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Simplicity gives up the Charge: So Hypocrisy now for once beguiled URIEL, though he was Regent of the Sun, and esteemed to be the sharpeft fighted Spirit in all Heaven; who to the foul and fraudulent Impostor, according to the Uprightness of his own Heart, thus returned Answer:

:-FAIR Angel! thy Defire, which tends to the Knowledge of the Works of God, thereby to glorify the great Work-Master, does not lead to any Excels that deferves Blame, but the more it seems Excefs, rather merits Praise, that led thee hither from thy heavenly Mansion thus alone, to witness with thine own Eyes, what many perhaps have only heard in Heaven, contented with a Report ; for full of Wonder indeed all his works are, pleasant to know, and always worthiest to be all had in Remembrance with Delight. But what created Mind can comprehend their

Number, or the infinite Wisdom that brought them forth, but hid their Causes in a Depth not to be fathomed? I saw when the formless Mass, the material Mold of this World, came to a Heap at his Word ; CONFUSION heard his Voice, and wild UpROAR stood ruled, and what had been thought yast in Finitude becameconfined; after which at his Tecond Bidding the Darkness fled, Light shone, and Order sprung from Disorder ; the Elements hasted swift to their feveral Quarters; Fire, Water, Earth, and Air, and the purest Æther fey upward, spirited with various Forms, which in their Motion became orbicular, and turned to numberless Stars, as thou seest, and how they move; each had its Course and Place appointed, and the rest surround and encompass this Universe. Look downward upon that Globe, whose hither Side shines from hence, though but with reflected Light ; that Place is the Earth, and the Seat of Man ; that Light is his Day, which were it not for that, Night (as the does the other Hemispheres) would cover ; but


there the neighbouring Moon (call that opposite fair Star so) timely interposes her Aid, her monthly Round still ending and still renewing, through the Midst of Heaven: with borrowed Light she fills her increasing and decreasing Face to enlighten the Earth, and checks the Night in her pale Dominion. That Spot to which I point now is PARADISE, the Abode of ADAM ; those lofty Shades are his Bower ; the Way thither thou canit not miss, that which requires me lies quite contrary.

When he had said this, he turned ; and SATAN bowing low, (as is usual to superior Spirits in Heaven, where none neglects due Honour and Reverence) took Leave, and toward the Coast of Earth, down from the ECLIPTICK (b), haftened with the Hopes of Success, throws himself down in steep Flight, wheeling swiftly through the Air; nor did he make the leaft Stop, 'till he lighted upon the Mountain NIPHATES (c).

(6) Ecliptic, of Eclipse ; Lat. (c) Niphates ; Lai. Gr. Gr. A Defeat of Light. An Affron. i. e. Snowy ; because it is T. A great wide Circle in the generally covered with Snow. Heavens, extending between the It is a very high Mountain, iwo Tropics, cross the Equator; Part of Mount Taurus, between wherein the Sun moves through Armenia and Mesopotamia, no che twelve Signs of the Zodiac far from Paradise, and the in his yearly Course ; and there Source of Euphrates and Isa she Eclipses do happen. gris.

The End of the Third Book.


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Tuvoir, in his Return from Laban,meets Eau neho raives him kindly. Gen. 33.4.

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NATAN, now in Prospect of Eden, and

nigh. the Place be must now attempt the

bold Enterprize which he undertook alone, against God and Man, falls into many Doubts with himself, and many Passons, Fear, Envy, and Despair ; but at length confirms himself in Evil, journies, on to Paradise, whose outward Profpečt and Situation is described. Satan overleaps the Bounds, fits in the Shape of a Cormorant on the Tree of Life, as the highest in the Garden, to look about him. The Garden described; Satan's first Sight of Adam and Eve; bis Wonder at their excellent Form and happy State, but with Resolution to work their Fall ; overbears their Difcourse ; from thence gathers that the Tree of Knowledge was forbidden them to eat of, under Penalty of Death ; and thereon intends to found

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