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Late Vicar of St. Bride's, Prebendary of Westminster,

and Chaplain in Ordinary to His Majesty.

Now first Published from his.

Printed for LocKYER Davis, at Lord Bacon's
Head, near Salisbury Court, Fleetstreet.



T T would be needless to make | any Apology for offering the

following Discourses to the World. The Easiness of the Style, and the Clearness of the Method, fufficiently shews them to be the genuine Works of the Author, whose Name is prefixed to them. They are upon some of the most important and interesting Points of Christianity, with regard both to Faith and Practice. There evidently appears in them all, a most warm and pious Zeal, for the great Articles of our holy Religion, and a most affectionate Earnestness in inculcating the Virtues and Duties of the Christian Life, and raising




the true Spirit of Devotion, Humility, and Charity. And yet there is nothing in them like any Taint of Enthusiasm, or the least bordering upon Extravagance. This surely is the best Character and Recommendation of Compositions of this Nature: And this, we trust, will intitle those, which follow, to the Favour and Approbation of all candid and ferious Readers,

In the Sermon on Whit-Sunday is a Text or two of Scripture differently interpreted from the common Way, in which the Generality of Men of Learning have understood them. The Editor did not think himself at Liberty to make any Alterations in these Cases. He leaves them to the Judgment and Confideration of Scholars. If they


should not be found fatisfactory, they are at least innocent. They are not contrived to maintain or support any new Doctrines or Schemes whatever. Nay they are applied to the farther Defence and Proof of fome Points of That Faith, which was once for all deli- : vered to the Saints, at the Beginning of Christianity, and which therefore we ought to hold fast, pure and undefiled, to the End of the World. :

Dr. Bundy was generally allowed, even by the best Judges who heard him, to be a very pleafing and agreeable, as well as a very useful and instructive Preacher. And though none of his Sermons were composed for the Press; yet the two Volumes which were published soon after his Death, have

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