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Bark, inspected at Philadelphia, 1804 to 1829 80 Act respecting liens,

273 Barley inspected at Philadelphia, 1824 to 1829 ib. passed at session of 1829-30, 256 Beaver and Shenango canal

170 respecting duties on retailers,

253 Berwick canal to Philad. and N. York, distances 379 respecting inns and taverns, 261 Bethlehem described

67 respecting landlord and tenant,

West, panther killed at

112 respecting canal commissioners,

265 Biddle, C. C, appointed to take acknowledgements Adjutant General, report of

173 for Georgia, "Alice" old (negress) biography,

319 Biography of Nicholas Moore Allegheny portage, Moncure Robinson's rep. 97,116

Jeremiah Mosher

176 river steamboat,

John Todd

239 tuwn, mauufactures of

Old Alice

319 river, steamboat voyage to Olean,

James Logan

322 Alms-house, the new, corner stone laid,

Benjamin West

337 Appointments by Governor,

John D. Godman

353 by County Commissioners,

Patrick Lyon

356 by Mayor,

Joseph Parker
by President,

Samuel Coates

381 by Commissioners of Spring Garden, 79

Thomas Gocifrey

ib. Appropriations for City,

Gustavus Conyngham

401 Apprentices' Library company report

190 Blacksmiths, &c. of Philadelphia, memorial 247 address to by Job R. Tyson, 320 Blairsville, tolls collected at

80 Arrivals and clearances, 31,48,76,115,160,239,303 Blanchard, Mr. launches a steamboat for navigating Arsenals, arms, &c. 175 Allegheny river

234 Assembly man, female electioneering, 21 Blythe, Calvin, appointed Judge

95 a member unable to attend being in prison 113 Boquet, Col. Henry, letter to Assembly

116 first meeting in Philadelphia, paid their Braddock's defeat, relating to 115,190,207,210,250 own expenses, ib. Bridge, Frankford Creek, cost of purchase

368 a member presented as a man of ill fame, ib. Bristol, history of

140 complains that proprietary bas encroach Browne, Peter A. on marble slab

270,302 ed on their rights, ib. Bucks county, taxables

115 members could not attend owing to storm ib. Bustleton, sketch of

138 refuse to declare freedom of negroes, ib. invited to take wine with the Governor, ib. Cabinet of Natural Sciences of Chester county 377 speaker, &c. charged with being friendly Canal, Schuylkill Navigation company

28,48 to the pretender, 114 regulations and tolls,

50,111 do. attacked with pistols by a member

Union :

51,304,312 pay of members, 1717,


52,75 oppose employment of blacks,

ib. Chesapeake and Delaware 53,213,256,311,394 cannot decide whether an alien clergyman

statement of debts due by the state on loans 58 can marry any person in the province, ib. Pennsylvania, 80,88,111,131,183,184,225,228, two persons compelled lo kneel and ask

302,304,349 pardon of

on damming the Delaware

88 order a flag to be hoisted on Society hill, ib. loan, offer for by T. Biddle

96 four Quakers vacate their seats at request

Delaware and Hudson

ib. of Council in London, ib. Beaver and Shenango, meeting

170 a member returned for two counties


256 chooses which he will represent,

commissioners, act relating to appointment of 264 members cannot go to town on account

shortest passage from Middletown to Phila. 271 of snow, ib. commissioners' accounts

279 letter from General Boquet to

116 from Berwick to Philadelphia, distances 379 Asylum, Children's, report of 345 commissioners appointed

400 B Canals and rail roads compared

112 Baldwin, Henry, appointed Judge of Supreme Canton, exports of silks and nankeens from for 7 ys. 160 court United States,

47 Carlisle, Dr. John's (Indian) house attacked at 115 charge in case of Wilson, 313 Carpeting manufactory at Cumberland

192 sentence of Wilson and Porter 362 Carrier's address

32 Baltimore and Susquehanna rail road 297 Census, persons to take

352 Bank, directors elected, 16,48 of West Chester

383 of Penn., address of directors to stockholders, 38 of Milton

400 remarks of Mr. Mallery on rechart'g 81 Chambersburg turnpike, trade of

336 do. of Mr. Smith 83 Charge, Judge King's

273 statement

304 Cherokees, meeting and memorial at Phila, resplig 59 of United States, old, thanks to trustees 176 Chesapeake and Delaware canal, tolls, &c.

53 Mr. Smith's report on 240

tolls collected 213 report of Secr'y of Treasury 244

permits rafts

311 M'Duffie's report on 280,289,305

394 statement 308 Chester county, large product

265 various tables respecting its

cabinet of natural sciences

377 operation 308 to 312 taxables

115 s of the state, a tabular view of 1829


extracts from records of, 1681 to 1709 156 Baptist, first permanent establishment in Pennsyl'a, 138

a jury of women in

158 Barber, John, report on Pennsylvania rail road, 92

longevity in

256 oldest man dies




report of

[blocks in formation]


Chillisquaque, meteorological observations 48,125, Electioneering, female

21 170,335,400 Election, Sheriff of Lancaster admonished for Children's Asylum, report on

improper conduct

ib Churches in Philadelphia in 1793

proceedings at an

22 Clark, James, report on the Juniata division 225

riot at an

114 Coal region, account of

Germans drive off voters

ib trade, Schuylkill 31 Elizabethtown, tornado at

263 proposed to be taxed 57,223 Ephrata, dunkers of described

331 Susquehanna, for Baltimore 208 Erie, town of its advantages

344 letter on taxing 223 lake, increase of trade on

356 in Lycoming county 240 Evans, Cadwalader, on state of the canal

302 bituminous in Perry county ib. Evidence, uncertainty of a singular case

334 of Wyoming valley

288 Exchange, rates between different places and new mines at Mauch Chunk

bank of U. S.

384,397 Execution at Greensburg the first

288 Coates, Samuel, biographical sketch of

380 Executive department of government, expendiCoins, loss of weight in

tures from 1791 to 1829

272 depreciation of

gold and silver, report of director of the mint 160 Farmers and Graziers, meeting and memorial on
College, Dickinson, state of funds


218 Commerce, arrivals and clearances 31,48,96,160,239 | Farmers and Graziers, report of committee of arrivals at Philadelphia, 1822–29 48

Congress on

410 new vessels 1829

ib. Finances of Philadelphia John. M. Read's stateimportant decision in a case of exchange 74

ments respecting

17 Conemaugh bridge, travelling over


of commonwealth, report of committee Controllers of public schools, report of

on ways and means on

148 Conyngham Gustavus, sketches and letters of 402,415 Fisheries, decision respecting, at Trenton 272 Anne, letter of 403 Floating dock at Pittsburg

238 Corn inspected in Philadelphia, 1824 to 1829 80 Franklin, Benjamin appointed agent

116 Councils, Select and Common, proceedings of

journey to Fort Allen

285 72,87,122,364,393

letter to Capt. Conyngham 403 Courts, criminal business of different 185 French creek feeder, trade of

238 of Bucks county, no criminal business in 208 Friendly association for regaining and preserving county requested in lieu of supreme 22

peace with the Indians, address of 359 County and road taxes

369 Covington, panther shot at

336 Galbraith, Mrs. electioneering for assemblyman 21 Crawford county, large eagle killed 272 Gas, on lighting city with

189 a mound discovered, 144 Geographical notes of Lehigh county

20 Cumberland county, taxables in


Luzerne county
carpet manufactory

Northampton cu.

65 Currency, National, Mr. Smith's report

Union co.

129 Mr. M'Duffie's report 280,289,305 Geomancy, books on, to be burnt &c. man tried

for practising

159 Dauphin county, rates and levies

111 Georgia, C.C. Biddle appointed to take acknowl.
pauperism in

edgements for

128 state of Lancasterian school 112 Germans of the Omish faith

21 Deaf and Dumb Asylum, report


Lutherans and Moravians disagree 22 Deaths&diseases in Phil. monthly 110,126,128,166,380

congregation of Germantown Debt, number confined in prison for


account of

193 Delaware, report on damming at Trenton 88 Germans drive people from election

114 closed by ice 96,111 Germantown Lutheran church at

194, 204 pilots appointed in 1722


flints found on battle ground at 338 petition for erecting piers 115 Gnadenhutten, Franklin's journey to

285 Denny, Governor, singular conduct of 393 Godman, Jno. D. death of

272 Deposit, Port, and Philadelphia, packets established 240

biography of

353 Dickinson College, state of funds 78 Godfrey Thomas, biography of

381 President chosen

95 Government, a tabular view of expenses of from Dispensary, Southern, report of

1791 to 1829

142 Philadelphia, do.

30 Northern,

expenses of legislative department

of &c. 1791 to 1829,

204 Dividends, bank, &c.


Executive department for same time 272 Divorces, report to Legislature on


Judiciary department of, for do 414 Douglass, Major, report on Pennsylvania rail road 8 Governor Wolf's message on raising revenue 57 Doylestown, violent storm at

Gookin “not stirring"

113 Dublin, Lower, history of


Invites assembly to take wine with Duel, proceedings at Washington


ib Legislature,

Evans' historical anecdotes of

144 Dunkers of Ephrata, account of

Denny, strange conduct of

393 Duponceau, P. S., letter on silk

385 Graff, Frederick report respecting rail road, 27 Duties on retailers of foreign mdze. act graduating 253

do. on permanent bridge,

204 table of 1821 to 1829

estimate of cast iron pipes

Grain, inspected at Philada.

80 Eagle,large taken in Conneaut township

271 Grand Jury, presentments,

136, 196, 254 Easton, town of discribed

Judge King's charge to

274 Economy establishment, expenditures of 175 Greensburg, the first execution at

288 Education, report of committee on

170 Pennsylvania Society 222 Harrisburg, Meteorological observations at 71, 143, 223

235, 31, 383


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