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with the Multitude of my Redeemed, to see thy Face, wherein no Cloud of Anger shall remain, but assured Peace and Reconcilement; thenceforward entire Joy shall be in thy Presence, and Wrath shall be

no more.


Here his Words ended; but his meek Afpect, though he was filent, fpake and breathed immortal Love to Mankind, above which only shone filial Obedience; he attends the Will of his great Father, as a Sacrifice glad to be offered up. All Heaven was seized with Admiration, what this might mean, and whether it would tend; but the ALMIMHTY foon replied :

My sole Delight! the only Peace in Heaven and Earth found out for Mankind, under Wrath; Thou knowelt well how dear all my Works are to me, and it shews Man not the least 1o, though the last created; seeing that for his Sake I spare Thee from my Bosom and Right-Hand, to save (by losing Thee for a Time) the whole Race that was loft: Do Thou, thercfore, join thy Nature also to theirs, whom thou alone canst redeem ; and be Thyself a Man upon Earth among Men, and made Flesh, when the Fulness of Time shall be, of Virgin Seed, by a miraculous Birth: Be thou in the Room of ADAM (f), the Head of all Mankind, though one of his Sons; as in him all Men perish, so as from a second Root, in Thee shall be restored as many as are restored, and without Thee none : His Crime makes all his Sons guilty ; the Merit accounted for theirs, shall absolve all those who renounce their own Deeds, both righteous and unrighteous, and live engrafted in Thee, and

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(1) Adam ; Heb. i. e. Red. Earth, Gen. ii. 7. v. 2. As The Name of the firft Man and Homo in Lat. is from Mumus, forft Woman: because they were i. e. the Ground: which points formed of the Red Duft of the at both our Original and End.

N 2


receive new Light from Thee : So (as is most juft) Man shall fatisfy for Man, .be judged and die, and atterwards rise again, and with him sajle his Brethren, ranfomed with his own dear Life: So hellish Hate shall be out-done by heavenly Love, giving itself to DEATH, and dying; so dearly redeem what hellish Hate destroyed to eally, and still does destroy in all those, who when they may will not accept of Grace. Nor falt Thou lesen or debale thy own Nature, by condescending to aflumethat of MAN; because, though enthroned in highest Bliss, equal to God, and enjoying the same as the FATHER, Thou hast quitted all, to. save a whole World from utter Loss, and hast been found the Son of God, by Merit more than by Birthright; formed worthy to be so, by Reason of being good, far more than by being great or high ; because Love hath abounded in Thee far beyond Glory: Therefore thy Humiliation shall with Thee exalt thy Manhood also to this Throne; here thou shalt sit incarnate, and reign here, both God and MAN, the Son both of God and MAN, anointed the universal King; all Power I give unto Thee, do Thou reign for ever, and assume all Adoration as thy Merit ; all the Angels of Heaven I put under thy Government; to Thee, as the supreme Head, every Knee shall bow, of Things in Heaven, and Things in Earth, and Things under the Earth ; when thou shalt appear in the Sky, attended gloriously from Heaven, and send from Thee Arch-Angels, with a Summons proclaiming thy dread Tribunal : Forthwith from all Corners of the Earth the Living shall hasten to the general Doom, and the cited Dead of all Ages; (for such a Peal shall rouze them from their Sleep,) then all thy Saints being assembled, Thou shalt judge bad Men and bad Angels, when they come to be arraigned, they shall link beneath thy Sentence, and Hell (the Number of the Damned being filled up) shall be thenceforward shut up

Mean while


for ever.

the Worid shall burn, and there shall arise from her Alhes a new Heaven and a new Earth, wherein just Men shall dwell; and after all their long Persecutions and Susterings see happy Days, that shall bring forth nothing but Joy, Love triumphing, and fair Truth: After this Thou shalt lay thy regal Scepter by, for there shall then be no farther Use for it ; but God shall be all in all. All ye Angels of Heaven, give Adoration to him, who to coinpals all this dies ; adore hiin, who is my only Son, and honour him even as ye honour me.

No sooner had the ALMIGHTY pronounced this, than the Multitude of Angels gave a Shout, uttering soy; loud as from Numbers which were not to benumbered, and sweet as from blest Voices; Heaven rung with Jubilee (g) and loud HOSANNAS (b) filled the eternal Regions. Toward either Throne they bow lowly, reverent, and cast down to the Ground their Crowns, with folemn Adoration ; Crowns that were adorned with Gold and imninortal Amaranth, a Flower which once began to blow in PARADISE, just by the Tree of Life; but after Man's Fall was removed to Heaven, where it first grew, now grows, and with its never

(8) Jubilée ; Lat. Gr. Heb. i. e. A Ram and a Ram's Horn: because the Jews proclaimed tbeir Feats with the Sound of Trumpets made of Rams Horns, Lev XXV. 8. The Word came firit from Jubal the Son of La. mech, the Inventor of musical Intiruments, Gen. iv. 21.

(6) Fafanna's; Lat. Gr. Heb. i. e. Save we beseech thee, or God bless the King Solemn Rejoicings among the ows in the Feast of Tabernacles and Congratulations to their Kings. "And the Disciples went, and

“ did ag Jesus commanded them,
“ and brought the Ass, and the
Colt, and put on them their
“ Clothes, and they sat him
" thereon. And a very great
“ Multitude spread their Gar-
• ments in the way ; others cut
« down Branche: from the Trees,
" and Il rewed them in the Way.
" And the Multitudes char went
“ before, and that followed,
“ cried, saying, Hosanna to the
« Son of David: blessed is he
~ that cometh in the Name of
“ the Lord, Hosanna in che
" Higheft."

fading Bloom shades the Fountain of Life, and all along where the clear River of Bliss fows through the Midst of Heaven; with these immortal Flowers the elect Spirits bind their glorious Locks, wreathed in with Beams of Light. Now the bright Pavement, that shone like a Sea of Jasper, made purple with heavenly Roses, was covered with the Garlands which they had thrown off, afterwards taking their Crowas again, and their golden Harps that hung (always tuned) like Quivers glittering by their Side, with sweet Preamble of charming Symphony, they usher in their most facred Song and exalted Praises, no Voice being exempt; for luch Concord there is in Heaven, that there was no Voice but could well join in such melodious Ecstasy

To Thee, Oh! great God and Father of all ! they sung first, almighty, unchangeable, immortal, infinite and eternal King! the Author of all Being, and the Fountain of Light, Thyself being invisible, and not to be approached amidst the glorious Brightness where thou fittest enthroned; but then when Thou casts a Shadow over the full Blaze of thy Beams, thy Skirts appear, though drawn round about Thee, like a radiant Shrine; darkening with excessive Brightness, and dazling Heaven, so that the brightest Seraphim cannot approach, till they have veiled their Eyes with their Wings.

Ther, first of all Creatures, Thee they sung next, Begotten Son! Divine Similitude! in whose Countenance, without a Cloud and made visible in the Flesh, the Alınighty Father shines, whom no Creature elle can behold : On Thee impressed abides the Effulgence of his Glory, and on thee rests his Spirit, poured out in Abundance and at full: By thee he created the Heaven of Heavens, and all the Powers that are therein; and by Thee threw down such of


thote, as through Pride and Ambition became rebellious : Then Thou didit not spare thy FATHER's dreadtul Thunder, nor stop thy flaming Chariot Wheels, that took the everlasting Frame of Heaven; while Thou drovest over the Neck of the warring Angels, routed and put to Flight : Returning back from the Pursuit, thy holy Angels celebrated Thee with loud Shouts, calling Thee Son of thy Father's Might, to execute fierce Vengeance on his Enemies : Not so on Man; but he through the Malice of Devils fallen, Thou Father of Mercy and Grace, didft not doom him so strictly, but much rather inclined to Pity : No sooner did thy dear and only Son perceive that Purpose, but he much more inclined to Pity, to appease thy Wrath, and end the Contest perceiveable in Thee, between thy Justice and thy Mercy, without Regard to the Throne of Bliss whereon he fat, and second to Thee, offered himself to die for the Offence and Difobedience of Man. Oh Love! without Example, Love truly divine! Hail the Son of God ! Hail Saviour of Men! henceforth thy Name shall be the great Subject of our Song, nor shall our Harps ever neglect thy Praises, or separate them from the Praises of God the eternal FATHER.

Thus happily the Angels spent their Time in Heaven above the starry Sphere, in singing Hymns of holy Praise and Songs of Joy.

C H A P.

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