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waist, changed into frightsul monsters like dogs, always barking: this sudden metamorphosis so terrified her, that she threw herself into that part of the sea, which separates the coast of Italy from Sicily, where she was changed into rocks, which bear her name, and are very dangerous to navigators, as well as the whirlpool of Charybdis,

on the coast of Sicily. 660

in the sea that parts. The Straits of Messina, between Sicily and

Italy. 661 Calabria.

A province of the kingdom of Naples in Italy. 661

Trinacrian shore.
The name Trinacria was given to the Island of
Sicily, from its triangular figure, and its three
capes, which are Capo di Baco, Cape Pasaro,

and Cape Pelorus.
665 With Lapland witches.

Lapland, a country in the north of Europe. The people were formerly addicted to magical superstition, and supposed to deal with familiar spirits; but now forbidden by their laws, since

they embraced christianity. A, D. 1275.; 692 Drew after him the third part of heaven's sons.

His cruelty, his subtilty, his experience in all the arts of destruction, are pointed out with dreadful propriety, in the old serpent, the great dragon ; but, formidable as his violence, or artful and potent as the confederacy of infernal spirits may be, here is a victory gained over him, which calls for the congratulation of all the armies of the Lord: the dragon and his angels are cast out; the saints are enabled to triumph over him, foeble and impotent as they are: however persecution may attack and harrass them, let them be courageous and undaunted, not loving their lives, even to the death, in the cause of Christ'; for, though they fall, they shall rise again to certain victory and glory; nor shall death bring down their heads so low, as 'to render them unworthy of wearing a

crown of eternal life. 701 Lest, with a whip of scorpions, I pursue.

For, whereas my father put a heavy yoke upon you, I will put more to your yoke: my father chastised you with whips, but I will chastise you

with scorpions. 2 Chron. x. 11. 709 That fires the length of Ophiuchus huge.

A northern constellation, called the serpent, consisting of twenty-nine stars. The fable is taken from Hercules, who squeezed two serpents to death in his cradle; or, from Esculapius, whom they worshipped under the form of a serpent. Here it means the dragon, a northern constellation, which astronomers call Hercules, Esculapius,

and Serpentarius. 716 Over the Caspian.

The Caspian Sea, in Asia, is, properly, an immense lake, having no connection with any other

portion of water. 722 For never, but once more, was either like To meet so great a foe.

He will swallow up death in victory: and the Lord God will wipe away tears from all faces; and the rebuke of his people shall he take away


from off all the earth; for the Lord God hath spoken it. Isaiah, xxv. 8.

and called me, sin.
It is a consideration, which must carry awe
and solemnity, grief and lamentation, throughout
all ages, that, by one man, sin entered into the
world; and death made such a progress, by the
entrance of sin, as to pass upon all men in con-
sequence of that act. O God, how terrible are
thy judgments; and yet, how rich thy compassion,
in appointing the second Adam to repair the ruin
and dissolution of the first; yea, more than to
repair them, to deliver us from all our most
aggravated transgressions, if we believe in him,
and receive the gift of righteousness; to cause
us to reign in life by him ; to bring us to a more
exalted and secure happiness than Adam himself
enjoyed in the day which he was created, or than
Eden, the garden of God, could afford!

I fled, and cried out, death.
Thrice welcome death !
That, after many a painful, bleeding step,
Conducts us to our home, and lands us safe,
On the long-wish'd-for shore. Prodigious change!
Our bane turn'd to a blessing! death, disarm'd,
Loses its fellness quite : all thanks to him
Who scourgʻd the venom out! Sure the last end
Of the good man, is peace. How calm his exit!
Night-dews fall not more gently to the ground,
Nor weary, worn-out winds expire so soft:
Behold him, in the evening tide of life,
A life well spent, whose early care it was,
His riper years should not upbraid his green:


By unperceived degrees he wears away;
Yet, like the sun, scems larger at his setting!
High in his faith and hopes, look how he reaches
After the prize in view ; and, like a bird
That's hamper'd, struggles hard to get away;
While the glad gates of sight are wide expanded
To let new glories in, the first fair fruits
Of the fast-coming harvest! Then, O then!
Each earth-born joy grows vile, or disappears,
Shrunk to a thing of nought. ' O, how he longs
To have have his passport sign'd, and be dismiss'd !
'Tis done, and now he's happy.

BLAIR. 858 Into this gloom of Tartarus profound.

The place of punishment for the wicked, in the

infernal regions. 875 Which, but herself, not all the Stygian powers.

Belonging to the river Styx, infernal. 883 Of Erebus.

The poets, often used the word Erebus, to signify the place of torment itself, particularly that part where dwelt the souls of those that had led a virtuous life, from whence they passed into

the Elysian fields. 890 Before their eyes, in sudden view, appear.

A land of darkness, as darkness itself, and of the shadow of death, without any order, and

where the light is as darkness. Job, x. 22. 894

where eldest night And Chaos, ancestors of nature.

The mass of matter, from which all things were made.

904 Of Barca or Cyrene's torrid soil.

Two cities of Lybia Cyrenaica, in Africa. 916 His dark materials to create more worlds.

Darkness was upon the face of the deep.

Genesis, i. 2. 922

than when Bellona storms. The goddess of war; she prepared the chariot

and horses for Mars, when he went to battle. 939 Quench'd in a boggy Syrtis.

10 Sand banks, dangerous in navigation. 943 As when a gryphon.

A fabulous, terrible and rapacious bird ; said to .::be partly like an eagle, and partly like a lion.

Guardians of hidden gold; and dedicated to :: Apollo; the god; and maker of gold. . To this

monster the poet compares Satan. 945 Pursues the Arimaspiam.

Arimaspias, a river of Scythia, with golden sands. They say, that the neighhouring inhab

itants have but one eye, in the middle of the 3. forehead; and wage continual war against the

griffins, monstrous animals that collect the gold

of the rivers. ... 964 Orcus and Ades.

Titles of Pluto, said to be the king of the

lower, 1017

than when Argo pass'd. The name of the famous ship, which carried Jason and his fifty-four companions- to Colchis, when they resolved to recover the golden fleece. This ship was the first that ever sailed on the sea, as some report.

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