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accornplish’d, when JESUS (c), the Son of Mary, (who is the second Eve) faw SATAN the Prince of the Air, fall“ down froin Heaven like Lightning; then rising from his Grave, having spoiled Principalities and Powers, he made a Show of them, openly, triumphing over them, and with bright Ascension led Captivity captive through the Air, the very Realm so long usurped by SATAN, whom he shall tread at last under our Feet; even he, who at this Time foretold his fatal Bruile; and to the Woman he gave Sentence thus :

I will greatly multiply thy Sorrow by thy Conception; in Sorrow shalt thou bring forth Children; unto thy Husband's Will thine shall submit, for he shall rule over thee.

Lastly upon Adam he thus pronounced Judgment: Because thou hast hearkened to the Voice of thy Wife, and hast eaten of the Tree of which I commanded thee, saying, thou shalt not eat it, cursed be the Ground for thy Sake; in Sorrow shalt thou eat of it all the Days of thy Life; Thorns also and Thistles it shall bring forth to thee, and thou shalt eat of the Herb of tie Field. In the Sweat of thy Face shalt thou eat Bread, 'till thou return unto the Ground, for thou waft taken out of the Ground; Dust thou art, and unto Dust thou shalt return again.

So he judg’d Man, being sent forth Judge and Saviour, and put far off the present Sentence of

(0) Jefus, Heb. i. e. A Saviour. Jefus into the Possession of the A proper Name among the “ Gentiles, whom God drave Jerus ; the firit was Joshua or out before the Face of our FaYesus she Son of Nun, che Suc “thers, .unto the Days of Dacessor of Moses, Afts vii. 45. vid." And of many others ; " Which also our Fathers that but here, efus the Son of the “ came after, brought in with Virgin Mary. Qq


Death, which was pronounced on that Day: Then pitying them, to fee how they stood before him, expoled to the naked Air ; (that now was likewise about to suffer Change, he did not disdain, thenceforth, to assume the Form of a Servant : As when he washed his Servants Feet; so now, as the Father of his Family, he covered their Nakedness with the Skins of Beasts; which either had Nain one another, as since the Fall they began to do) or else were such as had been shed by Snakes, or such Creatures as change their old Skins for new ones, and did not think much to cloath his Enemies ; nor did he only cloath their Nakedness with the Skins of Beasts, but arraying their inward Nakedness (which was much more shameful) with his Robe of Righteousness, cover'd it from the Sight of his FATHER. With swift Ascent he returned up to him, into his blissful Bofom, sitting in Glory as of old; and to the omnifcient FATHER, now appealsed, recounted all that pased with Max, mixing sweet Intercession.


Sin and Death make a Bridge over Chaos, and

travel from Hell to Earth: Satan arrives at
Pandæmonium, and in full Affembly relates bis
Success against Man.


EAN while, before Adam and Eve had

sinned, and had Sentence passed on them on

Earth, Sin and DEATH fat within the Gates of Hell on either Side, opposite to each other; the Gates fince Satan passed through had stood wide open, belching Outragious Flames into the CHAOS, Sin having opend themi; who now thus began to say to DEATH:

O Son! why do we sit here idly viewing each other, while our great Author SATAN thrives in other Worlds, and provides a happier Seat for us his dear Offspring? It can't be otherwise than that Success attends him : Had he met with Misfortune, he had returned before this Time, furiously driven by the Ministers of Vengeance; since no Place can be to fit for his Punishment or their Revenge, as this is. Methinks I feel new Strength rise within me, Wings growing, and large Dominion given me beyond this deep Hell; whatever it be that draws me on, or whether it be Sympathy, or the Force of some natural Power, to unite Things of like Nature at the greatest Distance, by fecret Attraction and Conveyance. Thou who art my Shadow and inseparable from me, muft go along with me, for there is no Power that can feparate DEATH from SIN.

But; left perchance the Difficulty of passing back, keeps him from returning over this Gulph, through which there is no Passage, let us try (a difficult Piece of Work! yet not improper for thee and me, nor ill suited to our Power) to make a Path over the Abyss from Hell to that new World, where SATAN has now got Footing; a Monument of high Merit to all the Infernal Host, making their Passage easy, backward and forward from hence, or for them to quit Hell once for all, which of these shall happen to be their Lot: Nor can I miss the Way, finding myself so strongly drawn by Instinct, and this new felt Attraction.

To whom the meagre Shadow, DEATH, soon gave Answer: Go, whither Fate and strong Inclination lead thee on; I shall not lag behind, nor miss the Way, thou being my Guide : I draw such a Scent of Mortality, Prey innumerable! and taste the Savour of Death from all Things that lie there : Nor shall I be wanting to the Work thou art taking in Hand, R 92


but give all the Alliance that lies in my Power. And so saying, he inuffed with great Delight the Smell of the mortal Change upon Earth: As when a Flock of ravenous Birds of Prey come flying, against the Day of Battle, where Arnies lie encamp'd, though from the Distance of many a League, drawn by the Scent of living Carcasses, design’å for DEATH the next Day in bloody War; so the grim King of Terrors snuffed and turn'd up his Nostrils into the tainted Air, smelling his Prey from afar. Then both he and Sin flew different Ways from out the Gates of Hell, into the walte, wild, and confased CHAOS, damp and dark; and with Power (for their Power was great) hovering upon the Waters, drove, crowded together, (as if it were tossed up and down in a raging Sea) all that they met with, folid or siimy, driving it in Shoals on each side, towards the Mouth of Hell : As when two Polar Winds, blowing adverse upon the CRONIAN (i) Sea, drive together Mountains of Ice, that stop the imagined Way beyond PETSORA (k), Eastward to the rich Coatt of CATHAY (1). DEATH




(i) Cronian, of Crones or Cro

It borders upon Sion nus; Lat. Gr. i. e. Time. A beria. The Rulfians ca I a valt Name of Saturn, the God of Range of Niountains near to it Time and all cold Things. Here, Ziemno Lipias, i. e. The Belt the Frozen Northern Ocean, un. or Girdle of the World, which der the Influence of the Planet they imagine to be the Extremes Şa:urn; which is a cold Planet, of it according to the Altrologers ; (1) Cathay or Catge. A Pro. being far from us.

vince of Tartary, having the Fro. (k) Petfora

Petzorka ; zen Ocean on the North, and Rul. A Province in the North China on the South. It is calof Muscovy, under the Artic led Cara Kiraia and Ava, by Circle upon the liy Sca, on the che Tartars, i.e. Black China: West Side of the River Obx; because the Inhabitants were so called from the Capital City, Sun-burnt; whereas chose of which fandeth in a Lake of the China, at least in the Northern fame Name ; there is a River Provinces, are White. It conso called, which falleth into that filled of the six Northern Pro. Occan, at the Mouth of the vinces of China, so called from


sinote what they had gathered together with his petrifying Mace, and fixed it as firm as Delos now is fixed, which was said once to have floated ; the rest the Rigour of his Look bound: They fastened all with Slime, broad as the Gate, and deep as the Bottom of Hell, and built an immense and high-arched Pile over the foaming Deep; a Bridge of prodigious Length, joining to the Wall of this World, now defenceless and forfeited to DEATH: From hence making a broad, ealy, inoffensive Passage down to Hell: So (if great Things may be compared to small) XERXES (m), to bring under Subjection the Liberty of Greece, came from the Royal Palace of SuSA (n) to the Sech and making a Bridge over the


the ar cient Catici Tarta'y, who Name) i. e. One that defeats conquered China, and citablish the Schemes of another Man. ed Cathay tor the Seat of their and Nephew of Cyrus the Great Empire ; then Pekin or Camba li. e. the Sun) Xerxes redu.' lu became the Royal City, and ced Egypt, and in the fifth Year the whole Empire of China of his Reign, let out from Susa went under that Durumination with the moit numerous and by the Tartars, who conquered formidable Army thai ever the it; cho' it had been the most World iaw before or fince, 10 antient Empire, and laited the invade Greece: which amourred longest of any upon Earth, A. to five Millions of Souls and aD. 1278

Thule Places and bovę. Herodot. L. 7. c. 187. Names were firit made known

A. M. 3470. But was shame. to the Europeans from the Sara. fully defeated, and hardly ef. cens ; who began a long and caped with his Life, in a lisele bloody War with the Tatars, Cock-boat. A juft ChaititeA. D. 1616. ended in the Con ment for his Insolence. He is qucit of China and the Deftruc called Abafierus, ERI. tion of the Family of the Tai. (n) Susa; Hel. j. e A Lil. mirgæ, A. D. 1644. As Fa ly: becaule many Lillies grow ther Paul of Venice relates, who thereabous. So Jericho is cal. was in chat War.

led the City of Palm Trees, (m) Xerxes ; Pers. i. e. The Deut. xxxiv 3. And Florence, in grand Warrior.) The fourth Italy, from Abundance of Flowe King of Persia and firit of that ers there. It is cailed Skulhan ; Name. · He was fecond Son of and there Ahafuei us held his Darius, i. e. the Avenger ; Cours, Esther i. 2. And bence (Acbafuerus is his Scriptural the whole Countıy was called


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