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Ages of the whole number of prisoners (477) remain-
ing in the penitentiary in Walnut street, on the 31st of
December, 1829.
Males. Fem.

Males. Fem.
Under 15 years,


40 to 50, 50

17 From 15 to 20, 40

50 to 60, 11 2 20 to 25, 90 26 60 to 70, 14 25 to 30, 87 6 70 to 80, 2 30 to 40, 117 14

417 60 of the 417 Males-255 were for the first conviction; 88 for the second; 51 for the third; 19 for the fourth; 2 for the fifth; and 2 for the sixth.

Places of Nativity of the Males.
South Carolina,

1 | Ireland,

44 Connecticut, 5 England,

12 Delaware,

36 | Scotland,
1 | France,

1 Louisiana,


3 Maine,

2 | Bremen,
7 | Holland,

2 Maryland,

New Jersey,
51 | Canada,

New York,
32 | Nova Scotia,

1 Ohio,

1 New Brunswick, 1 Pennsylvania, 155 | Cuba,

1 Rhode Island, 2 | At Sea,

1 Vermont,





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Exhibiting the number of Commitments received at the

For the year 1829, the Offences, Sexes, &c.

Number of Number of

Males. Females.

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Penitentiary Walnut st. Eastern Penitentiary. Ages. Males. Females. Males. Females. 15 years and } 3

0 under,


0 15 to 20 26


2 20 to 30


25 30 to 40 50

10 40 to 50 22 50 to 60

1 60 to 70 4

0 70 to 80




and Disorderly,......

ed by fine and imprisonment at hard labour.
Charged with Felonies, and other offences punish-

punished by fine and imprisonment...........
Charged with Misdemeanors, and other offences
Charged with being disturbers of the Peace, Idie,

and Intoxication, .......
Convicted as Vagrants, and for Profane Swearing

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Total, 201

9 Discharged from the Penitentiary, Walnut street, du

Jan, 97 44 36 41 ring the year 1829.

128 40 26 24 | 219 By expiration of sentence, 221; By pardon, 72; By

Feb. 43 34 20 45 59 37 27 19 142

March, 64 39 40 death, 34; By escape, 3, total 330.


100 28 37! 27 | 192 April, 40 67 53 55


31 39 21 215 Those discharged by pardon, had been convicted of

May, 39 67 the following crimes: Arson 4, Assault and Battery. 2, (June,

90 159 150 51 77 77 355

44 72 75 117 147 Assault to Murder 1, Escape 2, Forgery and Uttering July,

43 66 52 308 47 79 110 110

51 87 forged notes, &c. 11, Horse stealing 4, Larceny, 38, Aug.

75 346

47 88 104 124 186 67 Murder 2d degree 6, Receiving stolen goods 2, Robbery Sept.

501 60 3631

54 54 77 92 154 42 35) 2, total 72.

46 2771 Oct.

54 46 59 53 103 49 22 38 212 Remaining in the Penitentiary, Males. Females. Total, Nov. 62 50 37 53


41 29 26 202 (Walnut st.) on 31st, Dec. 1827, 504 72 576 Dec. 51 59

29 48 100 30 21 36 187 31st, Dec. 1828, 484 72 556

31st, Dec. 1829, 417 60 477 Total, 642) 699 730 946 1490 5101 516) 501 3017 Number received in 1825,

223 32 255 1826,


62 296 Tot. in 1827, 237 57 294

1828, 775 991 780 1527 2037 6901 760 586 4073 1828,

52 279

1827, 827 881 868 1369/1995 687 7041 559 3945 1829,

201 50 251 1826,1 719 652) 948|1145/1646 5616881 569 |3464

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52 59 34 | 77 69 89 72 67 63 47 59 750 5 Relicved and Cured-745.


Attending Physician.
White men,

Black man,

15 Tota). P. S. All those persons were not confined to their beds in the Sick-room--but received the same atkention in administration 29 their diseases called for.






HOSPITAL OF THE PHILADELPHIA PRISON. General report of Cases admitted into the Hospital of the Philadelphia Prison; giving the number of diseases in each month, and the number of cases under each morbid affection for the year 1829.

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GAS LIGHT. DELPHIA PRISON FOR THE YEAR 1829. The subject of lighting the city with Gas, has been I. Sick in Hospital.

frequently suggested for consideration, and may at some Remaining sick on the 1st of January, 1829, 15 future time again occupy the public attention; when Taken under treatment during the year,

279 the following experiments, on the comparative merits of

gas Total under treatment,

and oil (inserted in the American Daily Advertiser,)

294 Of this number there were

may perhaps be found useful. Cured,

203 The following statement of the comparative consumption Discharged, relieved,

37 of gas, oil,& candles, with equal depth of shadows, & the Discharged, time of sentence expired,

6 proportional illuminating powers of each, as shown by Discharged, pardoned,

2 experiments, may afford interest to some persons, and Died,

(which would be desirable) induce such as have leisure,

and the means, to pursue the subject and show how far Total terminated cases, 282 future experiments shall confirm, or lead to different re

sults. Remaining under treatment on the 31 of Dec. 1829, 12 It is proper to state, that the Gas was from coal, at

the Baltimore Company's works, issuing under a presMonthly Statement of Admissions and Deaths. sure of six tenths of an inch, that the oil was of the best Admissions.


winter strained spermaceti, the mould candles of the January,



best kind, four to the pound, and the dipt candles of February,



good quality, six to the pound. Further, that the Gas March, 32

Argand was one inch diameter, from aperture to aper. April,


fure, with eighteen perforations of one thirtieth of an May,


inch, that the oil Argand was also one inch diameter, the June,


reservoir containing from one quart to six gills of oil, July,


and in the first experiments consumed at the rate of aAugust, 17

bout one pint in ten hours; and in the second course of September,



experiments at the rate of about half a pint in the same October,



tine, and that each Argand was fixed with a straight, November,



chimney glass. And, it may be also necessary to observe, December,



that in a gas burner of the above size, or indeed any gas

Argand burner, the gas in consuming, shows, and burns, Total Admissions, 279 Total D'ths, 34,

to great disadvantage, when issuing at a rate less than

that to which its construction is adapted; and more parDiseases in the Fatal Cases, with the Number of Deaths ticularly in those of large size, for, in the size above from each Disease.


stated, the consumption is intended to be from four to Pulmonary Consumption, caused


five feet the hour. Dropsy of the Chest,

8 Chronic Inflammation of the Lungs,

The two lamps were placed at the distance of nineteen 4

feet four inches from a wall, on which a sheet of white Inflammation of the Bowels,

3 Diarrhea,

paper was fixed,--the oil light was urged to its greatest 2

intensity, and the gas graduated till the shadows from Dropsy,


an interposed card were ascertained to equal; the gas Disease of the Heart


Aame was then one and a quarter inch high, and the meTyphus,


tre indicated two and a half feet to the hour: hence aInflammation of the Brain,


bout a pint of oil under these circumstances, was found Pleurisy,


equal to twenty-five feet of gas. Rheumatism,

1 Erysipelas,

Experiment 2. The gas flame was raised to two inch1

es high, and the consumption was three and a half feet Total,


to the hour; the consumption of the oil as before, and a

mould candle burning at the rate of two and one fourth Males,


inches in one hour, was contrasted with each in succesFemales,


sion, in the manner before described.

The proportions were as follows:
Gas to Oil

1,820 to 1,000
II. Sick in Quarters.

Gas to Candle as 5,275 to 1,000 Remaining on the list of sick in Quarters on

Oil to Candle as 2,900 to 1,000 the 1st of January, 1829,

11 Experiment 3. The gas flame was raised to two inchReceived on the list during the year,

748 es and one quarter high, and the consumption was

four feet to the hour; the consumption of oil as before. Total under treatment during the year,

759 The proportions were: Of this nnmber there were

Gas to Oil as 2,365 to 1,000 Cured,


The proportion between the mould candle and the Transferred to sick in Hospital,

dipt were found to be:

Mould to Dip as 1,260 to 1,000 -
Total terminated and transferred cases,

745 The second course of experiments: distance of gas Remaining under treatment on the 31st of

light from target covered with white paper, fourteen December, 1829.

14 feet seven inches. The average number of Convicts confined in the pris The consumption of the oil was reduced to the rate of on for the year 1829, has been 511. The deaths hav. about half a pint to ten hours. The gas flame was one ing been 34, gives the mortality for 1829, at 6.6 per and three quarter inches high, consuming three feet to cert.


Physician. The proportions were: Published by order of the Acting Committee of the

Gas to Oil as 1,812 to 1,000 Philadelphia Society for Alleviating the Miseries of Examination 4. The consumption of oil was continPublic Prison. JAMES J. BARCLAY, Sec. A.C. lued at the same rate. The gas fame was two and one






quarter inches, and the consumption four feet to the considered; and the Board have the pleasure to state hour. The proportions were:

that five hundred dollars have been added to the perGas to Oil as 4,000 to 1,000

manent fund from this source. The gas in every instance when the flame was increas In conformily with the directions of the company at euin height and consequently in consumption, decreas- its last annual meeting, the amount of money received ing, to a disproportionate degree, the relative strength from bequests and donations, has been invested in safe of light from ihe oil. It was found, that the gas burn. and productive stocks. er could be urged with effect to a consumption of six Believing that the object of the association would be fect to the hour, diffusing a me brilliant and soft light promoted by presenting to the public occisione notito the eye, but the oil coull not be urged beyond about ces of its character, with a record of the nuinber of ap. one pini co the ten hours, effectively: and the light was plicants for its benefits, the publication of a monthly rebetter in proportion to the less consumption between port of its location and lises bas been commenced; and that rale, and about half a pint in the same time. it is hoped a more lively interest in iis affairs will thus

The result of similar experiments, on gas compound be created in the community. ed of equal volumes of rosin and coal gas, and on oil gas, Ten years have now e lapsed since the foundation of would stiffer, probably, in proportion to their different this institution, and while we regret that it has not redensities, as the proportion of light from cach, has been ceived the share of favour to which it is entitled by its found nearly in ihat ratio. Experiments to ascertain acknowledged merit, we rejoice that its usefulness has their relative specific gravities slew the result, in round not been circumscribed by the narrow limits of public numbers, nearly as follows:

bounty, and hope that in a still wider extension of its Oil 800

benefits the most sanguine expectations of its founders Rosin and Coal 600

will be realized. Having for its object the diffusion of Coal


L. useful knowledge among that class of the community

which is most exposed to the injurious influence of vicious associations, and the rendering of the leisure

hours of the youth, as conductive to his moral excel. APPRENTICES' LIBRARY COMPANY,

lence as the time spent in the workshop is to his me

chanical skill; the Apprentices' Library recommends of Philadelphia-Read March 8, 1830.

itself by every valuable consideration to the most ex

tended public patronage. To the Apprentices Library Co. of Philad.

In again appealing to the members of the company, The term for which the interests of the institution and through them to their fellow citizens, for their conwere committed to their care having expired, the board tinued support, the board of managers indulge the of managers submit a report of their operations for he hope that means will not be withhel from an institution past year, and an exposition of the present state of its so valuable as an auxiliary in the preservation of public affairs.

peace and the promotion of private virtue; and whose Upon the organization of the board, committees were interests are so nearly allied to that system of general appointed, charged with the purchase and preservation education to which the attention of the inhabitants of of ihe books, with the care of the room and furniture, this commonwealth is now ardently directed. and with the auditing of the accounts; and in the dis

PHILIP GARRETT, Chairman. charge of the duties thus devolved upon them, have SAMUEL Mason, Jr. Secretary. materially contributed to the usefulness of the institu Philadelphia, 3d nio. 41h, 1830. tion.

Since the last report, upwards of 1450 volumes have been added to the Library, of which number about Summary statement of Receipts and expenditures, 1130 were procured by purchase, and 320 have been from March 121h, 1829, to March 5, 1830, inclusive: received as donations, 489 volumes have been rebound. Balance of former account,

$850 95 The collection now consists of about six thousand vol. Received contributions of members, deducting umes, and comprises a large portion of the best elemen commissions,

578 80 tary works in the various departments of science and Interest on loans,

78 00 useful literature, with many that can be consulted with For rent of room,

112 50 advantage by those who have enjoyed the benefits of a of the executors of the will of the late John good education.

Grandom, on account of the residue of his The average monthly number of boys who have used estate,

1065 12 the library during the last year, is about 682, of whom One year's ground rent,

75 00 584 were new applicants. In the regularity of their at. From the executors of the will of the late Wiltendance at the room upon the days appointed for the liam M.Kensie, amount apportioned,

500 00 delivery of books, their correct deportment when there, For wired frames sold,

10 00 and the care which is taken of the works entrusted to For catalogues sold and fines,

120 25 them, the most satisfactory evidence is afforded of the just appreciation of the institution by the objects of its

$3,390 63 patronage.

In the same period 65 new members have been add. Paid-for 1800 dollars Chesapeake and Delaed to the company. $1001 66, have been expended for ware Canal loan,

1,858 00 the purchase and rebinding of books, salaries of the li- 1 share of stock in the bank of North America, 410 00 brarians, and in defraying the incidental expenses of 1 do do. in the Farmers and Mechanics the establishment.


58 50 In addition to the sum reported at the last annual For books and binding,

487 27 meeting of the company, $1065 12, have been received Salaries of Librarians,

192 50 from the executors of the will of the late John Gran- Rent of room,

125 50 dom, under the decision of the Orphans' Court, as the Lumber, desk, painting, &c.

95 37 residuary portion of his estate, except the sum of $20, Incidental expenses, including furniture of yet due from one of the executors.

room, painting, lamp oil, coal, &c.

125 13 An application was made to the Executors of the Balance,

38 86 Jate William McKenzie, that in distributing the sum at their disposal for division amongst charitable institu.

$3,390 63 tions, the claims of the Apprentices' Library might be

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