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his bad Mother did not rejoice less, who thus fpake to her Father SATAN :

By the Command of Heaven's all-powerful King, and by due Right, I keep the Key of this internal Pit; forbidden by him to unlock these Adamantine Gates ; Death itands ready to interpose his Dart a. gainst all Force, not fearing to be over-matched by any Thing created : But what do I owe to his Commands above, who hates me, and hath thrust me down hither into this Gloom of profound Hell, to sit here employed in this hateful Office, once an Inhabitant of Heaven and heavenly-born, yet has doomed me to remain here in perpetual Agony and Pain, encompassed round with the Terrors and Clamours of my own Brood, that feed themselves with


Bowels ? Thou art my Father, my Author, thou gavest me Being ;' whom should I obey and follow but thee? Thou wilt soon lead me to that new World of Light and Happiness, where among the Gods, who live at Ease, I shall reign voluptuoufly at thy Right-Hand, Time without End.

As she said this, the took from her Side the fatal Key, the sad Instrument of all our Woe, and rolling her snaky Train towards the Gate, forthwith drew up the great Portcullice; which excepting herself, not all the combined Powers of Hell could once have moved; then turns the intricate Wards of the Keyhole, and with Ease unfastens every Bolt and Bar, though of massy Iron, or of folid Rock: Upon a fudden the infernal Doors fly open, with a most violent Rebound, and grating Noise of the Hinges, and jarring Sound like harsh Thunder, that the lowest Bottom of Hell's Caverns shook.

Thus the opened the Gates, but to shut thein again was beyond her Power; they stood so wide

open; that an Army with all its Body and Wings extended;



marching under spread Ensigns, might pafs through ; with all their Horses and Chariots, though ranked but in loose Order : so wide they stood, and cast forth a yast Smoak and red Flame, like the Mouth of a Furnace. Before their Eyes there suddenly appeared the Secrets of the raging Deep; a dark infinite Ocean, without Dimension or Bound whatsoever ; 'where Lengih, Breadth, Height, and Time, and Place are loft, where eldest Night and Chaos, the firft Ancestors of Nature, hold continual Anarchy, amongst the Noise of endless Strife, and keep their Station by Confusion: For Hot, Cold, Moist, and Dry, four fierce Champions, strive here for Mastery, and bring to Battle the imperfect Particles of the first Matter; and they swarın populous, each by Nature tending to their own Factions, in their several Clans, whether light, heavy, sharp, sinooth, swift, or now, being numberless as the Sands of Barca (e), or the scorched Soil of CYRENE (f), which is lifted up with warring Winds, and driven about the Air. What these most adhere to, rules for a Moment ; Chaos fits Umpire, and by his Decision embroils the Fray the more,

It ftrove once

(e) Barca ; Carthag. i. e A fame Name there; a very barDefart; or from Amilcar Barca, ren sandy Province of Lybia, the Father of Hannibal, who is towards the Great Syrtis, lying fiid to have founded it. A large, upon the Mediterranean Sea near Pindy, barren and dry Country in Egypt. Cyrene was built by BarAfrica; so called from the capi. fus the Lacedemonian, from whom tal City of it, lying on the West the Inhabitants were called Batof Egypt, on the Mediterranean tida, and gave the Name to the Sea, between Egypt and Tripoli, whole Country. dix-hundred Miles from East to with Carthage for some Privile. Welt, and one-hundred and twen ges. In the most Southern Part of ty Miles from South to North :

it stood the famous Temple of Others call it the Sandy Lytia: Jupiter Ammon, and was the The Chief City is five-hundred Birth place of Simon, who carried and fifty Miles from Alexandria our Saviour's Cross to Mount in Egypí. Barca separates Egypt Calvary, Mat. xxvii. 32. Cyrene from Cyrene.

was also called Pentapolis ; Gr. Cyrene ; Carthag. from

because it contained five fine Cireno ; i. e. A Fountain, which Cities of old, ip angs from a Mountain of the


by which he reigns ; next hiin the high Arbiter CHANCE goveris all : Such was this wild Abyss, the deep Womb of Nature, and not unlikely but it shall be her Grave, made up of neither Sea, nor Shore, nor Air, nor Fire, but all these mixed confusedly in their pregnant Causes, and which must for ever fighe thus, unless the ALMIGHTY Maker ordain them, his dark. Materials to create, and form new Worlds.


CH A P. IV: With what Difficulty Satan passes the Gulph; di

rected by Chaos, the Power of that Place, to the Sight of this new World which he fought.

HE wary Fiend stood upon the Brink of Hell,

and looked for a-while to this wild Abyss;

for now he had no narrow Sea to cross, nor was his Ear lefs deafened with loud and ruinous Noifes, than to compare great Things with finall) Bellona (8), bent to destroy some capital City, storms it with all her battering Engines; as if this Frame of Heaven were falling, and these Elements in Uproar, had torn the stedfast Earth from her Axle ().

At last Satan spread his wide Wings, like Sails; for Flight, and lifted up in the rising Smoak, fpurns the Ground; thence ascending, rises intrepidly many a League, as it were in a cloudy Chair; but that Seat

shut up

() Bellona; Lat. i. e. The Time of Peace her Temple was Goddess of War. A Deity a. mong the old Romans ; the Mo (6) Axle ; Sax. Lar. Gr. i. e. ther, Sister, and Wife of Mars. Going round; A Geog. T. An She had many Temples, Priests, Axle-Tree. Here, an imaginary Sacrifices, Statues and Honours Line drawn through the Center paid her; and was painted with of the Earth, from the North to a furious Countenance, holding the South Pole ; upon which the a Trumpet, a Whip, and some Earth is supposed to move, in its times a lighted Torch; to thew Diurnal Motion from East to the dismal Effacts of War. In Welt.

L 2


foon failing, he nieets nothing but the vast empty Space: At unawares, futtering his useless Wings, directly down he drops ten Thousand Fathom deep, and to this Hour he had been falling, had not the strong Rebuff of a flying Cloud, kindled with Fire and Nitre, hurried him up as many Miles aloft : That Fury over, he lights on a sinking Quick-land, and nigh foundered, makes his Way over what was neither Sea nor good dry Land, treading the crude Substance of the Abyss half on Foot and half flying, that it was requis:e for him now to use both Oar and Sail: As when a Griffin (i) with winged Course, over Hill, through Wilderness, or moorish Vales, pursues the ARIMASPIAN (k), who by Stealth had taken from his watchful Custody the Gold that he had guarded; so eagerly the Fiend pursues his Way over Bog or Iteep Hill, through strait, rough, solid Land, or Water, with Head, Hands, and Wings or Feet; and as he can beft, makes his Way ; either swims, or sinks, or wades, or creeps, or fies. At length his Ear is assaulted with a universal Uproar of stunning Sounds, and Voices all in Confusion, which were born through the hollow Darkness ; undaunted he bends his Way thither, to meet there whatever Power, or Spirit of the lowermost Abyss might reside there, of whom he might enquire, which way the nearest Coast of Darkness lay, that bordered upon Light ; when strait appears the Throne of Chaos, and his dark Pavillion spread wide upon the walteful Deep; enthroned with

(i) Griffin or Griffon ; Lat. (4) Arima/pian; Scyth. from Gr. i. e. To gripe fast or Ari, i. e. One and Malpos, i, e. Squeeze. A fabulous, terrible and An Eye, One-eyed; a People of sa pacious Bird, said to be partly Scythia or Little Tartary in Es. Jike an Eagle, partly like a rope, said to have had one Eye. Lion ; Guardians of hidden The Truth is, they were expert Gold, and dedicated to Apollo Archers, who fhut one Eye, ihat the God and Maker of Gold, they might with the more Exj.e. The Sun with the Heat actness hit the Mark. Alexander of his Rays.

the Great subdued them.

PARADISE LOST. IOI bim fat dark and fable-habited Night, the eldest of Things, and Confort of his Reign;, and by them stood ORCUS (1), and Hades (92), and the dreaded Name of DEMOGORGON (n): Next Rumour, and CHANCE, and Confusion, and TUMULT, and DisCORD, with a thousand various Mouths, all these in continual Mutiny ; to whom Satan boldly-furning, faid thus :

Ye Powers, and Spirits of the lowermoft Abyss, CHAOS, and antient Night! I come not hither as a Spy, with Purpose to pry into, or disturb the Secrets

of your Kingdom, but wander this darksome Defart by Constraint, as my Way up to Light lies through your {pacious Einpire ; I seek which is the readiest Path that leads where your dark Bounds join to those of Heaven; or if the celestial King poffeffes some other Place lately won from your Dominion, I travel this dangerous Path to go thither; do you direct my Course, which if you do, it will bring no mean Recompence to your Advantage; if that Region be lost, and I can (expelling thence all Usurpation) reduce it to original Darkness, and your Sway, (which is the Intent of my present Journey) and once more establish there the Government of antient Night; let yours be all the Advantage, and only mine the Revenge!

Thus fpoke SATAN, and thus old Chaos anfwered him, with a Visage uncomposed, and faultering in his Speech :

() Orcus; Lat. from the Gr. i. e. An Oath: because the Supernal Gods made their Oaths by Orcus, as well as by Styx, 4.' nother Name of Hell.

(m) Hades ; Gr. Lat. i. e. A dark, bidden and invisible Place ; the same as Orcus or Hell ; in Holy Writ and sacred Authors.

It is esteemed to be the generad Receptacle of all Soals departed this Life, in a State of Expectation, till the Day of Judgment.

(1) Demogorgon ; Lar. from the Gr. i. e. Beholding the Gorgon, which none could do but He ; for the curned all Things that . looked on her into Stones.


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