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CALL you friends, for you are my friends; I call you my dear friends, for dear you are. I like to think about you, just budding with hope and promise, with life yet before you; a life as yet unstained with crime, and capable of so much

good-so much good to be realised and enjoyed by yourselves; so much good also to be done by you to others. We look to you, my dear young friends, to carry on God's cause when we are gone; we look to you to do your part manfully, womanly, and well, to mend this bad world and extend the blessings of the precious Gospel at home and abroad. We pray for you, we write for you, and we long to see you grow up in wisdom, virtue, and piety-loving God, obeying your parents, industrious in your calling, and labou rers in the vineyard of the Lord Jesus. To this end I wish you all, in the very best sense of the word a joyous Christmas and a happy New Year. The Editor believes you wish him the same. May our mutual good wishes be realised. Amen. I am sure you will say Amen.

Well, now, your Editor is resolved to do his part to render the JUVENILE INSTRUCTOR one means of making 1883 a happy year to you all. How, think you, does he intend to do this? Well, he intends to make the JUVENILE INSTRUCTOR more and more attractive, more and more useful. He intends, if God spare his life, to introduce

(1) Questions and Answers, by An Old and Well-known Friend. (2) Walks to Wonderful Places in London, either by himself or An Old and Well-known

Friend : (3) The Birds of the Bible, by one who knows how to write for children. (4) Anecdotes and Sketches of Boys and Girls who became Wise, Good, and Great Men

and Women ; (5) Contributions from our Young Friends theinselves, and Prizes awarded for the best; (6) Wonderful Things in Heaven, Earth, and Sea ; (7) Interesting Varieties, Anecdotes, Poetry, Short Memoirs, &c. Every number to be embellished with good Engravings. All these for One Penny each month.

Now, I think you will be both pleased and profited by these articles, especially if God's blessing rests upon them, as we pray it may abundantly.

Now then, dear young friends, won't you have a copy for yourselves, each of you? Say yes, and not only so, but let each try to get one more subscriber.

EDITOR (pro tem.)

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