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HELLESPONT (C), join'd EUROPE (P) to Asia (9); of whom it was laid, that he scourged the Waves, because they broke down his Bridge.


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Sufiana. The chief City of narrowest about seven Furlongs that Province of Persia between over. It is the Entrance into Tygris and Perfia, and five Days Conftantinople from the AichiJourney from the Eupbrates to pelago, and divides Europe from wards the Frontiers of Chaldea. Alia. Some call it the Streights It was built or repaired by De. of Gallipoli, from a City of rius Hyfiaspis, the Father of that Name upon the Welt Side Xerxes, as Pliny reports; but of it; and by the Turks, the Strabo ascribes it to Tython the Dardanels, from Dardane, an Father of Memnon, about A. ancient City near it, in Afra M. 2750, therefore some call Minor. It is defended by two it Memnonia. It was the Seat

ces, which Mahomet of the Persian Emperors, dur IV. 1659, and not from the ing the Summer Sealon, for ma old Castles of Cefies and Abydos, ny Ages. There Daniel the as some have thought. See Prophet was buried ; and Jose Monf. Tournefort. Over this phus says that this famous Palace Sea Xerxes laid a Bridge between was there fresh and beautiful in Ceflos and Abydos, by which he his Days. Alexander the Great carried his immense Army io took it and found about 7 Mil seven Days and Nights, into Ev. Jions in Gold, and 9,000,000 rope. Pound Sterling in Silver, besides (0) Europe ; Phan. i. e. A other immense Treasures there. white Face, of a fair Counte

Now Soujler, Thevenot. There nance: because the People of it * Alexander the Great married are whiter and fairer than those Siatyra, and made a Feast for of Aia and Africa. One of the 9000 Guests, and gave to each four grand Quarters of the of them a Golden Cup.

World; cho' it be least of all, (0) Hello pont; Lar. Gr. i. e. yet it is most considerable now The Sea of Hille, Daughter of for all Manner of Arts, Sciences, Athamas King of Thebes in Arms, Laws and Learning in Greece; which Aying with her the World, &c. It is about Brother Phryxus, from the In 3300 Miles in Length; and dignation of her Mother in Law, 2300 in Breadth. Strabo and perished there. It is a narrow other Geographers resemble it to Sea between the Propontis or the Shape of a Dragon; wherewhite Sea, and the Head of the of the Head to Spain, the Neck Archipelago, not above ten or to France, the main Body to twelve Leagues in Length, at Germany. Europe contains two the Mouth it is a large League Empires, and about thirty diffe. and a half broad, and as the rent Kingdoms. It is parted


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Now Death and Sin had brought the Work (by wonderous Art, superior to any we know) to the Outside of this round World; it was a Ridge of pendent Rock, which they had drawn over the CHAOS, following the Track of SATAN, to the self-fame Place where he first lighted and landed : They made all fast with Pins and Chains of Adamant; too fast and too durable they made it ; and now in little Space the Confines of Heaven and of this World met; and on the Left-Hand Hell interposed with a long Tract between; three several Ways in Sight led to these three Places. And now they had discovered the Opening that led to the Earth, where SATAN had entered, and tending first their Way to PARADISE, they beheld him in the Likeness of a bright Angel, between the Centaur (r) and the ScorpION, steering up


from Africa by the Mediterra. South, about 4400 Miles; and nean Sea on the South, and from East to Weft, 7500 Miles. from Afia by the Archipelago, Antiently it was divided into the Hellefpont, Propontis, the Bofa Greater and Lesser Asia; after. pborus, Euxine Sea, the Maotis, wards into five large Empires, and the great River Volga on viz. I. That of the Czar of Mufthe North East.

covy. 11. Of the great Cham of () Afia; Pben i. e.

The Tatary. III. Of the Great MoMiddle: because it (especially gul. IV. Of the Sophy of Perfia. Lesser Afia) lies in the Middle of V. Of the Sultan of the Turks. Europe, Asia and Africa. The To those may be added the Emthird Quarter of the World, pire of China, which was not larger than the other two, and known to the Ancients; but as very famous for being the Origi. large as any of those Empires. nal Seat of Man's Creation, Fall Pr) Centaur ; Lat. from the and Redemption ; for the first Gr. i. e. Pricking a Bull. А and most renowned Transactions fabulous Monster, half Man half of Mankind, recorded in Sacred Horse. This Fable rose from a Writ, and all aptient Histories. People of Theffaly, who first It is surrounded with Sea on the broke Horses to War, and rid. North, East and South, and ing upon Horseback, drove their parted from Europe, as is said a. Cattle before them. Other Men bove, on the West. Afia ex seeing them at a Distance, tends from the North to the thought they were but one Crea


wards among innumerable Constellations, and the Sun rising in A RIES. He came in a Disguise, but SIN and DEATH foon difcerned their Parent through it. He, after he had seduced Eve, slunk without being taken Notice of into the neighbouring Wood; and changing his Shape, to observe the Sequel, faw his deceitful Act seconded by Eva, (though she knew nothing of the Mitchief she was about) upon her Husband: He saw their Shame, and that they had fought vain Coverings to hide it, but when he saw the Son of God coming from Heaven to judge them, terrified at that, he fled; not hoping by that Means to escape, but only to shun the present Punishment; fearing (knowing himself to be guilty) what God's Wrath might inflict: That past, he returned by Night, and listening, where the unhappy Couple fat in their fad Discourse and various Complaints thence gathered the Knowledge of his own Doom ; which understanding not instantly to be inficted, but in future Time, he now returned to Hell full of Joy, and fraught with good Tidings; and at the Brink of CHAOS, near the foot of this new wonderful Bridge, he met, (not hoping nor expecting) his dear Offspring, who were come to meet him ; there was great Joy at their Interview, and it increased at Sight of that stupendous Passage, which they had made. He stood long in Admiration, 'till Sin, his fáir enchanting Daughter, thus broke the Silence :

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O FATHER! these are thy great Deeds, these are thy Trophics! which thou vieweit as if they were not thine own; thou art their Author and first Architect;

ture: And so the poor Ameri. called Sagittarius, . Lat. i. e. cans thought of the Spaniards, An Archer or Bowman. It is when they first invaded them up. so called, because of its vehe. on Horses. Here, an Aftron. ment Cold when the Rays of it

Southern Constellation, calt forth the piercing Winds in confiiling of 37 Stars, which is November,


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for I no sooner divined in my Heart (which by a secret Harmony still moves with thine, joined in a sweet Connection) that thou hadít prospered on Earth, which thy Looks now also bear Witness to, bur ftrait I felt (though the Distance of Worlds was betwixt us) that I must follow thee, with this thy Son; for Fate, and the necessary Consequence of Things, will for ever unite us three: Hell could no longer hold us, nor this obscure, unpassable Gulph detain us from following thy illustrious Tract. Thou hast archieved our Liberty at laft, though 'till now we have been confin'd within the Gates of Hell : Thou hast given us Power thus far to fortify the dark Abyss, and to lay over it this wonderous and portentous Bridge. This World is now all thine; thy Virtue has won what thy Hands did not make : Thy Wisdom has gaind, with Odds, what War had loft, and fully avenged us for the Loss that we sustained in Heaven: Here thou shall reign Monarch; there thou didft not: There let him still bear Sway, the Conqueror, as Battle hath adjudged him ; retiring from this new World, which is now alienated from him by his own Sentence : And let him henceforth only divide with thee the Monarchy of all Things, parted by the Bounds of Heaven, which is his Dominion, from this orbicular World, which is now thine; or let him try another Battle with thee, now grown more dangerous to his Throne.

To whom the Prince of Darknefs made this glad Answer: Fair Daughter! and thou who art at the same Time my Son and Grandchild! you have given high Proof that ye are of the Race of SATAN, (for I glory in the Name, which declares me the Antagonist of the Almighty King of Heaven) and merit great Praise from me, and all the Infernal Empire ; that fo near Heaven have, with this glorious Work and triumphal Arch, met me come triumphal from my glorious Act, and have made this world and Hell



one Realm, (and made it ours) one Continent of easy Thoroughfare. Therefore while I with Ease descend through Darkness, over the Road which ye have made, to my associate Powers, to acquaint them with what hath happened and to rejoice with them ; do you two, this Way, among these numerous Orbs, (which are all yours) descend right down to PARADISE: Dwell there, and reign in Happiness, and thence exercise Dominion on the Earth and in the Air, but chiefly upon MAN, who has been declared Lord of all; make him first your Slave and Prisoner, and lastly kill him. I send ye my Substitutes, and create ye my Plenipotentiaries on Earth, having matchless and full Power issuing from me: All my Hold of this new Kingdom depends entirely upon your joint Strength; it lying, through my Craft and Management, now exposed to DEATH through Sin. If your united Power does but prevail, the Affairs of Hell need Fear no Detriment; therefore go, and be strong in Evil.

SAYING this, he dismissed them, and they with Speed held their Course through the thickest of the Constellations, every where spreading their Bane : The blasted Stars looked pale, and Planets under evil Influence then suffered real Eclipse. SATAN went the other Way, down the Causeway to the Gate of Hell : On either Side, CHAOS (over whose Realm Sin and DEATH had built the Bridge) beat with rebounding Surge against its Foundation, which it could not remove. Satan passed through the Gate, that was wide open and unguarded, and found the Place deferted; for those who were appointed and used to fit there, had (as has been said) left their Charge, and Aown to the upper World: The rest were all retired farther within, about the Walls of PANDÆMONIUM, the City and proud Şeat of LuciFER: (Satan having been called so by Allusion, be

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