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The Original Secession Magazine
J. Maclaren, 1856-55-54
2015 1022 Researching the Apostles Creed of Without Sense_able Dating and Traditional Lies
Did not Read: However i am reading. And page 23 is exactly the emotional resonance i felt from Bill Cosby in an article with the chorus in quotes of "I Am Tired", while he got many things wrong, his perspective is entirely correct. The TV is the Butt Hole Surfer's song "Pepper", with the coming down like an Avalanche, an Avalanche coming down a mountain. {paraphrased} Because it really is pouring down our throats without a gasp for air. ~ I have a unique perspective because of school in Indiana, where some one in first or second grade told me this one thing in explanation, NEWS.... News is not a word. It is an Anagram. It stands for North East West South. From that memory which really did happen, i am a little conscious of the fact when the "NoteWorthy" content in media communications without making me feel like i am aware of more than one direction. I am very thankful for PBS for bringing me Japan Today, and BBC today, and the for a brief moment Internet who brought me China Today, and then RT, and Aljazeera, etc. But there is a sort of infestation of styles so i kind of withdraw, and remain aware of what i am not hear, and what thoughts of concern i felt but do not see repeating. ~~ [as NoteWorthy or Follow up stories in media. If this is so damn important to bother or assault my ears 24 hours a day for however many days, then why does Editors and Producers not care what the result or progress of this insanely popular story is when something about it can finally happen or change? Fear, Fear, Fear, finally a solution, cure, or successful treatment and no mention in the NEWS or educational informative result? ….]
Today's concern is the long held awareness since high school as a member of the First United Methodist Church, when learning about what these good people and myself tend to believe, then the most bizarre thing in my entire life (well short of calvinism not making any sense), okay second most bizarre thing. Why the Fuck would the apostles creed used by the United Methodist Church use or describe a “Trinity” of powers as three separate paragraphs, or much, much, worse use a phonetic "Catholic" then place wait, “?Holy?” and Church around it? I am only in recent years resolving the education mistake that made it easier to stick with Honor your Mom and Dad, and not be converted, to what seemed to suggest the Roman VatiCanus are the Church when they 100% are not “Catholic” or the root of the term, it is a Greek Phonetic first used in or about 451 AD by the Ecumenical Council of the Entire Church in Chalcedon Greece or Turkey. I can not find an earlier phonetic source for the Greek phonetic word "Catholic".
Second i know from previous records the Trinity was never Canon:Catechism of VatiCanus Hill until 1004 AD when the ranks fled in persecution and terror of the leaders who declared they needed a Trinity and Wanted to kill the planet in all directions, with the surviving scholars as tended to happen hiding in mountain valleys away from marching paths, with the truthful defender of those the faith was stolen from producing Protestants and Swabian, etc. Some the myths on the internet about an “Apostle's Creed” point to an event circa 150 AD ?something happened?, then without explanation jump decades and century forward to 3rd Century Roman VatiCanus Hill with probably a tin metal symbol argument for some reason here with solid rational or cited factual basis i can grasp, “as in, yeah then “something” = ‘Traditional Lie’ of this time happened {?1500 AD?}, but then here is where they seem to start using it” know nearly when or about the invention of “St JeRome” and the False Flag wars of 327 AD Rome on ChiaRho Labarum in misplaced allusions of Patriotic Service

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