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ing their own words ; let the secure, impenitent hear. ers break off their fins by righteousness, and their iniquities by turning to the Lord.

Are there any present who, through the cares of this world, the deceitfulness of riches, or the influence of ungodly associates, have departed from the holy commandment, and thrown off their christian profession, let them be impressed with the danger of their situation, and return in the exercise of repentance to the Living God : let the vain and the thoughtless youth remember their Creator, left they mourn at the last when their flesh and their body are consumed, saying, how have we hated instruction and our hearts despised reproof? By all that is dreadful in the wrath of Almighty God, by all that is desirable in his loving kindness I exhort sinners of every age, of every condition to turn this day to the strong holds while they are prisoners of hope. The door of the city of refuge is now open, and Jehovah Triune, Father, Son and Holy Ghost are inviting you to enter in. The door of the city of refuge is now open, and all the redeemed on earth, and all the redeemed in heaven, and all the angels of light will hail with transports of joy your entrance and your escape from the avenger of blood. Halten, haften to Jesus Christ, to his sacrifice, to his righteousness as your only fecurity from the wrath that is to come. The Lord God of gods in whose presence I now stand, whom I serve in the gospel of his Son bears me witness that I have aimed on this day of humiliation at espousing you all to one husband, and thus preparing you to meet your God; to meet him now as he is coming forth to a

venge his quarrel with our country; to meet him here. after in the hour of final, irreversible retribution. But if ye will not hear it, my soul shall weep in secret places for your pride, and mine eye shall weep fore and run down with tears, because the Lord's flock is carried away captive.

2. Be exhorted to live at peace among yourselves, and whatsoever ge do, whether in word or in deed, do all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Let the Saviour's cross be the only point around which you rally in all your deliberations, whether civil or religious; let it never be mentioned to the reproach of the christian name ; let it not be told in Gath, let it not be heard in the streets of Afkelon that an avowed enemy of the dear Redeemer, who coincides with you in political sentiment, should lie nearer your hearts ; should possess a greater, or an equal share in

confidence and affection with a Brother in grace, whose political views may be different from your own : And I am bold to affirm that while you live habitually on the Son of God; while you derive from him daily that wisdom which is pure, and peaceable, and gentle, and easy to be entreated, all your diversity of sentiment respecting public measures will not alienate your hearts from each other. This facred unction will excite to the exercise of mutual forbearance wherein you differ. A variety of political opinions must be expected. In this ftate of imperfection where we fee but in part, and know but in part; where we are actuated by different motives, and look through different mediums, it is rare that our views fully harmonize on any subject : This very diversity of sentiment affords a greater opportunity for exercising the most illustrious graces, charity, patience and forbearance. At a moment fo critical to our own country, so eventful to the world in general, I cannot therefore address you more fuitably than in the language of Joseph to his brethren, see that ye fall not out by the way. Every citizen posfesses an equal right to the enjoyment of his own sentiments, and in this free government he has liberty to communicate his views on public men, and public measures: but let this freedom be always exercised wiih moderation and prudence. Liberty of speech, when used with discretion, proves a public blessing, but when indulged in a manner intemperate and indiscreet, it becomes a political curle. Finally, brethren, be perfeat; be of good comfort ; be of one mind; live in peace, and the God of love and peace shall be with you. ,


Should those sparks of dissention, which are already kindled in every part of the community, burst into an open flame, it will be a consolation to reflect, in the general calamity, that I never added fuel to the fire by irritating the passions of my fellow-citizens.

I should feel chargeable with the omission of a very important duty did I conclude these folemn exercises without directing your attention to the signs of the times. A cloud is seemingly collealing over the church and the nations more gloomy than has been witnessed for ages. It is the general opinion of commentators,

* The calculations of expositors, both antient and mod. ern, relative to the slaying of the witnesses, have been lately

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who have made prophecy the subject of particular in-
vestigation, that the two witnesses, mentioned in scrip-
ture, are yet to be slain, and that the religion of pa-
pal Rome will obtain a universal diffusion through
the earth. The remarks of a learned expositor,* who
appeared in the last century, are so interesting that you
must readily excuse me in quoting them at large.--
- The light of the gospel will be wholly withdrawn
for a while ; the slaying of the witnesses is yet to come;
it will make a dismal night, and be accompanied with
the universal spread of popery." A late and most
profound divine, t in the church of Scotland, was so
deeply impressed with the same sentiment, that he is
said to have collected every fragment which has been
written in opposition to that heresy, and circulated it
to his correspondents in different countries. Do not
the present appearances of the world obviously cor-
respond with the opinions of these commentators ?
Probably in no period of time did the anti-christian
religion extend its influence more rapidly than in the
present. It is now the established worship of France.
There is a decree of that government, that " no
church-book, no pfalm book, nor catechism shall be
published without the permission of the bishop of the
diocese." It is virtually established in Holland and
Switzerland, as the regulation of all ecclefiaftical con-
cerns is committed to their sovereigns who are pa-
exhibited by the author, at considerable length, in two lec-
tures, which he designs to offer to the public.

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* Dr. Gill in a sermon delivered in 1750. Dr. John Erskine.


pists : This religion has recently obtained a rapid spread through Germany, and other countries adjacent': Bills, at different times, have been brought before the parliament of Great-Britain for securing to the votaries of Antichrist privileges in common with the protestants. If we

If we turn our eyes from Europe to our own country, how very alarming is the prof peết ? În several of our capital cities the churches, professing the religion of Rome, are more flourishing than those of any other communion ; and three Bishops* have lately been consecrated to superintend the papal interests in the United States. When we add to these things the open infidelity of some, the abject'ignorance and utter indifference of others, there is little, humanly speaking, to prevent the general spread of that abomination through our country.

Amidst these realities and apprehensions our duty is obvious. Let every man look to his own interest, by making his calling and ele&tion sure : Letevery parent look to the dearest interests of his children, by bringing them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lörd; let him consider a profound education in the do&rines of christianity as the most impenetrable fhield against the affaults of either superstition or error : Let every master look to the dearest interests of those committed to his charge, by recommending Jesus and his salvation as, beyond comparison, their most enriching portion : Let every magistrate, as he

* This fact was stated in a public print during the last summer, and was since confirmed to the author in a letter from a respectable correspondent,

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