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GOLGOTHA (y), who lives in Heaven; and they, who to be certain of going to PARADISE, put on the Weeds of St. DOMINIC (z) when they are dying, or think to Nip in, disguised in the Habit of FRANCIS (a). They pass the seven Planets (b), and the fixed Stars, and all that is talked of, of. Christaline Spheres and Primum Mobile : And now St. PETER at the Entrance of Heaven seems to wait for them with his Keys, and now they lift their Feet as at the Ascent of Heaven, when a violent cross Wind from either Coast, blows them transverse through the path less Air, ten thousand Leagues awry: Then Cowles, Hoods, and Habits, with their Wearers, are fluttered into Rags : Then Reliques (C), Beads (d), Indulgen


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(5) Golgotha; Heb. Syr, i. e. stron. T. They are seven in A Scull: Because of the Sculls Number, viz. Saturn, Jupiter, and other Bones of Criminals Mars, Sun, Venus, ' Mercury and execuied there. The Place the Moon where Chrift was crucified on (c) Reliques, or Relicks; Fr. Mount Moriah, upon the North Ital. Sp. Lat. i.e. Remains or Side of Jerufalem, Math. xxvii. Fragments of the Bodies and 33. It was the same Spot where Clothes of Saints, preserved by on Ifaae was to be offered two Roman Catholicks, with great thousand Years before, and was Veneration, viz. A Finger, a a lively Type of this.

Toe, a Tooth, a Girdle, &c. (z) Dominic ; Sp. Tal. Fr. and all worshipped by them. Lat. i.e. The Lord. Dominicus, (d) Beads ; Teut. Sax. Dui, a Spaniard, was the Author of i. e. Prayers, round Balls made that Order, called Dominican of Amber, Wax, Wood, Glass, Friars, instituted A. D. 1205. Silver, Gold, commonly of fifThe Inquisitors are of thisOrder. teen Tens, &c. which the Roma. Some ignorant Creatures put up. nifts count at Prayers, by reckon. on dying Persons a Priest's Robeing of which they know how of. of these Orders, to carry them ten they have repeated their Pa. safe through Pargatory.

ter nofler, Ave-mary, Credo, &c. (a) St. Francis was an Italian as they are enjoined by their Merchant, first called John, who Priests, cven in the Streets and at instituted the Order of Francif- Work; like the old Pharisees, can Friars, A. D. 1192. Turks, and Hypocrites. The Hea.

(6) Planets; Lar. Gr. i. e. thens of Malabar use Beads made Wandering Stars; because of of the Bark of Trees, as powertheir various Motions. An A. fulAntidotes againf Satan, Sin and


cies (e), Dispensations (f), Pardons, Bulls (8), are all the Sport of Winds: All these whirled upwards, fly over the Backside of the World into a large and broad LIMBO (b), since called the PARADISE OP Fools; which though now unpeopled and untrod, in Process of Time became unknown to few.

CH A P. IV..

Satan comes to the Gates of Heaven; bis Passage

thence to the Orb of the Sun; where he finds Uriel tbe Regent thereof, and upon Inquiry is directed to the Habitation of Man. ATAN paffed on and wandered a great while,

'till at last a Gleam of Light caused him to di

rect his Steps towards it; far distant he disco: vers a high Structure, ascending by magnificent De

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Dangers, which are prepared by (3) Bulls; Lat. Gr. i.e. Coun. an holy Order of Men only, cal cils: Because formerly they were led Antigods ; and the Turks use granted by the Content of a Beads allo to perfume themselves. Council of State; or from Lał.

(i) Indulgencies; Fr. Ital. Sp. j. e. Ornaments, hung about the Port. Lat. i. e. Bearing or coax Necks of Children, like a Seal; ing with one; Relaxations or Briefs, Licences of Popes, to Liberties, granted by the Popes, 'which Leaden or Golden Seals to dispense with some Duties, or were affixed ; and purchased at ‘removing the Infliction of some a set Price from the Pope's Extemporal punishment, due for chequer. Sins past, or to come. Cardinal (6) Limbo; Ilal. Sp. Lat. i. e. Bellarmin affirms, that Indul. The Border of a Garment : Valg. gencies are granted for twenty Limbus Patrum. A Place fanfive thcasand Years; but they cied by Papifts, bordering upon are sold at a very high Price. Hell, where they say, the Souls

1) Dispenses, or Dispensa- of all the Patriarchs and other tims ; Fr. Ital. Lat. Sufferings just Men, from the Beginning, or Permissions granted by the were confined, till Chrift at his Popes, to do Things contrary to Passion descended thither, and che Laws of God or Man, for set them at Liberty. la much ready Money.


grees up to the Wall of Heaven, at the Top of which (but far more sumptuoius) appeared 'what seemed to be a Royal Palace Gate, with a Front set off with Gold and Diainonds; the Portal shone thick with sparkling Jewels, ' impossible to be imitated upon Earth, either in Model or Picturé. The Stairs were such as those were whereon JACOB (1) faw Angels afcending and descending, Bands of bright Guardians, when he fled from Esau (k) as far as PADANARAM (2), and the Field of Luz (m), -as he by Niglit lay dreaming under the open Air, and waking from his Steep cried out, THIS IS THE GATE OF HEAVEN : Each Stair was mysteriously meant; not always stood there, but sometimes was drawn up to Heaven out of Sight; and underneath there fowed a

- Jacobs Heb. i.e. Holding Padan only, i. e. A Pair : the Hal; or tripping up his Sometimes, Aram, i.e. A River Brother's Heels; because he laid of Aramia or Syria, sometimes Hold of his Brother's Heel in the Naharajim, i. e. Rivers; and Birth, as if he would deprive him Padan Aram. By the Greeks, of his Birth-right at first, Gen.' Mesopotamia, i. e. In the Middle xxv. 26. A Supplanter or De of Rivers. By the Arabs, Al ceiver, because he outwitted his Gezira, i.e. The Island. By the Brother Ejau more than once, Latins, Interamnia : Because it Gen, xxv. 27, 36, Hof. xii. 2. lies along the Banks of two The second Son of Ifaac and Re Rivers : And by the modern Abecia, and Father of the twelve rabians, Diarbec or Diarbech ; Patriarchs. He was born about i. e. The Duke's Country. To A. M. 2130, and died in Egyp this Country Jacob was sent by 147 Years of Age. He was a grand his Mother, to avoid the Revenge Master of Aftronomy, Aftrology, of his Brother, and dwelt twen. &c. and also a divine Prophet.

ty one Years. (4) Efax; Heb. i. e. Wrought (m) Luz; Heb. Arab, i.e. A or perfected because he was Nut Tree, or rather the simond more complete ac his Birth than Tree : because many of thole other Children, being covered Trees grew thereabout, an antiall over with Hair, as one that is ent City in Canaan. In Memo, old, and of a stronger Conflitu ty of the gloricus Vifion that tion, Gen. XXV, 25.

Jacob had near to it, he called () Padan. Aram, Arbai. e. À it Bethel, i. e. The Houje of Pair of Rivers, viz. The Euphra- God, which Name it kept for Iss and the Tygris. It is called wany Ages alter.

bright Sea of Jasper, or of liquid Pearl, whereon whoever came after from the Earth, arriv'd sailing and wafted over by Angels, or else flew over the Lake, caught swiftly away, and drawn in a fiery Chariot by fiery Steeds, as Elijah the Prophet was. At that Time the Stairs were let down, whether it were to dare SATAN by the Easiness of the Afcent, or to make his Exclusion from the Gates of Happi: ness more grievous; directly against which from beneath, just over the happy seat of PARADISE, there open'd a wide Passage down to the Earth, (wider by far than that of After-times over Mount S10N, ori than that, though it was large, which was over the promis'd Land so dear to God, by which his Angels pafs’d frequently to and fro to perform his great Commands, to them whom he beheld with a choice Regard, being those who inhabited as far as from PaneAs (n), said to be the Fountain of the River (0) JOR


j. e.

(n) Paneas ; Heb. from Panescending or rapid, or from Jarad: and im, i. é. The Mouth of the Heb. i. e. He defcended: because Waters : because a vast Flood of of its rapid Current from the Waters flow out of it. See Gen. Mountains. And Dan : because xxxii. 30, and the Source of the it ran by the old City, Dan, Nile. A Fountain in Palestina, near from Dan the Patriarcb, i.e. the old Town Lais or Lifhem. Heb. A J udge. These two Fountains

A roaring Lion, and the uniting there, make the River Panean Cave ; from which that Jordan, fo famous for many Country was called Paneas. It Miracles : as the Tame and lfis becomes a Rapid River, running or Oufe uniting their Streams, through a fat Soil. Pliny and o a little below Dorchester in Oxther Geographers of old thought fordshire, make the River it was the Source of Jordan, but Thames.' It is the chief River later Travellers have discovered of Canaan, rifing at the Foot the contrary ;

for that is in of Mount Lebanon, runs by the Mount Lebanon, four Leagues a Borders' of it on the East, thence bove this. It is the outmoft Bounds to the South in a Course of fifty of the Promised Land to the Leagues, 'till it lofeth itself in North, as Beerbeba is to the the Dead Sea. By the way it South.

makes two Lakes, 14. The Lake (0) Jordan or Yarder; Heb. of Semechon 'or Merem, j. e. Compounded of or, iie. De A Harp, and Bitter ; because


DAN, quite to BEERSABÀ (P), where the Holy Land borders upon Egypt and the Coast of ARABIA (9), so wide seemed the Opening where Bounds were fet to Darkness, fuch as are set to the Waves of the Ocean, that they can go no farther.

SATAN now upon the lower Stair, that leads up by Steps of Gold to the Gates of Heaven, looks down with Wonder ac the sudden View of all this World at once; just as when a Scout has gone all Night in Danger through dark and defart Ways, ac lalt at the Break of chearful Day climbs up to the

thar Lake represents a Harp, bam and Abimelech made an Alli and the Waters are biter ; it ance upon Oath, Gen. xxi. 31.. is dry in the Summer, yos. xi. A Town situated upon the ut5.-2dly, The Lake of Geneza moft Bounds of the Holy Land, retb, called the Sea of Galile, forty Miles from JerufalemSouthor the Sea of Tiberias, John ward, and built upon that Acvi. 1. Forty-four Miles from yo count. It belonged to the Edorufalem Northward, four Miles mites, then to the Simeonites. It broad, and twelve Miles long. was

a great Town in the Days of Jordan overflows the Banks in St. Jerom, the Christians in the March and April, from the Snow holy War fortified it against the and Rains that fall upon the Turks and Arabs; since that Time Mountains, Tosh. iii. 15. Now it belongeth to the Turks, and is it is not above twenty Yards at much decayed. It is now called the broadel, and about three or Gallim or Giblin. foar Yards deep, unless when it (9) Arabia ; Heb. i. e. Black, overflows, which Mr. Maundred mixed, a Robber: because the could not observe, though he Inhabitants of it are fach: ra. was there at the proper Time, ther from Ereb, Heb. i. e, the ; viz. in March 30, A. D. 1697, Wef: because it lies on the Wef which he supposes to be either, of udea. A large Country in because its Channel is deeper Afia, between Egypt and Iudean than it was of old; or because the the Red Sea and the Perkan Gulph, Waters of it may be diverted divided into the Stony, che Des fome other Way. It is covered fare, and Happy. It was first all along with Trees, which peopled by Joktan and his thismakea pleasant Sight, but adan teen Sons; by Ifmaet, Founder gerous and difficult coming at it. of the Hagarens, or Saracers's

(P) Beerfaba, of Beerbeba; then by Esau, and from him Heb. i. e. The Well of the Oatb came twelve grand Princes, and or Govenant ; because there Abra as many Nations


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