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Body vouchsafe to ease thy Load, and taste of thy Sweetness ? Neither God nor Man? Is Knowledge lo much despised? Or is it Envy? Or what Reserve is it that forbids to taste of it? Let who will forbid it, none shall longer withold from me thy offered Good: To what End elfe art thou set here? Having said this, he made no farther Pause, but with adventurous Arm he plucked off the Fruit, and cafted it: A damp Horror chilled me, at such bold Words, confirmed with such a bold Deed. But he overjoyed, exclaimed thus : Oh divine Fruit! sweet of thyielf, but thus cropped much more sweet; forbidden here it would seem as only fit for Gods, and yet art able to make Gods of Men: And why not make Gods of Men, since Good the more it is communicated, grows more abundantly : the Author at the same Time not impaired, but the more honoured? Here thou happy Creature fair angelical Eve! do thou partake allo; for though thou art happy, thou mayest bestill happier, though thou canst not be worthier: Then taite this, and henceforth be amongst the Gods, thyself a Goddess; not confined to the Earth, but as we are, sometimes in the Air, fometimes ascend up to Heaven, (which is thine by Merit) and see there what Life the Gods live, and fúch a one live thou. Saying this he drew nigh to me, and held even to my very Mouch, Part of that fame Fruit which he had gathered: The pleasant favoury Smell so quickened my Appetite, that, methought, I could not forbear talting : Forthwith I few with him up to the Clouds, and beheld the Earth stretched out immeasureably a wide and various Prospect far underneath me: While I was wondering at my Flight and my Change to this high Exaltation; on a sudden my Guide was gone, and I methought, sunk down, and fell asleep : But oh, how glad I was when I waked to find this nothing but a Dream! Thus Eve related what had passed in her Sleep in the Night, and ADAM, with much Sadaels, made this Answer.


Thou, best Image of myself! and my dearer Half! The Trouble of thy Thoughts this Night in Sleep, equally affects me ; nor can I by any Means like this strange Dream, which I fear to proceed from Evil. Yet whence Evil? None can harbour in thee, for thou art created pure. But know, that there are many lesser Faculties in the Soul, which are subordinate to Reafon : The Chief of these is Fancy: the forms Imaginations, and airy Shapes of all the external Things, which the five Senses represent, which (Reason either joining or disjoining) frame all what we affirm, or what we deny, and call our Knowledge or Opinion, and when Nature rests, then Reason retires into her private Cell, and rests also. Mimic Fancy, in her Absence ofren wakes to imitate her ; but misjoining Shapes generally produces wild Work and mostly in Dreams ; ill-marching of Words and Deeds long since past, or lately done. Methinks I find such Resemblances of our Talk last Evening, in this thy Dream, but with very strange Addition : Yet be not fad ; into the Mind of either God or Man Evil may come, and go,

and if unapproved of, leave no Spot or Blame behind it : Which occafions me to hope, that what thou didst æbhor to do in a Dream aseep, thou never wilt consent to do waking. ) Then do not be disheartened, nor let there be a Cloud upon that Face, that used to be more chearful and more ferene, than when the fair Morning first opens on the World : And let us rise to our fresh Employments among the Groves, and among the Fountains and Flowers, that now open their choiceft Smells, which have been shut up from the Night, and kept in Store for thee.

So ADAM endeavoured to chear his fair Spouse, and she was cheared ; but filently from either Eye, The let fall a gentle Tear, and wiped them with her


Hair :

Hair : Two other precious Tears that stood ready to drop ADAM kissed away, looking on them as gracious Signs of sweet Remorse, and a pious Awe that was afraid to have offended.

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So all was cleared, and they haftened forth to the Field : But first from under the shady Roof of the Arbour, as soon as they were come forth to the open Sight of Day and the Sun, (who scarce risen and yet hovering on the Ocean's Brim, shot parallel his dewy Rays to the Earth, discovering in a wide Landscape all the East of PARADISE, and the happy Plains of Eden) they bowed lowly in Adoration, and begun their Prayers, duely offered every Moșning in various Stile ; for neither did they want various Stiļe nor holy Rapture, to praise their Maker in proper Strains, either pronounced or sung unpremeditated ; such ready Eloquence flowed from their Lips, in Prose or harmonious Verse, too tuneable to want either Lute or Harp to add more Sweetness to them; and they bes

gan thus :

ALMIGHTY! Parent of Good ! These glorious Works are thine, and thine this universal Frame, fo wondrous beautiful! How much more wonderful art thou ! Unspeakable! Who sitteft above the Heavens, to us invisible, or feen dimly in these thy lowett Works : Yet these declare thy Goodness to be beyond Thought, and thy Power to be divine. Speak ye Sons of Light ! Ye Angels! How wondrous the Creator is, for ye behold him, and with Songs and Symphonies, Day without Night, sing round about his Throne rejoicing in Choir; this do ye in Heaven! On Earth join all ye Creatures ! To exalt, and praise himn, first and last and for ever without End! Thou faireft of Stars the last in the Train of Night! (if more properly thou belong not to the Dawn) the sure Pledge of Day, that beautifieft the smiling Morning with thy

bright Circle! Praise him in thy Sphere, while Day arites! Thou Sun ! Boch Soul and Eye of this great World, acknowledge him thy greater ; in thy eternal Course found his Praise ! Both when thou climbest and when thou hast reached high Noon, and when thou fecteft. And thou, O Moon! and ye

five other wandering Fires ! that move in a Manner not to be comprehended, yet not without Harmony, resound his Praise who out of Darkness called forth Light. Air ! and ye other Elements ! the first Birth of Nature, that run a perpetual Circle taking various and numberlels Forms, inixing with and nourishing all Things; let your ceaseless Change still vary new Praise to our Great Maker! Ye Mists and Exhalations ! that now rise dusky or grey, from the Hills or steaming Lakes, (till fuch Times as the Sun-beams paint ye like Gold) rise ye, in honour to the World's great Author! whether rising to deck the uncoloured Sky with Clouds, or falling to wet the Earth with Showers of Rain, ftill advance ye, his Praise ! breathe soft, or loud his Praise, ye Winds! that blow from four Quarters! And ye Pine Trees wave your Tops! And every Plant, in Sign of Worship wave ! Ye Fountains! and ye murmuring Streams ! tune his Praise. Join Voices, all ye living Souls ! ye Birds ! that singing ascend up towards Heaven's Gate, upon your Wings and in your Notes bear his Praife. Ye Fishes that swim in the Waters! and ye Creatures that walk the Earth, treading or lowly creeping ? Witness if I am silent Morning or Evening, to Hill, to Valley, to Fountain or fresh Shade made vocal by my Song, and taught his Praife! Hail, universal LORD! be thou still so bounteous to give us only. good; and if the Night hath gathered any Thing of Evil, do thou difperfe it ; even as the Morning Light mow dispels the Darkness.

So they prayed innocently, and to their Thoughts foon recovered firm Peace, and utual Calmneis; on they hafted to their Morning's rural Work, among sweet Dews and Flowers, or where any Rows of Fruit Trees reached too far their overgrown Boughs and.. wanted Hands to check them from iruitless Embraces, or else they led the Vine to wed the Elm, who twi: ning her marriageable Arms about him brings with her, her Dower, the rich Clusters of Grapes to adorn: his barren Leaves.


Raphael is sent to admonish Man of his Obedience,

comes down to Paradise ; his Appearance described : Adam discerns bis Coming ; goes to meet him, and brings him to his Bower; where Raphael performs his Message.

H E high King of Heaven with Pity beheld them thus employed, and called to him Ra

PHAEL (a), the fociable Spirit, that condescended to travel with TOBIAS, and affifted him in his Marriage.

RAPHAEL! faid he, thou heareft what a Stir SATAN (escaped from Hell to Earth through the darkfome Gulph) hath railed in PARADISE ; how this Night he hath disturbed the huınan Pair, and how he designs in them at once to bring on the Ruin of all Mankind : Therefore go, and Half this Day converse

(a) Raphael; Heb. i. e. Toe Remedy or Phyfick of God. The Name of an Arch-Angel, a

mentioned in facred Scripture, only in Tb. Chap. iii. 17. 4. viii. 9.5.15.

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