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Throne with Adoration, or with Defiance. Do thou go and carry this Report and these Tidings to the anointed King, and make Haste before fomething worse intercept thy Flight.

Satan spoke thus, and a hoarse Murmur gave Applause to his Words through the infinite Hoft, like the Sound of deep Waters ; nevertheless the flaming and undaunted Seraph Aediel, though surrounded by Foes and alone, thus answered boldly :

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Oh alienated from God, Spirit forsaken of all Good, and accursed! I see that thy Fall is determined, and thy unhappy Followers involved in this perfidious Evil ; the Contagion being spread both of thy Crime and Punishment. Be not henceforth any more troubled, how to get rid of the Yoke of God's MesSIAH ; those indulgent Laws will not be now vouchsafed, but other Decrees not to be recalled are gone forth against thee. That golden Sceptre which thou didit refuse to obey, is now changed to a Rod of Iron, to bruise and break thy Disobedience. Well didit thou advise me to fly thefe wicked and devoted Tents, yet not for thy Advice or Threats do I do it, but left the Wrath that threatens, raging into a sudden Flame, should destroy all without Distinction ; for expect soon to feel his Thunder on thy Head, a devouring Fire ; then mourning, learn to know who is thy Creator, and who hath Power to uncreate and destroy thee.

The Seraph ABDIEL spoke thus, who was found faithful among the Faithless, alone found faithful among innumerable false ones ; he kept his Loyalty, Love, and Zeal unmoved, unshaken, unseduced, and unterrified : Though he was single, neither their Number nor Example prevailed with him to swerve

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from the Truth, nor altered the Constancy of his Mind : He passed forth from amidst them, through hostile Scorns, which, being much superior to, he easily sustained, nor stood in Fear of any Violence, but returning their Scorn back again upon them, he turned his Face from those proud Towers, doomed to swift Destruction.

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GOD makes a covenant with Abraham and confirms it by the Tifion of a smoaking Furnace &








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APHAEL continues to relate how Michael and Gabriel went forth to Battle against Satan and bis Angels ; the first

Fight described. Satan and his Powers retire under Night : He calls a Council ; invents devilish Engines, which in the second Day's Fight put Michael and bis Angels to fome Disorder, but they at length pulling up Mountains, overwhelme ed both the Force and Machines of Satan. The Tumult not ending, God on the third Day sends the Messiah his Son ; for whom he had reserved the Glory of that Viktory : He, in the Power of bis Father coming to the Place, and caufng all bis Legions to Aland fill on either Side, with his Chariot A 2 2


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