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called it Rythra i. e. Red, which the Greeks turned in Erythra or Erythras, and the Latins into Mare Erythraeum, i. e. the Red. Sea. But in the Hebrew it is called Supb, i. e. the Sea of Sedge or Weeds, which grow and float upon it in Abundance. This Sea parts Egypt from Arabia, and therefore it is called alfo the Arabian Gulf.

(h) Buffri; ; Lat. from the Gr. i. e. A Manager of Oxen; because he butchered Men like Oxen. A cruel Tyrant of Egypt in the Time of Moses, who under a Pretence of intreating Strangers, sacrificed them upon his Altars. He built the famous City of Zoan or Tanais, and made it the Seat of his Kingdom. This Fable signifies that Pharaoh, who put the Israelites to a very hard Slavery like Oxen : for which Hercules, the true Moses, destroyed him and all his Attendants in the Red Sea. Some call him Amenophis, but others Cenches.

(i) Memphian; of or belonging to Memphis ; Heb. i. e. A populous Country or great City. In Heb. it is called Meph and Neph, which the Greeks turned into Memphis. This great City was built, as some say, a little before the Flood; and being af. terwards repaired and enlarged, it became the Royal City of E. gypt, 'till the Time of the Ptolemies, who resided at Alexandria; because it was built by Alexander the Great. It was a great City, seven Leagues in Circuit; because in Length of Time four Cities became one ; and stood on the West Side of the Nile. It was destroyed by the Arabs, as the Prophets foretold ; and out of its Ruins they built another on the other Side of the River, called Alcair, Heb. i. e. the City; which the French call Grand Cairo, i. e. the Great City. Here it is taken for the whole People of Egypt, in the Days of Busiris.

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Satan awakens all his Legions, who lay 'till then confounded; they rise. Their Numbers. Array of Battle. Their chief Leaders named, according to the Idols known in Canaan and the Countries adjoining.

AT AN called so loud, that his Voice resounded through all the hollow Deep of Hell.

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TH Ey. heard him and were ashamed, and sprung up upon the Wing; as when Men who are used to watch on Duty are found sleeping, by those of whom they stand in Dread, get up in Surprize, and begin to stir about before they are well awake. Not that they did not see the evil Condition which they were in, or feel the fierce Pain, yet they soon obeyed their General's Voice, and appeared innumerable; as when the potent Rod of Moses, in the evil Day of Egypt (mt),

was stretched forth over the Land, and called up a

(m) Egypt, Lat. from the Gr. i. e. The Land of the AEgopti, Cophti, and Copti, from Coptus the Metropolis of Thebais, “a City mentioned by Strabo and Plutarch; or from Celtim, the People and first King that settled in that Country, and of the Poflerity of Harn; or from AEgyptus, the Brother of Danaus, and an antient King of it. This Monarchy lasted 13 oc Years 'till Alexander the Great. In the Old Testament 'tis called the Land of Ham and Mizraim. (Mizrain signifies Afflictions, and is a Predićtion of the Tribulations the People of God were afterwards to suffer there.) The Greeks call it Egyptor, q. Ge Coptoon, and Chamia or Chemia, i. e. the Land of the Copti and of Cham ; the Turks and A abs call it Mizri and Misr, to this Day. An antient and fertile Kingdom of Africa; having Ethiopia on the South, the Red. Sea and Isthmus of Suez on the East, the Mediterranean Sea on the North, and the Desarts of


Lobia on the West. It is about 65 o Miles in Length, and 3 to Miles in Breath. It was peopled soon after the Deluge, had Kings in the Days of Abraha”, Gen. xii. Io, celebrated for the great Skill of the People in polite Literature. Nebuchadnezzar vanquished it, Cambyses brought it into the Power of the Persoans, A. M. 3479. Then it fell into the Hands of the Grecians for 3oo Years. The Romans reduced it into a Province, and called it Augusia, who held it for 313 Years. The Saracens, then the Mamaluct, and at last the Turki became Masters of it. There is little Rain, but the Overflowing of the Nile yearly renders it very fertile: So that it was always a Granary to Canaan, Arabia, Greece and Rome, and is now to Conftantinople ;

though sometimes there have been Famines there. The Harvest is in our March and April.

The evil Day of Egypt was under the ten Plagues mentioned Exod. vii, viii, ix, x, and xi.


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moving slowly on the Wing, under the Concavity or Jhollow Canopy of Hell, between Fires that were above, below, and on all Sides, ’till the Spear of SATAN their great Commander was lifted up, as a Signal given to direct their Course: They alighted down in exact Order on the firm Brimstone, a Multitude greater than ever the populous North, Goths, VANDALs, HUNs, or other barbarous Nations, poured from her frozen Climes of Norway, SwedEN, or

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