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Happiness Harmony Health Heaven Holy Honest Honor

Human Humility I AM Idea Indefinable Intelligence Jehovah Judge Justice Kind King Knowledge Leader Life Light Love Master Meekness Merciful Mind Mother Natural Normal Offspring Omnipotent Omnipresent Omniscient One Patience Peace Perfection Plenitude Positive Power Principle

Progress Purity Purpose Quality Quantity Redeemer Reflection Right Ruler Saviour Science Soul Spirit Standard Substance Supreme Teacher Thought Translation Truth Unchangeable Understanding Unity Universal Venerable Vital Wisdom Worthy Zeal.

By condensation, the above one hundred words may be embraced in ten, viz., Omnipotent Omniscient Omnipresent God Spirit Life Truth Love Principle Freedom. And finally to one word, GOD-GOOD-SPIRIT-ALL, or I AM.

Credit to whom credit is due, means credit all spiritual good to God, its eternal AUTHOR SOURCE and expression.

The only absolute Authority is the indwelling omnipotent-omniscient-omnipresent-God-Good, and He is the only LEADER to whom we should and must defer.

TRUTH is omnipotent by whomsoever thought, voiced or diffused.

The divine, pure, positive, perfect CHRIST-GOD CHARACTER, unique, transcendent, and supreme, as manifested by Jesus of Nazareth, must and will again appear manifest. This manifestation of the DIVINE CHARACTER is a pending POSSIBILITY, and now is the acceptable time.

The indwelling GOD-OMNIPOTENT-OMNISCIENT-OMNIPRESENT-SPIRIT-INFINITE-GOOD-LOVE, perfects the center of the individual and the universe, and extends to the circumference, or rather, fills illimitable space or immensity. The one perfect effect of the ONE CAUSE, is eternal, universal, infinite Good. This TRUTH, understood and permanently established in individual consciousness, carries with it perpetual HARMONY-HEAVEN, here and now.

MIND governs, Truth regulates, Love liberates. Circumstances and conditions can be controlled by RIGHT-THINKING. The MIND, TRUTH and Love of CHRIST, who is God, as manifested by our LORD JEsus, and recorded in the four Gospels, will fully explain.


JESUS was the mortal corporeal son of man. He appeared to mortals in the form, color and outline of a man, and gave to mortals the highest manifestation of the divine character of GoD - CHRIST on record. He is our exemplar and he proved the POSSIBILITY of our triumph and victory over sin, sickness, disease, death, discord and imperfection. CHRIST is the eternal incorporeal Son of God, one with and inseparable from the FATHER. The eternal CHRIST-MIND-SPIRIT, who is God, is the eternal SAVIOUR, always was, is now, and ever will be the only SAVIOUR.

FATHER-MOTHER-GOD, helper of the helpless, You our only helper, always are; we ask You in the name of our LORD JESUS to help us, instrumentally, by a knowledge of Your Holy presence and power, to dispel the error and illusion of sin, sickness, disease, death, discord and imperfection, as light dispels darkness. Receiving is inseparable from asking of the right sort, hence we do receive, and our joy is full. “Know the truth, and the truth shall make you free,” which

' means that by a knowledge of Truth it is possible for one to rise and enjoy an abiding consciousness of divine and eternal LIFE-LIGHT-LOVE-LIBERTY-FREEDOM.

A counterpart of Scientific Christianity, is practically, “to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God." Micah 6:8. To do this is Christian.

If we consciously abide under the perfect sheltering protection of God's Love, then nothing can by any means touch, taint, or harm us. DIVINE LOVE is an all-embracing, impregnable, constant, perfect fortification.


Who is GOD? Answer: I AM that I AM.

God Who is man? Answer: I am a corporeal mortal body or personality.

Who are you? Answer: I am an incorporeal perfect Thought-Idea of Spirit-God.

The conscious, indwelling, omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent SELF-I AM-BEING-GOOD-LOVE, is the eternal and universal, absolute-perfection which is God. God, man, the universe, and CHRISTIAN SCIENCE are indefinable: i. e., words utterly fail to adequately and perfectly define God, man, the universe, and CHRISTIAN SCIENCE.

Dear one, become and abide conscious that you are one with GOD-TRUTH AND FREEDOM-SCIENCE and PERFECTION, that all is well with you, that you have nothing to fear, but everything to enjoy, that all the FATHER hath is yours, and therefore all good-the best in God's UNIVERSE—is yours. Think, issue, and diffuse the best and highest thoughts you know of God, audibly or silently, especially silently; they will vibrate, and let them prompt, actuate, and promote you in good works, acts and deeds; so infinite good will come to your experience.

Six of the strongest and most comprehensive words we can think of, are, CONSCIOUSNESS, FREEDOM, UNIVERSE, LIFE, TRUTH, LOVE. We desire the conscious freedom of the universe, in order that we may see, know, and love the TRUTH which maketh free from any discord, bondage, or limitation.

God's eternal UNIVERSE of SPIRIT consists of God and His expression,-SUPREME PRINCIPLE and His idea,-Good and His manifestation,-Love and its reflection of Love.

A growing understanding of the SCIENCE of BEING, carries with it a correlative, conscious experience of the HARMONY of BEING. This result is positive, because Cause and effect are inseparable. In order to experience the best POSSIBLE result,

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one must be in perfect HARMONY with God, the DIVINE PRINCIPLE of LIFE TRUTH and LOVE,-or oneness with God.

It is estimated that more than two-thirds of the people of the United States are not members of any temporal church. These may all become conscious members of the real spiritual CHURCH of CHRIST, through a knowledge of TRUTH told in this book and in the New TESTAMENT, accepting the simple creed-LOVE God with all thy heart, and love thy neighbor as thyself; this, and by loyally living up to the highest individual understanding thereof. There is truth enough told in this book, which if planted in individual consciousness, would EMANCIPATE the WORLD, and would bring to the experience of each and all the dear people; perfect HEALTH, HAPPINESS, HARMONY, AND PLENITUDE, here and now. Then the solid foundation would be consciously laid for continuous advancement and eternal PROGRESS and realization, in the infinite and unlimited Wisdom, Knowledge, and Love of God.

In writing this last chapter, our thought has been chiefly occupied with, and directed to, the positive, abstract and absolute; of which we know comparatively little. Hence it is brief and condensed. TRUTH is essential, compound, infinite, omnipotent, unlimited, inseparable and absolute. Nevertheless, we can here and now, know the truth essential to practical and perfect HEALTH, HAPPINESS, HARMONY, and PLENITUDE here and now; and the POSSIBILITIES yet beyond, which are ours, are ETERNAL and INEXHAUSTIBLE.

“Know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” ' “One with God is a majority.'

Enter into your closet at intervals, and close the door; i. e., relax yourself in silence, and become receptive towards SPIRIT-God, Cause and effect, Universal Good, the Science of Being. Knowing that growth in the understanding of the SCIENCE of BEING, carries with it correlative, conscious, experience of the HARMONY of BEING. Be faithful in living up to your highest understanding of Right in all material affairs and relations to others. Obey the Hebrew Decalogue, or ten commandments, and the DIVINE PRINCIPLE of the NEW TESTAMENT, so far as understood, -and you will become consciously wise in God's Wisdom, strong in God's Strength, and perfect in God's Perfection. All the good in the Universe of SPIRIT-God is yours, yours absolutely.

“O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! how unsearchable are his judgments, and his ways past finding out!Paul. This, to our present understanding, means in other words: 0 the infinity of the riches, both of the wisdom, knowledge and love of God! How absolutely right is His judgment, and His way is perfect and indefinable!

We can draw-attract, from the limitless Universe of Spirit-God, the best there is.

“Rejoice evermore."
“Pray without ceasing.'
“In every thing give thanks :" 1 Thes. 5:16-18.

Or, in other words, Rejoice evermore. Praise God without ceasing. And in every thing give thanks to GOD-GOOD.

We live and move and have our being in God, The One Mind-Power-Presence, One Light-Life-Love, One Science-Perfection-Truth-Freedom, -ONE -CONSCIOUSNESS-SPIRIT-OMNIPOTENT-OMNISCIENT-OMNIPRESENT-BEING-GOOD.

The social practice of JESUS, was, not to lay up treasure in earthen vessels; but to manifest Divine Character, to teach and help the people to know and love God. Divine Love was the mainspring of all his activities; Love was his actuating motive and his ruling and controlling PRINCIPLE. Divine Love is the SUBSTANCE of Perfect Character, and good works are its fruit.

“The Kingdom of God is within you.” JESUS. The Kingdom of God is the Kingdom of CHRIST-CONSCIOUSNESS, and in it are Freedom-Good-Goodness-Harmony-Happiness-Health-Holiness Intelligence-Joy - Knowledge-Life-Light-Love-Mind-Oneness-Peace-Perfection - Plenitude-Power-Principle-Purity-Purpose - Right - Science - Soul - Spirit - Strength - Substance-Truth-Understanding-Unity-Wisdom. “In God we live and move and have our being;" Paul..

“The Kingdom of God is within you.” Jesus.

RELIGION, ACCESSIBLE, ABUNDANCE; are words we desire to emphasize in this closing paragraph. We have endeavored to

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