, At first it was Old Saturn, because he was the called Curete from the Cureles, God of Time ; which was the old. Gr. i. e. Sharn; because they cut elt of them all. Saturn was a off all the Hair of their Heads wise Prince, but unfortunate ; for they came from Palestine. The his Son Jupiter expelled him the Greeks called it Hekatómpolis

, i. e. Kingdom of Crete, from whence The Inand with cne hundred Ci. he Aed into Italy, and taught ties. It is one of the largest Islands those People Husbandry, Plow in the Mediterranean Sea, in the ing, Sowing and the using of Mouth of the Archipelago, between the Scythe, Saturn is Adam, who Greece and Africa, two hondred hid himself from God, Gen. iii. and forty Miles from East to West, 8. or Noah, who was the Father eighty from South to North ; a: of Men, the Inventor of Huf bout fix hundred Miles in Combandry, Wine, Architecture, pass; and about fix hundred Miles Navigation, &C.

from Jerusalem to the West, fix Rhea; XVI. Gr.i. e. Flow- hundred from Conftantinople, and ing. The Daughter of Heaven three hundred Miles from Cyprus. and Earth, the Wife and Sifter It is now called Candia, i. e. An of Saturn, and Mother of Jupi. Intrenchment, from the chief ter: She is called also Sylvia Town, built by the Saracens, A. and Ilia. This Fable represents D. 823. The Venetians bought is Eve and the Earth, which flow from the Marquis of Montserrat, eth with the Abundance of all A. D. 1 204. Buc the Turks cook good Things, for the Use and it from them, A.D. 1669. There


Ida (1), and thence upon the Top of OLYMPUS (m), covered with Snow; they ruled the middle Air, which was their highest Heaven; or on the Cliff of DelPHOS (n), or in DODONA (0), where Oracles were ;

upiter is said to be both born, 'cause Apollo and Bacchus, both brought up, and buried. The Sons of Jupiter, were worshipold Cretians were famous for Ly. ped there. Or from Delphos, che ing. See Titus i. 12. which St. Founder of it. It was very aptient, Paul quoted from Epimenides. and flourished one hundred Years

(1) Ida; Lat. from the Gr. before the Trojan War; the firft, i. e. A Prospe&t: Because upon most magnificent and richest of it one had a fair

. View of the all the Oracles of Apollo, and of whole Island of Crete, the adja. all the other Gods. An antienç cent Countries and Seas. A fa. City in Bæotia, at the foot of mous Mountain in that Iland, Parnaffus, built upon a feep where Yupiter was nursed in a Rock, without any other Walls ; Cave. It is now called Pfloriti, now Delpho. There was a mag. Gr. i.e. The Little Hill: And nificent and famous Temple and from it Jupiter is called Ideus Oracle of Apollo, whither all by the old Poets.

Nations resorted for Answers in (m) Olympus ; Laß. from the all dubious Affairs ; and enrichGr. i. e. all joining, clear and ed with the most valuable Gifts ; ferene. It is the Name of several therefore he was called Apollo Mountains ; but here, of that be. Delphius. It had its Original tween Theffaly and Macedon : So from a Flock of Goats, that rehigh, that no Clouds of Darkness forted there, and from an enappeared upon it, and was co thufiaftical Girl. In it was kept vered with Snow; therefore it is a perpetual Fire ; which Custom called Cold: The Poets used it they borrowed from Mofes. for Heaven ; and said that Jupi. (0) Dodona; Lat. from the Gr. ter reigned there, therefore it is i. e. Sounding Day and Night: called Jupiter Olympius. Ara Or because it was built by Dodon xagoras found it but one Mile the Son of Javan, and Grand. and a Quarter in perpendicular Son of Japher, the Captain of a Height, as Plutarch relates. It Çolony, which first inhabited that extends from East to West, and Part of Epirus, Gen. X. 4. A fathe Top of it extended a great mous and ancient Town in Cbe. Length all of a Height; yet oria, on the Weft Side of Epirus ; fome Part of the Alps is much famous for the Vocal Forest and higher, Clouds are seen some- Oracle of Jupiter, where the times upon it, neither is it al. Oaks consecrated to him, gave ways covered with Snow, as the Answers; from thence he was Antients reported.

called Dodon&us. Hefiod says, it (m) Delphian, of Delphi, from was the most ancient of all the Adelphoi, Gr. i. e. Brorbers; be- Oracles of Greece.


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