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God is Good, and Good is God.

Perfect HEALTH, HAPPINESS, HARMONY, AND PLENITUDE are amongst the blessings of God, made manifest to those who understand and demonstrate the SCIENCE of CHRIST; and are free to all who will comply with the essential conditions of spiritual growth, understanding, demonstration, and experience. These inestimable blessings belong to all, by virtue of

. the eternal Law of absolute RIGHT. PERFECTION, PLENITUDE, HEALTH, HAPPINESS, HARMONY, HOLINESS, and FREEDOM, are Scientific and Christian blessings of God, which belong equally to all, and can be enjoyed here and now, by those who assimilate and appropriate them. We tell of the practical Religion of the Bible, with its practical and every day experimental results, which belong and are accessible to all the people. We wish to bring these POSSIBILITIES to the easy comprehension of every honest, obedient, and willing subject; hence the most beautiful facts that we know of in TRUTH, will be stated in the simplest language which can easily be understood. WORDS, like NUMERALS, belong equally to all, and are free for the proper use of each and all. GOD HAS NO FAVORITES.

Whatever help the readers of this little book find within its pages, they OWE ALL TO God, our Heavenly Father and Mother, whose Life, Truth and Love, like a perfume, penetrates CONSCIOUSNESS; hence, let your gratitude flow copiously and constantly to God, the Source of all Good, and to HIM BE ALL THE


This book is written specially for the benefit of those who think they know, they are in the bondage of error, sickness, sin or death, and who desire to enjoy the blessed FREEDOM of eternal Life, Truth and Love. Each and all faithful and efficient students of this book can prove the Truth for themselves, by practical demonstration of the healing, protecting, preventive, and harmonious benefits of the Science of Christianity, in their own experience; and can also prove helpful to their families, friends, and others, by a faithful application of the divine healing Principle and power of Truth and Love. And this is the MOST SATISFACTORY EVIDENCE ATTAINABLE.

One who has mastered the principle of mathematics, and can solve its problems correctly, is unconcerned as to who is the author or writer of his text-book; it is sufficient to prove for himself that he understands the principle, and can solve the problems of mathematics; so we shall not here waste time and space by remarks as to how the writer found “ the Truth which maketh free. The facts are possible to demonstrate by all

!! who choose to honestly test them, and enjoy the blessed results here declared to be possible and practical.

No one has any monopoly of TRUTH, it is free for all, and belongs to all. : God is TRUTH, and He is the eternal Source of all Good, and the essence of all goodness. His blessings are as free as air, sunshine, daylight; and what any one and all need to do, is, to place themselves in a receptive attitude, so as to understand and enjoy these heavenly blessings, which are so freely flowing for all. These blessings of health, happiness and harmony here declared possible can be demonstrated, enjoyed and realized, as practical facts in the Science of Life, Truth and Love,--Science and Perfection.

Depending alone upon the sustaining Infinite, each passing moment is big with blessings.

Every one has to some degree a Divine and human conscibusness of Right, so the opportunity is yours, because those who simply commence at the present moment, and continue to live up to their highest understanding of Right, here and now,cannot on this basis fail to grow daily to a higher sense of Right; and such persons by faithful continuance will grow finally to be consciously “ perfect. even as our Father in heaven is perfect.”. Spiritual growth is a spontaneous result of one's faithful continuance in doing right, so far as one knows how. This basis is so simple, beautiful, easy to understand, and so accessible, that any one who chooses can at once

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commence to build and grow in the Divine Character of Truth and Love. God is Right, and Right is God. God is MIND, and if we follow the leading of the Divine Mind perfectly, as JESUS did, we shall never go astray. God is everywhere, so eternal Mind is ever present, and we grow in following the leading of this one Mind, in so far as we live up to our highest knowledge and understanding of RIGHT.

- All down the ages and to the present time, people have been the victims of error in belief, thought, illusion, sin, sickness, disease, death, misery and woe; all these discords are the delusive products of blind and educated beliefs, false telegrams, delusive dreams, and are the erroneous mental concepts of the five mortal and material corporeal senses and unrealities; these, mortals must overcome and destroy by the spiritual understanding of TRUTH - God, and finding one's true SELF in eternal Light, Life, Truth, and Love. This means for some people much untangling and reversing of the mortal and material senses and unrealities, in order to gain the spiritual sense of the eternal and real.

Turn the back upon the erring past, and face constantly the eternal now, and the progressive and sublime future.

The writer does not presume to sweep away all seeming obscurities from limitless and eternal Truth, possibly some light may shine forth and cast its rays upon the dark clouds that to mortals seem to be. For instances of imperfection he would crave forbearance; and for any success and helpfulness he would give the glory to GOD ALONE, to whom it is due.

Wherever imperfection of any sort to mortal sense appears or seems to be, there, absolute perfection really is; because God made all that is made, and all He made is like Himself absolutely perfect, eternal, and Good.

God is Good, and Good is God.

First, read this book, slowly and consecutively from beginning to end, without skipping any pages or chapters, and meditate much, in order to plant in consciousness that which appeals to you as true. Realize for yourself, I am always in God's holy presence.-In the companionship, communion,

intercourse, and oneness with God.—God is His own interpreter and He will make it plain.— God is my infallible TEACHER, Guide and Protector.-I live and move and have my being in God.

We speak advisedly when we say, there is truth enough freely told, with simplicity and power, in this book; to emancipate the world from bondage, slavery, error, evil, sin, sickness, disease, death and discord; - unto perfect health, happiness, harmony, plenitude, and universal FREEDOM; -- if accepted,

, believed, known, understood, and practiced loyally by all the dear people. This truth belongs to all people, and can be found with yourself and God, without stepping outside of your own door, to look, ask, or pay for it, because it is absolutely yours now and eternally.

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