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vine Form, I behold every Thing that is fair and good united: There is nothing fair that can be brought equal or in Comparison with thee! which was the Cause that I came (though too importunate perhaps) to gaze, and worship thee; who art rightly declared universal Mistress, and Sovereign of all Creatures.

So talked the cunning Serpent ; and Eve, more amazed than before, replied unwarily, Serpent! thy over-praising me leaves the Virtue of that Fruit in Doubt, which thou hast first tasted. But tell me, where does this Tree grow 2 And how far is it from hence For the Trees of GoD, that grow in PARADise, are a great many, and various of them, which are yet unknown to us; and our Choice lies in such an Abundance, that we leave the greatest Part of the Fruits untouched, and still hanging without Decay, till more MEN grow up to be provided for, and help to consume the Gifts of Nature.

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To whom the Tempter artfully replied: Indeed!

hath God declared ye Lords of all Things in Earth or Air, and yet said, that ye shall not eat of the Fruit of all the Trees in the Garden? To whom Eve (yet without Sin) replied:

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ence; sometimes beginning with a high Voice, and coming immediately to the Substance of the Argument, as through Zeal too hasty to introduce it gradually: So the Tempter moving, standing or rearing up, thus passionately exclaiming:

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Athis the Daughter of Cranus, about A. M. 2448. Before

the second King of it, according to juslin, Lib. ii. c.6. Athens was the famous City and University of Greece, on the Coast of Atti. ca, the River of Cephisus upon the Egean Sea, and once the Universal School of Mankind ; where Arts and Sciences had their first Advancement among the Greek, under Socrates, Plato, and many other learned Masters. It was built by Cecrops, the Egyptian, the first King of it, who lived in the Days of Moses,

jesus Chris 1556 Years, seven hundred and eighty before the first Olympiad, three hundred and seventy-five before the Siege of Troy: Then it was called Cecropia, Gr. i. e. The City of Ce. crops ; and now Sentines and 4. thina, corruptly by the Turki; as they do almost all antient Names of Men, Cities, Countries, &c. But now Learning is quite lost there. The Venetians took it from the Turks, A. D. 1687.


that be known, since it might be the easier shunned P God therefore, if he be just, cannot hurt you ; if he did he would be not just, not GoD ; not feared then, nor obeyed ; nor is it Pain that you yourselves are afraid of, but Death. Why then was this forbid f Why, but to keep ye low, in Awe, and Ignorance, that so ye might always worship him : He knows, that in the Day that ye eat of that Fruit, your Eyes (that though they seem clear to you, are very dim) shall then be perfectly opened and cleared ; and ye {hall be like Gods, knowing both Good and Evil, in the same Manner as they do : Since I, by eating, an internally become rational as a Man ; by like Comparison, ye shall be as Gods, rising to Deity from human Nature, as I from brutal to it. So it may be ye shall die, that is by putting off human Nature, to become Gods ; if so, Death were to be wished for, no Matter how threatened, that brings no worse than this along with it : And what I pray are Gods, that MAN may not become, if he was to participate godlike Food with them The Gods, as they happened to be first, take that Advantage to impose upon our Belief, that every Thing proceeds from them : Now I question it; for I see this fair Earth, as it is warmed by the Sun, productive of every Kind ; but I see them produce nothing : If they made all Things, who was it that put the Knowledge of Good and Evil into this Tree, that whoso eats of the Fruit, forthwith without their Leave, attains Knowledge and Wisdom 2 And wherein lies the Crime, that MAN should attain to Knowledge this Way What Hurt can your Knowledge do him : Or what can this Tree impart against his Will, if every Thing is his Or is it Envy Then I ask again, can Envy dwell among Gods ------ These, these, and many other Reasons, rove the Need you stand in of this fair Fruit; then so Goddess! gather it, and taste it freely.

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