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in Dothan. Therefore sent he thither horses and chariots, and a great host; and they came by night and compassed the city about. And when the servant of the man of God was risen early, and gone forth, behold an host compassed the city; and his servant said, my master, how shall we do?

And Elisha prayed, and said, Lord, I pray thee open the eyes of the young man; and he saw the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire round about Elisha. 2 Kings, vi. 11, 12, 13, 14,

15, 16, 17. 235 As Raphael

An arch-angel, to whom Milton gives the title

of the sociable and friendly. 242 Livelier than Maliboean,

A city of Thessaly, on the sea coast, famous for the art of dying the finest purple, by means of a shell fish called Perpuna and Osheom, which they caught in the sea near. This beautiful colour was found by accident at Tyre: an hungry dog, it is said, broke a shell by the sea side and eat the fish, which left the colour on his mouth. Hence they became masters of that art, and the colour became valuable as gold, and it was the

distinguishing mark of emperors, &c. 242

or the grain Of Sarra,

A town of Phænicia, the same as Tyre, famous for their dying purple. Hence, came the name

of sarranus, often applied to Tyrian colours. 243 Iris had dipt the woof;

Iris, the rainbow, a natural meteor in the clouds, caused by the reflection of the rays of the sun upon them; therefore it appears only in rainy weather. The Almighty made it a sign of his covenant with Noah, that the earth should

never again be drowned. 337

and ev'ry kind that lives, Fomented by his virtual pow'r and warm’d:

In him we live, and move, and have our being. His power created all, and by his goodness all are supported. Acts, xvii. 28. Let us consider ourselves as his offspring, honouring him and loving him as the great Father of our spirits ; and since we have so necessary and uninterrupted a dependance upon him; since in him we live, move and exist continually, let all the affections of our hearts, and all the actions of our lives, be

consecrated to his service. 359

supernal grace contending With sinfulness of men ;

The Lord hath said, by his prophet, and ye shall seek me and find me, when ye shall search

for me with all 361

and to, temper joy with fear And pious sorrow,

Serve the Lord with fear, and rejoice with trembling. Kiss the Son, lest he be angry, and ye perish from the way, when his wrath is kindled but a little. Blessed are all they that put their

trust in him. Psalms, ii. 11, 12. 376

So both ascend
In the visions of God:

And he put forth the form of an hand, and took me by a lock of mine head, and the spirit lift me

your heart.

between the earth and heaven, and brought me

in the visions of God to Jerusalem. Ezek. viii. 3. 383 Our second Adam in the wilderness,

The first man Adam, when God had breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, was made a living soul, so that even in the original state of rectitude and felicity in which man was created, he was made capable of, and fitted to, an animal life here upon earth, ; whereas the Lord Jesus by virtue of the influence he has upon all his seed, as their spiritual Head and great federal Representative, may well be called the second or latter Adam, he came originally from the heavenly world, to which he is returned ; and whatever of earth there was in the composition of the body he condescended to wear, it is now completely puri

fied and refined into the most glorious form. 388 Of Cambalu, seat of Cathaian Can

The principal city of Cathay, a province of

Tartary, the ancient seat of the Chams. 389 And Samarch and

The shief city of Zagathaian Tartary. 389

by Oxus A river that rises in Tartary, and falls into the

Caspian sea. 389

Temir's throne, The birth place and royal residence of Tamerlane. Like Alexander the Great, he subdued more kingdoms in thirty-five years than the Romans did in eight hundred, and boasted he had three parts of the world under his power, he died in 1405.

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390 To Paquin, of Sincan kings,

Paquin, or Pekin, the royal city of China,
Sine, an ancient part of China, mentioned by

Ptolemy, 391 To Agra,

The capital city of the province of Agra, or
Hindostan, in India, where the Mogul frequently

resides. 391

and Lahor of great Mogul
The capital of the province of Lahor; it was
once the seat of the Mogul empire, but since its
removal, has gradually fallen to decay. Mogul
or white, because they are descended from Moghul
Tartars, or some white men who invaded India,
and erected a kingdom in Bengal, about A. D.
1187. The present Mogul is of the race of

392 Down to the golden Chersonese

The Chersonese, so called by the ancients, is

the Peninsula of Malacca. 393 The Persian in Ectaban sat,

The emperor of Persia whose royal seat was at
Ectaban, formerly the capital of Persia, at present

Ispahan. 394

or where the Russian Ksar In Moscow,

Ksar, Czar, or Tzar, the Czar of Muscovy, in

Moscow, the metropolis of all Russia. 395 Or the Sultan in Bizance

The grand signior in Constantinople, so called from Constantine the Great, who rebuilt, enlarged, and beautified it, and made it the royal


seat of the Roman empire, A. D. 300. Its former

name Byzantium. 396 Turchestan born

From the country of the Turks, a province of Zagathaian Tartary, lying between Great Tartary and the empire of the great Mogul, on the east of Catha, having Tartaria propria on the north, and

Indostan on the south. 397 TW'empire of Negus

The Upper Ethiopia, or the land of the Abyssinians, subject to one sovran, stiled in their

language, Negus, or king. 398 Ercoco,

A sea port town of Ethiopia on the Red Sea, with a fine harbour, the north east boundary of

the Abyssinian empire. 399 Mombaza

A large city, the capital of a small kingdom of the same name, in a small island near the line in the eastern ocean, now subject to the king of Mombassa, who calls himself the emperor of the

world. 399

and Quiloa, A capital city upon a river of the same name, between Mosambique and Melind, the east shore of Africa, near Zanguebar, in Ethiopia Inferior. The kings of Quiola were masters of Mombaza, Melind, and some adjacent islands; the Arabs first traded amongst them, then the Mahometans,

at present the Portuguese. 400 And Sofala thought Ophir,

Sofala, a petty kingdom in Lower Ethiopia,

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